Silkbacks Eat Veggies!

Silkbacks Eat Veggies!

Hi my name is Benji and today I’ll be showing
you how I feed my pet silkback bearded dragon. So today I need to just get the bok choi thing
and I just… well first you have to actually just take the box where you actually put the
food in yesterday, and dump the dried out… dried out ones outside, which I don’t really
need to do, because he actually already cleaned them all out yesterday. So yeah, today he’s having bok choi. My mum actually just cut this up all in a
week, so I don’t need to cut it up every single time. There you go. Knobby is a very kind of special bearded dragon. He’s something called a… he’s something
called a silkback. He has no scales like all the other ones we
know have. So whenever you’re feeding a silkback veggies,
you always have to freeze it up in the fridge, otherwise it’ll warm up, and then I just have
to wait for Knobby to eat. And if he actually eats, I’ll give you a… I’ll give you a look at him eating, so yeah! Thank you for watching! And you know how I said earlier that… so
this is Knobby eating the veggies we prepared this morning. By Benji. You know how I promised you that I’ll actually
show you him eating? Well, yeah! Here he is! So yeah! He’s almost cleaned up the bowl, like he did
yesterday. You know how I said freezer? Well I made a little mistake over there, it’s
actually fridge. So that’s pretty much it, and thank you for

Randy Schultz

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1 thought on “Silkbacks Eat Veggies!

  1. Aussie Reptiles and Aquarium Fish says:

    A scaleless bearded dragon!? An silkbacks be found in the wild? Or have they been selectively bred in captivity.

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