Sesame Street: There’s a Dinosaur in My Room

Sesame Street: There’s a Dinosaur in My Room

BERT: Good night, Ernie. ERNIE: Good night, Bert. What’s that? BERT: Hm? ERNIE: You need an
extra blanket? BERT: No, I’m fine, Ernie. ERNIE: OK. All right. Here you go. There you go. Have a good night. Hm? You– you want a teddy bear? Ah, that’s so sweet. Sure, sure, here’s
one for you. There you go. Have a good right, now. BERT: Hey, Ernie. Ernie? ERNIE: Yeah? BERT: Are you OK? ERNIE: I’m fine, Bert. BERT: Well, who are
you talking to? ERNIE: I’m talking to
a dinosaur, Bert. BERT: A dinosaur? ERNIE: Yep. A dinosaur. BERT: Ernie. You know there are no dinosaurs
in our bedroom. ERNIE: Don’t be silly, Bert. Of course I know that. That’s why I’m imagining a
dinosaur here in the bedroom. BERT: Oh. You’re imagining a dinosaur. ERNIE: That’s right. BERT: OK, fine. Good night. ERNIE: You know, it’s
a lot of fun, Bert. BERT: Fine. ERNIE: I mean, at first you
have to think really hard about the dinosaur, you know? And, oh, a, a tall dinosaur. Yes, tall dinosaur
with blue skin. A tall blue dinosaur with
pink polka dots. And then, Bert, then you
have yourself one great imaginary dinosaur. Mm-hm. BERT: Fine, Ernie. Fine. Now go to sleep, OK? ERNIE: Oh, no, Bert, I think
you should give it a try. BERT: No. ERNIE: Come on, Bert. Give it a try. Please? Please, Bert? Please imagine a
dinosaur, Bert? Please? BERT: All right, fine,
fine, fine. Fine! Ernie, Ernie, if I imagine a
dinosaur, will you please let me go to sleep? ERNIE: Sure, Bert. BERT: Fine. OK. Imagination. OK. I imagine a dinosaur. Imagining a dinosaur. I’m imagining a dinosaur. Here I go. Imagining that dinosaur. Imagining that dinosaur. ERNIE: So what does it
look like, Bert? BERT: Well, it’s kind
of fuzzy, Ernie. ERNIE: Fuzzy? BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Well, I think you
probably need to imagine harder, Bert. BERT: Oh, Ernie. ERNIE: You know, put more
effort into it. BERT: Fine, fine. OK, fine. Fine, fine. OK, I’m imagining a dinosaur,
and he’s big. ERNIE: That’s good. That’s good. BERT: He’s big and– ERNIE: Harder, Bert. BERT: And he has a long neck. ERNIE: You’re not doing
it hard enough, Bert. BERT: I’m trying. ERNIE: Push, push, push. Come on, Bert. BERT: He has a long
neck, and– ERNIE: Bert. Well, Bert? BERT: Nothing. ERNIE: Nothing? BERT: Nothing. ERNIE: I guess you just
need more practice at imagination, Bert. BERT: Yeah, maybe
you’re right. ERNIE: OK, well, good
night, Bert. BERT: Good night. I was never really good
at imagining. You know that. You’re good at it. I mean, I’d love to imagine,
maybe at big dinosaur, an orange dinosaur, with maybe
a long neck, but– no, I just, I don’t
do that very good. What, Ernie? DINOSAUR: Excuse me? BERT: What, Ernie? If– DINOSAUR: Hey, hey. BERT: Ah! DINOSAUR: Did you imagine
a big orange dinosaur with a long neck? BERT: I did, I did! DINOSAUR: Well, here I am. BERT: Oh, boy. You know, I also imagined that
you liked bottlecaps. DINOSAUR: Oh, I do! BERT: Oh, boy! And pigeons. DINOSAUR: Oh, yeah. BERT: Well, imagine that. DINOSAUR: YOu just did. BERT: Oh, yeah.

Randy Schultz

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55 thoughts on “Sesame Street: There’s a Dinosaur in My Room

  1. LamangoKaijura says:

    Finally. Something that doesn't back fire on Bert or make him look silly!

