(mysterious music) – Hey, good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. How’s the start of your day? I hope it is absolutely incredible. Today we’re gonna have a
whole bunch of stuff going on, but I think that we, together, would like to get the day
started with some egg cutting. What do you say we do that? Let’s go ahead, jump right in to it. And now to the egg cutting
portion of this vlog. We actually have two clutches
we have to cut really quick. The first one is actually
just a normal ball python, but it’s bred to a Cinni-Cypress. The Cinni-Cypress, of course,
is a double codominant where it is Cinnamon, that is codominant, and then of course the Cypress is. So really cool, I can’t wait
to see what we have in here, and we’re gonna jump
right in to the first egg. Ooh, what do we have in the first egg? Okay, right off the rip it– ahh, no, it just looks like a normal ball python. Originally, I thought I
saw a little striping on it and that’s kind of indicating that it would have been
a Cypress ball python. The Cypress has a lot of
striping and really clean, lots of yellow, really beautiful. But the first egg, just
a normal ball python. Let’s go to the second
egg and see what we have. Come on, I sure hope we’ve
produced some Cypress stuff on this clutch. That would be amazing. Oh my gosh, not off to
exactly a booming start, I’ve gotta tell you. It’s just another normal ball python. But, again, we’ve got
plenty of eggs so hey, we might get there, right? So third egg, I think
third egg is the charm. I’m gonna stay positive and upbeat. Okay, this one actually looks like it is a Cypress ball python. You can start to see the dots, dashes in it and stuff like that. ‘Til it comes out the
egg I’m not 100% sure, but I’m like 95% sure that that’s gonna be a Cypress
ball python there. So that’s cool. Still no Cinnis which is
kind of a little weird, but we’ll keep on moving on
and see what we have here. What do we have in this egg? Oh, here we go. This looks like a
Cinni-Cypress right here. So again, the Cinni is gonna be kinda that like darker browns
and really beautiful. And then the Cypress actually kind of brightens
it up a little bit, and it gets really big dorsal striping. So definitely looks like
a Cinni-Cypress there, so hey, we hit the double codom, which is absolutely incredible. Three eggs to go. Still don’t think I’ve
had like one of those really crazy looking Cypress yet. Oh, this one looks like that might be it. Yeah, oh this is it, yep. This is definitely a really nice looking
Cypress ball python, here. And what’s interesting is, I’m gonna take a little
closer look here, guys. It is a small egg, okay. At first I thought there was a chance. I’m still gonna open up
just a little bit more, ’cause I thought there was a chance that there might be two
animals in this egg. There’s just a lot of snake in this egg. Nah, it looks like just
one nice, really nice, Cypress ball python. And that’s a really typical, beautiful example of
a Cypress ball python. So it looks like we got
a couple of Cypresses, a Cinni-Cypress, and two eggs to go. What do we have here? All right little guy. Looks like another Cypress
ball python, so hey, we’re doing pretty good. Started off pretty slow, and
that’s how things work, right? Sometimes you start you got
two normal like, “Oh my gosh.” And now the last four eggs
we’ve actually pipped, all look really good. So let’s go ahead, get this
last egg and see if we end on a good note on this one, then we’ll move on to our next clutch. What do we have here? Well, it’s hard to say. I’m gonna just kinda move
it around just a little bit. Looks like it’s probably,
oh gosh, it’s hard to say. It’s either a really light Cinni or it’s a normal ball python. I’m thinking it’s a normal ball python. So all in all, still a
really good clutch of eggs, and by the way, we’ll cut this next clutch and then I wanna answer, a
lot of you guys have asked, “Why do we cut eggs?” So after I cut this last clutch, we will explain why I do this, and hopefully you guys enjoy it. And this next clutch is
actually a female Pastel. It’s bred to a Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is actually
a Pastel Fire Pinstripe, so it could be pretty cool animals. We could get Superfly, Super Dragonfly, so all kinds of combinations, regardless. We got five eggs, and let’s
go ahead and see what we got. All right. What do we have here? Ooh, right off the rip
we got a beautiful… This looks like it’s probably
a Super Pastel Dragonfly, which is really the best we should probably get from this one. Wow, that thing looks gorgeous. Woo doggy, I love that one. We got started good,
let’s keep it going, guys. Got four more eggs, really quick. Come on, guys. I tell you, that was a beautiful snake. I’m really excited about his one. Okay, so this one looks like
we’re doing pretty good. This one looks like probably a Superfly, which be a Super Pastel Fire. That’s what it looks like right now. So again, a really pretty animal. This egg is a little small egg here, so we’ll see what’s inside of it. Cut it open. Ooh, that’s pretty. Oh yeah, oh my gosh. That thing is gorgeous. That is absolutely a Super
