Snake and Ghost After Dentist

Snake and Ghost After Dentist

Location: Classified Snake and Ghost were captured by a war criminal known as “The Dentist.” Foxhound has launched a rescue mission. Thank god, they made it. Come on, come on! I’ve got you covered. Hurry up, get him in there! Package is secure, we got them. Alright, we’re in! Ghost, Snake, are you alright? I didn’t feel anything. Ghost took one to the shoulder, but he’ll make it. I feel funny. It’s the sodium pentothal. They were about to be interrogated. Is this real life? Stop it! Don’t touch that. Don’t put your finger in your bullet hole! Whyyyyy??? Ok now…I have two guns. Ghost, NO!!!! I have…four guns. Where did you get those, Snake? Why didn’t you use them earlier? I can’t see anything! The take off your shades! Noooo, I don’t feel tired…. Aghhhh! AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Damn it, guys. I feel funny. Why is this happening to meeeee? It’s OK Ghost, it’s just the sodium pentothol. Is this gonna be forever? No Snake, it’s not forever. Ughhh. Is this for real? (CHOMP!) Owwww that really hurts! Snake bit me! Hehehe hehe hehehe hehehe heh. Snake! The safety of the world is in jeopardy. It’s imperative that they don’t find out about Modern Gear. Did you tell them anything? I like turtles. Otacon, we got a problem here. We gotta abort the I LIKE TURTLES op. Yes sir…. Pew! Pew!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Snake and Ghost After Dentist

  1. GHOST PRAJ says:

    Awwww…. Snake bit me…..

  2. Ayoub Loukrifi says:


  3. Yami Romero says:

    i have to guns

  4. Yami Romero says:

    i have four guns

  5. Sunnehz says:

    Snake must have been dying inside his madk

  6. My life As Em says:

    This is sooo funny

  7. William Kawano says:


  8. azim jerry says:

    ghost like baby snake like crazy hahahahahahah

  9. Fade says:

    I may never go to the dentist ever again.

  10. Gun14Slinger says:

    Ok now I have two guns. (Takes aim) lmao

  11. Just Desirae says:

    Fuck you snack

  12. SJM TV says:

    is this for real (CHOMP) Awwwww that really (slap) snake bit me hehe heh hehe hehe heh

  13. zealot elite says:


  14. some random guy says:

    i have ???? guns lmao

  15. AGTV says:

    its imparitive that they dont find out anything about the Modern Gear Project, did you tell them anything?
    (response) I LIKE TURTLES!

  16. Night Breeze says:

    "I like TURTLES."

  17. Jayson Grossi says:

    kids don't do drugs

  18. RaMbO PlAyS says:

    when ghost said i feel funny I died laughing ?

  19. Hashim says:

    I haven't seen this video in such a long time.

  20. Little Rice Paddy says:

    what if jeffy came in and said to ghost and snake WTF are you F**** high

  21. Moose Vlogs says:

    I like tutles is from asdf

  22. BeastAtGAMZ/ /The Gaming Beast says:

    "Snake bit me! :("

  23. KADENCE MCKAY says:

    they snuck into the bar

  24. best pro yet 145 says:

    Nice youtube vidoe

  25. Slade The Hedgehog says:

    When your on a long car trip

  26. Charley Lin says:

    I feel funny, why is this happening to me!

  27. Ayhan yazıcı says:

    Ahh snake bit me waaaa

  28. EYAN Robinson says:

    Wasn't ghost American yet why is he wearing a British tactical vest

  29. SuperNovaDude LoL says:

    Markrov Joined Task

  30. Stephen Smith says:

    Highest damn quality actors of the world

  31. NAVY PENGUIN says:


  32. Ellinixium Mapping says:

    Snake bit me

  33. Reaper the demon says:


  34. Ethan tarko says:

    I miss these days

  35. Sergeant Serendipity says:

    I love how the car isn’t moving

  36. KaOz says:

    I was born in 2000 and never saw this XD

  37. Patrick Bono says:


  38. The Diamond Knight says:

    Don’t put your finger in your bullet hole

  39. Yoda says:

    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying

  40. the gamer says:

    lol lol lol

  41. commander cody * says:


  42. Broken Arrow games says:


  43. Oatgrains says:

    Just got there wisdom teeth taken out

  44. Noah Kohut-Jackson says:

    Watched this when it was new and this was the best lmao. Back in 2018 and this is so cringy rip

  45. Carno Toast says:


    Read More

  46. doggo foggo says:

    I feel funny ok….now I have 2 guns is this for really…owwwwww that really hurts ……. snakebite me

  47. Red Hood04 says:

    Its like snake and ghost is childrens and the rescue team is the family

  48. armando cardona 3 says:

    Charley bit me

  49. Crypitcal wand says:


  50. United States Of America says:

    Such check up

  51. Hayden Demmitt says:

    LOL ?