  2. zabadee1111 says:

    ernie's soooo cute:)

  3. MuppetRocker says:

    Matt Vogel must be the dinosaur. I know he did that same dinosaur somewhere else, too. But I can't remember where that was.

  4. Banil Seul says:

    Dino so cute kkkkkk

  5. DeadManRising says:

    Its almost midnight and geas what im watching 🙂

  6. ShayMcSudonim says:

    Saw the thumbnail picture and for one (terrifying) moment, I thought the dinosaur was Elmo.

  7. Steven Strevell says:

    Love your vids

  8. 456puff says:

    19 people had too much trouble imagining a dinosaur. I feel bad for them.

  9. glowworm2 says:

    I thought so too!

  10. glowworm2 says:

    Okay, that was adorable!

  11. Thomas Cassar says:

    Ernie's imaginary dinosaur looks like Gertie the dinosaur.

  12. zeratul0 says:

    its 20 now…

  13. Brick Agnem says:

    Look at bert from 0:00 to 0:03

  14. sventhecat says:

    funny video!

    😀 😀

  15. mzjoseph82 says:


  16. thomas jr says:

    classic spongebob and squidward ….. hahahaha

  17. brian sedlock says:

    Ernie's the one who sounds different not Ernie.

  18. Moosemate says:

    Im nearly 15 and love sesame street…

  19. kcupcake1 kiwi says:


  20. Cindy Brooks says:

    Sweet brown

  21. Karen Zuniga says:

    Red victory l

  22. Richard Canipe says:

    hey it's the same dinosaur who's is named Herb who also appeared in episode 4113 from Season 37 and appeared on Elmo's World!

  23. Richard Canipe says:

    well i'm not surprised!

  24. nell kuroiwa says:


  25. brian sedlock says:

    I mean Ernie's the one who sounds different not Bert.

  26. JFleury Fitness says:


  27. Melonicia Jackman says:


  28. Mowinter Wilson says:

    My grandson is so into dinosaurs right now and sharks!

  29. cyril Muse says:

    G. I

  30. Kadene Harvey says:

    Bert your going to hurt yourself

  31. Juicy2saucy says:


  32. thechickinthemiddle says:

    @JayMartin982 Frank Oz came back as Bert for this one 🙂

  33. moatguy says:

    I wonder if the idea for Ernie imagining a dinosaur came from that line from the song I don't want to live on the moon. "Go back in time and meet a dinosaur."

  34. nintendonald8 the first says:


  35. Nate Brown says:

    what? where's the funny ending? maybe it's the night of the "Peanut Butter 'N Bread" episode lol

  36. ChaseCain486 says:

    This one creeped me out as a kid. I figured that if I talk to a dinosaur when I went to bed, a dinosaur would actually appear in my bedroom.

  37. Ian Mcvicar says:

    Herb the apatosaurus appeared at the end of the end of the video. didn't he?

  38. Evan Ferguson says:

    Is that dinosaur really in the room or is it just his imagination?

  39. Quetzali Montiel says:


  40. Edward Stoller says:


  41. Edward Stoller says:

    I'm Imagining A Dinosaur Who Is Big.

  42. nicholas calderon says:

    Season 27, Season 28, Season 29, Season 30, Season 31, Season 33, Season 34, Season 35, Season 36, Season 37, Season 39, Season 40, and Season 46

  43. Richard Soden says:


  44. Blackpanther274 says:

    the things you can do with imagination is amazing

  45. Waffles Sticc Draws says:


  46. Brantkfoster says:


  47. Mya Ezmee says:

    Funny earny and bert

  48. jasobres says:

    One of the few sketches where Frank Oz performs Bert after Eric Jacobson took over.

  49. OceanWolf says:

    Bert says he was imagining, but in reality he was trying to use the force. Think about it, we all know deep down Bert is the chosen one.

  50. C.T. Warren says:

    I figured Bert would assume Ernie was dreaming!

  51. Hearts emoji Devil angel Buddy man Minecraft girl says:

    Bert and Ernie's new and old Adventures are so funny 🤣

  52. Kathryn Kadletz says:

    And 7

  53. Kathryn Kadletz says:

    You have

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