Pastel Dragonfly, wow. And this one’s way nicer
than the first one. I think the first one definitely is, but it’s like I always talk to people. There’s polymorphism so
you can produce three of the same type of animal genetically, and they all look a little bit different. That one is ridiculous. Two more eggs to go. Let’s see what we got here. All right, okay, we’re
doing really good, guys. This is a, oh my gosh,
that thing is crazy. That is actually a Superfly as well. So a Super Pastel Fire, but
woo, that thing is screaming. What a ripper. All right, one last egg. This has been a great
clutch, I tell you what. This has been amazing. I hope we end on a good note because this is the last
egg we’re gonna cut today, and weirdly enough, we get kind of the least
interesting animal out of it, which is completely fine. This is a Fire and it’s a Pinstripe, so just a Fire Pinstripe. So that’s it for snake egg cutting, but let’s talk about why
I cut these snake eggs. Basically, you know, there’s no doubt that when you’re breeding stuff, there’s a chance that there
could be a weak animal that might not pip out of the egg or might not have an egg tooth. So there’s no doubt that
if you cut a 1000 eggs, that maybe there’d be a
few animals that hatch that wouldn’t have hatched
if I didn’t pip them out. 100% the case. Is that why we do it? I’m going to be totally
honest with you guys, no it’s not. Not for me anyways. It’s because I’m just interested
to see what’s gonna happen. It doesn’t really harm it. In all the years I’ve been
cutting snake eggs, which is, I don’t know, 25 years
or something like that, I’ve never lost a snake
to cutting snake eggs. So I’ve never had one die because of it, but the benefits are really just because we’re curious, right? It’s a couple days before
they’re gonna hatch and we’re like, “What’s in those eggs? “Oh my God, we gotta see,”
and it’s kinda fun, right? You see what’s in there, you’re excited. Now we can see. And now that we have the egg hatching cam, I can put these eggs in
the egg hatching cam. You guys can watch these
eggs actually hatch, (mumbles) think it’s amazing. But in complete honesty and transparency, if I told you there was some real benefit to me cutting eggs, I’d probably be lying. It’s just because we’re excited about it, and that’s why we cut python eggs, ’cause they’re big enough
to see what’s inside. Colubrid eggs you can’t really tell, so I don’t cut Colubrid eggs. I hope that kind of answered
all of your questions and, again, I wanted to be
completely honest with you guys. – You see all the stuff
that’s hatching out that Brian’s showing you. Now, I’ve got stacks of all these animals that need to get set up. So that’s what I’m doing
today, putting all these babies in their little homes. (slow mysterious music) – I’m not gonna lie, I was just looking through the baby snakes that we set up over the last couple days, and I pull every single baby that hatches, yet I didn’t ever see that we hatched out Snow
Scaleless corn snakes. So I remember there was
that big Snow corn clutch that had a bunch of Snow corns in it, but apparently, there was a bunch of Snow Scaleless corn snakes in it. Look at these cute little things. And this one is actually a
Snow Blizzard corn snake. Again, I don’t even know
where these things came from. I’m like, “What is going on?” This is the normal Snow
corns here, with scales. So again, I was just totally blown away. Absolutely incredible. I mean look at how cute
these little monkeys are. It’s a trip. He must have hid amongst
all the other Snow corns and I just missed him. So it’s pretty cool when you
open up a tub and like, “What? “I didn’t even know we had that.” Those things are adorable. I want to give you guys a little update on the Blue-Tongued skinks
that we had born earlier. I’m just gonna pick a few animals out that are doing so well, and
are absolutely beautiful. Take a look at this one, right here. Woo doggy. This is actually pretty
much just a classic Northern that was really nicely colored, bred to a Turner White animal. And as you can see, they’re starting to get
some size on them now. I mean, they’re definitely getting big. But as this gets older,
it’s only gonna get better ’cause that Turner White actually fades to a more white color,
as it gets some size. But this one has some
really classic banding, really beautiful. And this is one of the smallest ones because they grow so quick,
you’re gonna be blown away about some of the ones that are literally, only like five or six weeks
old and how big they are. I have a feeling this one
is gonna be ridiculous. This is actually a Coffee
female that was bred to a really nice Blaze Red male. Unbelievable, the color already. And these guys get much more
color as they get size to them. So the fact that this one
is already coloring up and has all that orange and