  52. Grand Inquisitor says:

    Snake is my favriot, but what snake is it? Naked Snake, Liquid Snake or venom snake?

  53. Frankie Teh says:


  54. Muhamad Fauzelli says:


  55. Bagle Boi says:

    2018 anyone??

  56. My Lord says:

    I ghost was drunk or high

  57. My Lord says:


  58. André Antunes says:

    "Snake and Ghost were captured by a notorious war criminal. Known only as "The Dentist"."
    You mean this guy?

  59. Jordan Perez says:

    Is this for real
    Snake : bites ghost finger
    Ghost ; Uh huh my Finger .. Snake bit me

  60. Adrian Kišak says:

    Guy who did cover ghost and snake and who did talk with them is makarov????

  61. the Ghost i lost my pass cause didn't use phone says:

    this is new game :V VVVVV :V

  62. HALO GAMER says:

    I love it when Gost said whyyyy
    I have two guns

  63. Keltic Nord says:

    2018? Those two are my favorite blokes

  64. Benjamin Newbold says:

    That was funny

  65. DanZmeN says:

    I wAnnA be A COwBoY

  66. Dakota Thompson says:

    I love the Snake and Ghost teem up series.

  67. Piccolok 7 says:

    Where did you guys get the ghost mask I would like to know

  68. MR.MEGAWEB II says:

    1:35 they're trying to copy the baby bite the finger of the little baby brother

  69. Why am I Here? says:

    “I like turtles”

  70. TheDarkBro says:

    If this is the real gameplay…

  71. FuRRyGX says:

    Two kids that are in adults body's 🙂

  72. Yo Ming says:

    snake bit me like charlie bit me

  73. Area 51 Guard says:

    Snake injected venom into ghost rip

  74. FuRRyGX says:

    that proves that ghost is invincible and he never died he just faded away and appaired again 😀

  75. Deelilah Urdiales says:

    I like the part when the guy said ghost no

  76. HortenseSquare says:

    1:43 ghost is about to say Snake bit him and that makes sense because his name is SNAKE

  77. SlavSkeleton [SC] [BC] [TL] says:

    Is this for Reeaaaal

  78. Deadendassassin . . . says:

    lmao XDDDDDDD

  79. Wigglebolt says:

    I have two guns slaps I have four guns where did you get that snake

  80. شبح.اسبارتة اسبارتا says:

    كلش. حلووووو☺??

  81. Bailey W says:


  82. random Vietnam ball says:

    Should add other call of duty ghost ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  83. the cool amity says:

    looking back at 8 years ago this goes on the trending page if there is one in 2011

  84. i hate fortnite says:

    1:47 BITE IT BACK!!!

  85. LVL 1 Channel says:

    I stepped on roach
    I dropped the soap
    I see no ghost
    I pay the price

  86. Oofdatshot ;3 says:

    Omg i used to watch this as a kid ahhh good times

  87. Ztc1996 says:

    Holy fuck dude I remember watching this the day it came out and it’s 9 years old??

  88. Buster the egg Donkey says:

    Why did I find this so funny when I was 5

  89. IM GALAXY [PRØ] says:

    Ghost is drunk

  90. General Mc Bibby says:


  91. Aiden Denetso says:

    1:44 just like Charlie

  92. Chael Cudia says:

    Welp Ghost youre gonna be poisoned for a while

  93. spacegamer M says:

    Me when I wake up in the morning

  94. toxic kid says:

    8 years ago

  95. Balaclava Man says:

    hmm does sodium pentothal really make you react like that injects self with sodium pentothal Uhhh fugjgjgjua8oa8oa8oa8oa8oa8oa8oa8or79uoinm9prMGUV9=TM-9mht74VNY-9vn 394fugjgjgjgjeh]#9ghgh}SWg,kie[gjskdguioegh[sihgsuogwp78ty3=-2t80hnm my face feels funny hmm I have a gun shoots knee Ow

  96. Press Start Gaming says:

    I just watched a video and realized its what this video is based off of.

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