Slaying the Dragon Within us

Slaying the Dragon Within us

Randy Schultz

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99 thoughts on “Slaying the Dragon Within us

  1. 1R0QU012 says:

    Damn, just checked the top 10 grossing movies now and it's all essentially popcorn munching nonsense.

    A lot has changed since 2002

  2. Vance Biondo says:


  3. Vance Biondo says:


  4. Vance Biondo says:

    I dont GET U

  5. Life A Beach says:

    This is one of the best lectures I’ve heard him do.

  6. Nous Numen says:

    I'd wonder if practice has made a program a better idea?

  7. froimovi says:

    brilliant. now and then

  8. Andrew Wabik says:

    @JordanBPeterson I am definitely paying attention.

  9. Andrew Moore says:

    Hehehe… But a photo of me in 2002? Far more embarrassing. *A.

  10. Craig Scott says:

    borrowing and lending is the most pernicious and vile weapons that renders anuke litle more than a bubble bursting.

  11. Justin Charles says:

    nice rick astley hairdo

  12. Nayr Tnartsipac says:

    He especially sounds like kermit here

  13. Neptunenotdead says:

    JBP is like the Von Daniken of "get your shit together".

  14. jmangell says:

    I like to try and picture late 80's Professor Peterson with a skinny piano tie and jacket with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.

  15. Alberto Rangel says:

    This brings perspective: by the time Peterson had already become a graduate teacher with impressive psychometric knowledge, the little shits from the radical left claiming they know more than him about human nature were still swimming inside their father's testicles.

  16. Hans Wurscht says:

    Wow thats one hell of a talk! I've seen probably every video on Jordans Chanel and I'd say this is the best!

  17. brownshoeT2 says:

    I want to meet Jordan Peterson one day. Reading his book and listening to his lectures changed the path of my life and quite possibly saved me from a mid life crisis by changing that path.

  18. Christa Lima says:

    @26:10 "it'll grow & expand"
    My next thought was: And it will happen fairly quickly.

  19. donis londonas says:

    in good honey there is no sugar , or glucose at all (just trace) . honey with glucose in it , you buy only in shop.

  20. Danial Pham says:

    What a handsome fellow he was lol.

  21. Neal David says:

    I find Jordan very captivating.

  22. The 43rd Firedemon says:

    proof Peterson is Seinfield

  23. washington redskins says:

    Lmao best way to end a lecture. “That’s it.” 😂

  24. Tom Korte says:

    Back to a time when Canada was still mostly Canadian.

  25. Lough Reynolds says:

    It's gold Jerry! GOLD!

  26. Juan Manuel Garcia says:

    hahahahhah el que escribio los subtitulos en espanol es argentino ! lastima que es un amargo ! dale booooo =) 28:47

  27. Nancy Patricia says:

    This is a story about gaslighting.

  28. Grant Frith says:

    This is very elegant. On one level it's basic stuff, articulated beautifully and very profound when you meditate on it.

  29. Nancy Patricia says:

    What happens if the cat is dressed up like your mother rat?

  30. Rion Long says:

    “Run from what you’re afraid of, run from exactly what you need to find.” JP!!!!

  31. Gil Stevenson says:

    Wow, amazing every thing I need it's where I'm afraid to look, this it's really a milestone in my life, I believe this is what the Internet was for!

  32. makerous says:


  33. Tom R says:

    The only criticism is that I've heard him say these things already.
    Roughly speaking.
    But then that's probably my fault for binging JBP

  34. derek Zhang says:

    50:05 why would a dragon hoard gold? Because a dragon represents everything that you are afraid of. What’s embedded in everything that you are afraid of ? Absolutely everything that you need to find.

  35. Matthew Valdez says:

    Went from the overhead projector to the touch screen like a champ. Well done sir, it’s great so see your phases

  36. Raqeeb Ali says:

    Who's here from reading 12 rules for life?

  37. Michael N says:

    JP was a bad ass, he still is but his eloquence was so raw and real then

  38. Queen of the Uetliberg says:

    Hi Bob Saget

  39. 贝墨 says:

    screams for 3 months

  40. Ben Rabbers says:

    The camera push-in at the beginning though…

  41. Dr. Cornelius Wu says:

    My dragon is so big, I'm hiding somewhere on it's surface.

  42. Mark Davidson says:

    Damn the culture war has aged you Doctor.
    I mean in a sexy, distinguished way but also in a noticeable way!

  43. Tanago Tempura says:

    I'm so short attention spanned I can't listen past 5 mins.

  44. Michael Bunn says:

    Ahhhhhh, my old enemy…..

    The projector.

  45. Vance Biondo says:

    Bipolar peterson . Lol SlYing the dragon within . Then TRAINING YOUR PSYCHOPATH AND INTEGRATING YOUR DANGERIOUS SHDOEY .DARK SIDE . your a real flake tony👌☝️ tell them about crazy people ya nut

  46. Vance Biondo says:

    Mr brilliance has a few screws loose huh jorden?☝️ I'm just askin

  47. Vance Biondo says:


  48. Vance Biondo says:

    O believe people have the right to train their psycho path and integrate crazy if they want I personally think I NEED NO HELP WITH BEING A NUT IF I WANNA BE ONE.. freedom of DUMB is . Their choice . I chose to try to hold ON TO MY SANI

  49. Dave Beech says:

    I can't believe how young he is in this!

  50. theMidsizeLebowski says:

    Holy 90s Batman!