just rich colors coming through, this thing in another
three, four months is going to be breathtaking. What a beautiful animal. Now this one here is actually
the Caramel to Caramel, so these guys are pure Caramels or Hypos. And you can see how faded this one looks compared to the other
two that I showed you. I mean, the other two are
real bright and beautiful. This guy fades out, but that’s
the actual mutation itself, is the Caramel or Hypo animal. I love ’em to death, and as they get older they just get better to better. This one’s gonna be a ripper. Woo, woo, doggy. That thing is ridiculous. Oh my gosh. Again, this is kind of
a higher orange animal that was bred to that same Blaze Red male. And oh my gosh, is that
thing getting ridiculous. Again, this is just a little guy, but isn’t it crazy how big they got? This thing is literally
like five weeks old and was born like 10% (mumbles) it seems. I’ll tell you what,
Blue-Tongued skinks have this like unbelievable ability
to just explode in size, but this one, wow. That blows my mind. This one is actually from
the exact same breeding, so the last one I showed you
is actually a sibling to it. But you can see how
absolutely different this one. That other one looks like it’s getting really red and beautiful, whereas this one’s
staying much more orange. But I still think this one is gonna be an absolutely beautiful animal when it gets some size on it. That litter a unbelievable litter and I love the outcome, so far. These last two are actually from the first litter we had this year, which of course was that
beautiful Coffee female to a nice orange male, and
man, it didn’t disappoint. I mean, look at the color and pattern on that animal right there. And that’s what’s so neat about Northern Blue-Tongued skinks, is every one is just so
different–this is so cute. But again, this is the first litter and look at how big they’ve gotten. And speaking about big, I
think this is the biggest one from that first litter, and an absolutely gorgeous animal to boot. Look at the size of that animal already. I tell you what, that is incredible. I can’t even believe an
animal can grow that much in just five weeks. But isn’t the color and pattern
on that animal incredible? Again, that was that Coffee
to a nice orange male. This thing is incredible. All right, I’m gonna go
ahead and get him back, and I hope you guys enjoyed the update on how amazing the baby
Blue-Tongued skinks are doing. – Very busy today. Very, just busy all week
to tell you the truth. All these babies hatching,
and with babies hatching, we have our hold backs that
we’re actually moving up into larger tubs. So as you can see here
they’re in the shoe boxes, getting a little bit bigger,
we’re gonna put them in here. So I’m just gonna go through today, get these guys switched over
and hopefully by next year, the year after, I’ll have
some really nice stuff to raise up and start breeding. (mysterious music) – Been a while since I’ve
really talked about Helen, a no-eyed Albino ball python. For those you guys that don’t remember, she is an Albino ball python
that was hatched last year, and she was born without eyes. But she is absolutely incredible. And this was actually an
Albino Clown ball python bred to an Albino Het Clown ball python, and sometimes when you
breed Albino to Albino, in certain snakes, not all snakes, but in Albino ball pythons
as well as Albino boas, you can sometimes have some issues like no eyes or one
eye or sometimes kinks, that’s why a majority of the time, and this year in particular, we didn’t breed any Albino to Albino. With that being said, some
Albino to Albino lines, even in ball pythons,
can actually be fine. It just is a matter of
how outbred they are. With that being said,
Helen is really cool, and the thing that I love about her, not only does she do amazing, she makes it around her cage without a problem, she eats without a problem,
everything like that. But you know what happens is that when people are a little fearful when they come into the
reptarium, they see Helen and for some reason because
she doesn’t have eyes, they feel less afraid of her. You were pretty like, you didn’t even want to walk in the door. – I was going to drop him
off and go down the street. – And here we are on day number two and you’re holding a snake. – I’m holding the snake. – Oh my God, I’m so proud of you,
– I’m kind of emotional. – Oh my God, isn’t it awesome? – ‘Cause she has no eyes. – So oftentimes, Helen is the first snake that I’ll hand somebody, when they’re a little
tentative or fearful of snakes. So there you are guys, a
little update on Helen. She is a wonderful snake. And that concludes the Brian
Barczyk vlog for the day. If you liked it, do me a favor
and go ahead and subscribe. While you’re at it, have an amazing day because I love your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone, and I promise, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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