Slash a Tiger By the Toe | Animal Fight Night

Slash a Tiger By the Toe | Animal Fight Night

NARRATOR: She spots
an opportunity. Two tiger takeout
specials are on offer, chittle deer and langur monkey. She silently creeps into range. Her paws are crucial tools
for a successful kill. Their pads are highly sensitive. A layer of fat insulates them
but can cut and blister easily. Claws are naturally
retracted while walking. Flexor tendons extend them
when they’re ready for a kill. She’s primed. But before she
pulls the trigger, something spooks her prey. This game belongs
to a large Bengal male, her worst nightmare. A 450-pound heavyweight. His huge jaw comes equipped
with 3-inch canines. And he sees the trespasser. The landowner’s
bigger and faster. She has to try to face him down. Not a smart move. [music playing] It’s slashing
claw-to-claw combat. [growling] Before he slams her down. Belly up, she’s vulnerable. She fires out a combo. But it’s an empty gesture. The landowner smacks her jaw. Both cats know she’s beaten. His careless swagger
dismisses her. She’s lucky to be alive. A deep slash to her paw will
make hunting even harder on some other tiger’s territory.

Randy Schultz

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31 thoughts on “Slash a Tiger By the Toe | Animal Fight Night

  1. Beebo Is Bae says:


  2. John Lauren says:


  3. Rouge Rubis Chaîne Équestre says:


  4. All Things Reddit says:


  5. KING COBRA says:

    lol why does it look like these clips are from different vids

  6. damon washington says:

    how do they get these shots?

  7. Reflecto Zero says:

    the narrators voice is so annoying

  8. daniel tabin says:

    Same video different dubs lol?

  9. user name says:

    They should make love and have babies.why are they fighting?

  10. Micah Wall says:

    she wants the stripy d

  11. SaiGon The Hood Gamer says:

    this narrators said the tiger has careless swagger lol

  12. Steven Carreon says:

    Can't they just be family instead??? They are endangered already..

  13. L EE says:

    hahah he said swagger!

  14. HighMax Dezboru says:

    Retarded commentary has nothing to do with the video (images), bye.

  15. Nature's Emperor says:

    0:48 That is NOT how anatomy works!


    Tiger great killer , 🦁 great fighter

  17. Cortez Bolden says:

    Come on I love Tigers but that male tiger is mean😥😥😥

  18. Some Things In Life says:

    Feminists be like…That's sexist!

  19. M. Khan says:

    Thats like WWE Tiger Night

  20. atam mardes says:

    I wish the tigers would just share the land and get along.

  21. Neil Mathews says:

    A female should ever fight with a male. Make is much stronger and can kill her.

  22. The Saucy Tiger says:

    Tigers are awesome

  23. Sunil Anand says:

    Indias pride our tigers..

  24. Mariam Aden says:


  25. Deetya Thota says:

    Poor tigerss

  26. Andi Watt says:

    I thought flipping onto the back makes is difficult for the other to avoid the claws?

  27. Yoshida Goto says:

    Slow down(or pause) at 2:01 she got so scared she peed herself lol

  28. K Gib says:

    this is an old female desperate , she has broken teeth,could nor hunt properly so does not want to give up the kill, Already has been chased out of her territory by her own daughter, But she was a majestic animal that ruled the best land for a long time , search for the story of Machli. , sadly this was the last time she was seen.

  29. Srinath Malakar says:

    Clara : C'mon old tigress! Show that big mean male 450-lb heavyweight tiger who's boss!

  30. Nidhogg Hao says:


  31. Greg Gory says:

    everyone should watch the whole documentary, it's here on youtube somewhere

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