  51. Mercy Shimray says:

    Absolutely profound!!! Love you Dr Peterson!!!

  52. Jade Riddle says:

    The national debt (22 Trillion) is the USA's collective dragon

  53. basscataz says:

    I first watched this and all of his lectures in the fall of 2016. Now revisiting it I am even more convinced that people who think that Jordan Peterson is a problem are absolutely insane.

  54. mattis says:

    Brilliant lecturer. The embodiment of Prometheus.

  55. Joe Miller says:

    Bob saget?

  56. Bootleg Hampton says:

    I watched Full House as a kid and yet had no clue Danny was this smart. Absolutely Brilliant!

  57. The Mask says:

    A children's book aimed at parental education. Jonah tried to get away from hes dragon by sailing away to another land but it followed him. It eventualy ate him, but he was given a second chance . Even then he ignored it. Fortunately for Jonah the dragon was being controled by the father who persuaded him to deal with it.

  58. Gustavo Fernandez says:

    Non english speaker here, what does he say at 28:38 ? I hear something like "we ..?.. a goal, and the thing about people is that we can ..?.. virtually anything as a goal"

  59. brotherBox says:

    The oldest sumerian story he mentions is called Enuma Elish, he is kinda mumbling when he says that.

  60. Sharon Aldridge says:


  61. Lacky Taffy says:

    Im looking for the Akira the don song of this

  62. Ann Blachly says:

    In 2002, Jordan was 40 years old.

  63. R Schneider says:

    My terrible fear of elevators was solved by self phones, love Professor Peterson

  64. Kenia Corniel-DiPiglia says:

    I don’t know which Dr. Peterson I am in love with more younger or older. His is just as handsome and interesting now as he was them. I love everything about him. I am happily married don’t get me wrong, however, the thought of the chance of being married to him regarding in the idea that he is one of the greatest and influential man of this time, it would have been a wonderful experience. I wouldn’t mind listening to him all day long. With all your respect Mrs. perterson and to my husband.

  65. rascalferret says:

    What if the industrial complex is building/marketing/selling/worshiping dragons? …basically all of it is thrust into our sensory process? IT IS the dragon…

  66. Paulabella says:

    Gorgeous man with a gorgeous mind and a superior Soul. Is there Jordan Peterson for Dummies?? LOL.

  67. Kevin Hurley says:

    Those last 30 seconds sent chills down my spine…

  68. anarcho-autism says:

    Ok this is Milo's dad

  69. Lee Johnson says:

    JP 1
    Dragon 0

  70. Carol R. says:

    I wish I could give this two thumbs up!

  71. Dolly Dickinson says:

    After listening to countless of his current lectures, I just stumbled onto this old gem. Classic Peterson.

  72. Jennifer Klopman says:


  73. Stephen Ridley says:

    Was this the beginning of his Pinocchio obsession?

  74. Christopher Shreiner says:

    One of my absolute favorite lectures.

  75. Barbara Weber says:

    Enjoy listening to these lectures very much.

  76. Sot Z says:

    How about befriending your Dragon/problems and use the experience gained by that to fight more dangerous beasts/solve more difficult problems? Like the male protagonist in Princess Mononoke. I would like to watch an analysis of that masterpiece by dr Peterson.

  77. Beauty for Ashes 2018 Anastasia says:

    Agoraphobia appears to be a special case of PTSD. One progressively faces the shock by making sense of it and feeling it.

    Thankful for this insight.

  78. Richard Ransom says:


  79. Damien Bunting says:

    This is amazing.

  80. Val Curry says:

    I almost forgot about transparency projectors 😂

  81. LC says:

    Everyone vibing about slaying draG, until PSTD show up

  82. Mr. Orgasm says:

    This lecture is so dragon-phobic

  83. Jiwoo Lee says:

    I really need English subtitle… Korean subtitle would be better…. ha

  84. Michael B says:

    The good old projector!

  85. ThePatrykolus says:

    He was so calm back then …

  86. Philip Noah says:

    So that’s where Maps of Meaning came from!

  87. G.D. Cooper says:

    Almost 200 people have a dragon so big they can't even see wisdom when it slaps them in the face.

  88. Joe DiGennaro says:

    This is amazing.

  89. evolionbot says:

    Thank you

  90. Neferi Waenre says:

    Run from what you're afraid of, run from everything you need to find.
    i cry…

    i just have to say here, he's one handsome person. But most importantly, highly intellectual being, too! This is perfection.

  91. digitaldharma says:

    This is the Knight which is Jordan Peterson is – before he got his shining armor and status. BRILLIANT Mind. Bravo! What a lecture🤩

  92. Mary Frances says:

    I am highly analytical. After 30 plus years and this lecture, I think it’s because of all the fairy tales I read as a kid. Thank you, Mr. Peterson!

  93. SmiteKite says:

    How to train your dragon, better to be at peace with it and team up

  94. Hlalumi Dalingozi says:

    Jordan could recite this lecture word for word today & it'd still blow people away (myself included). Wow!

  95. Nome G. says:

    I feel like as if this talk has cured almost all my anxiety and insecurities

  96. Christopher Surnname says:

    JPs had an epic “glow up” lol. Like seriously, gives me hope. Dude looks better at 2019 than 2002.

  97. Matthew Gadd says:

    I just realized JBP is "those" people. Who are "those" people? The type of people who say "melk".

  98. Derek Kessler says:

    Gee, JP looks young there.

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