Signs You Should Take Your Snake to a Vet | Pet Snakes

Signs You Should Take Your Snake to a Vet | Pet Snakes

What are the signs or when should you take
your pet snake to the veterinarian? Well, number one, initially when you get your
pet snake it’s not a bad idea to take them to the vet so they can get a good look to
make sure that they don’t have any parasites. Ectoparasites which are mites and ticks and
things that are on the outside that can cause illness, and endoparasites worms and things
of that nature, that your veterinarian can help you with. Other than that, it’s very important to watch
your snake. It should be nice and lively like this boa
constrictor. It should be alert. It should be moving. The tongue should be moving, eyes clear, mouth
clear, breathing normally. There’s no straining. He should not be maneuvering around the terrarium
with an open mouth. That many times will mean that he’s having
a hard time breathing. It also sometimes, if he’s frantically moving
around his terrarium with an open mouth, it can mean that the terrarium is too hot, so
also check the temperature. If he’s having a hard time shedding. Snakes will normally shed all of their skin
all at one time. If he does not, if it comes in pieces, many
times it means that we’ve got a problem that you need to take a look at. They should be nice and round. They shouldn’t be tucked in along their spine. They should be nice and shiny like this guy
is. There shouldn’t be any bruises or changes
in colors along the belly. They should be going to the bathroom regularly
and eating well. If you’re not getting any of these things,
if you start to hear a hissing or a gurgling when they’re eating, if there’s a foul odor
coming from their mouth, these are all indications that you need to get to your veterinarian
to have him take a look.

Randy Schultz

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31 thoughts on “Signs You Should Take Your Snake to a Vet | Pet Snakes

  1. Tyler Fletcher says:

    Should I comment saying first? Hmm.. No, they'll get the point. I haven't even watched the video.

  2. I don't have a picture says:

    Dont trust people on the internet kids!

  3. Punchline says:

    Sure, sure i have house full of snakes!

  4. brandon smith says:

    Great tip for tacking care of snakes as pets

  5. trash god says:

    Its cruel putting them in bags….

  6. Joyce Donnelly says:

    It's actually not cruel at all. Most snakes like having a place to hide because it makes them feel secure. Plus it's nice and warm in there! It's also the most common way for snake breeders to transport their snakes to customers. Please don't make such an ignorant comment again.

  7. Sarah Stewart says:

    i fink this video was so good and helpful !

  8. Luis Reis says:

    Almost 4 million subs but 37 likes and 9 comments?

  9. HydroFlame20 says:

    good tips ??.

  10. RTP Snakes says:

    What does it mean if he's moving around the terrarium with his tongue out not his mouth open?

  11. Travion Bell says:

    There has to be more. Make another video thats longer more in depth please

  12. Ophis says:

    lol that snake really didn't want to be there

  13. Mr.Faceguy says:

    What if my lesser ball pythons belly turns pink right before he sheds?

  14. errinelliott says:

    My friend threw my snake………………….. he has a lump please help there are no reptile vets nearby!

  15. XxTinyDino xX says:

    Hmm my snake hasn't gone to the bathroom in a nothing he ate plently of mice hmmmm but he acts fine every thing looks good he not going number 2 he is going number 1 hmm please help meeee again

  16. Samuel Lawton says:

    My snake is making a wheezing sound when handled but he is overweight. Do you think it could be this?

  17. golffan says:

    My boa is fine, she eats, sheds, poops, is lively and alert, no discoloration and is shiney, however is like one or two spots on her bodie the scales are a tad crinkled, is that a problem

  18. gearhead3214 says:

    I walked into my room with my snake to find a horrid smell and my snake was bloated yesterday now he’s not but I don’t know if he’s hibernating or something around that extent because he won’t move

  19. Diane Forever420 says:

    Before you buy any kind of pet, do research about it so you know how to care for it. Make sure you find veterinarians that could take care of the pet you have.

  20. R.I.P X says:

    Ok so my baby bp was fine earlier but now she's just not moving shell flick her tongue every. Now nd then but she's just not very responsive id pick her up nd she'd just kinda hang there doing nothing for the past hour nd a half now she's just laying in her cage not doing anything when she usually moves allot ??

  21. Marco Sanchez says:

    Is there any care for those parasites and mites any pills or creams or stuff to keep them out

  22. sofia olivares says:

    My snake is fat

  23. Laughing Man says:

    It astonishes me how many people in the comments have a snake with no knowledge of how it behaves, how to care for it, and no veterinary assistance available.

  24. elehcar ykztorban says:

    my snake just today started making a little squeaking noise, her actual nostrils are clear but the front to hole things (idk what they’re called) just above her mouth are clogged with old skin. she’s a super pastel ball python who has always had trouble shedding her head so she always has old skin there. could it be the beginning of an RI or is it just the skin

  25. Bob Y. says:

    What does it mean if my ball python is squeezing my hand when I hold him

  26. Emma Cook says:

    My like 3 month old ball python has had all black eyes since I got him (abt 2 months ago)

  27. Adam says:

    My snake has refused to eat the last 3-4 times I've offered her food. She's a 6 year old Corn Blizzard, who up to this point has had no issues with eating or her health. Because she's refused to eat over the last month and a half to two months her spine has a dip, so it's obvious she's hungry. Why won't she eat? If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated as I hate to see her not on tip top health.

  28. Matt Watson says:

    I guess my snake is really healthy. That makes me a proud snake dad.

  29. Logan Tramell says:

    My snake just always sits on the cold side of the cage and never moves around

  30. Becca Mcbride says:

    My hognose snake won’t eat should I bring him to the vets. He ate 4 mice 4 weeks in a row and now the past 3 times I’ve tried once a week he won’t eat it

  31. mashed potatoes says:

    My terrarium just got set up differently and the heating pad wasn't working so my cold during the shedding process so I decided to put him into warm water for a bath to warm him up and to loosen up his skin that was supposed to shed, was it a good idea to do that?

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