Sesame Street: Benjamin Bratt and Elmo translate for a Tiger

Sesame Street: Benjamin Bratt and Elmo translate for a Tiger

[LAUGHING] BENJAMIN: Hi. I’m Benjamin. ELMO: Oh, and Elmo’s Elmo. BENJAMIN: And we are here
to tell you all about the word translate. ELMO: Yes. Translate. Of course. Translate. What does translate mean,
Mr. Benjamin? BENJAMIN: Well, translate means
to change one language to another language. ELMO: Oh, wow. Well, that sounds cool. How do you translate from one
language to another language? BENJAMIN: I’ll show you. You say something in
English and I’ll change it into Spanish. I’ll translate. ELMO: Oh, OK. Well, here Elmo goes. Hello. My name is Elmo. BENJAMIN: Hola. Mi nombre es Elmo. ELMO: Oh, wow. You changed what Elmo said
into another language. BENJAMIN: That’s right. I translated. And you can translate
with any language. Take this cheese for instance. CHEESE: Bonjour. BENJAMIN: This cheese
speaks French. CHEESE: Oui. BENJAMIN: And I speak a little
French so I can translate what the cheese says. Go ahead, Cheese. Say something. CHEESE: Je suis un fromage. ELMO: Ah. What did the cheese say? Translate, please. BENJAMIN: The cheese said
“I am a cheese.” CHEESE: Oui. ELMO: Oh, wow. Mr. Benjamin is really good
at changing words from one language to another language. Can Mr. Benjamin translate
any other languages? BENJAMIN: Well, you know what? I’m glad you asked, because
actually I do speak a little bit of Tiger. ELMO: Oh. BENJAMIN: No, it’s true. Watch. Tiger, say something and
I will translate. TIGER: Roar. ELMO: What’d he say? BENJAMIN: The tiger
said “hello.” ELMO: Oh, well, that’s nice. Tell Mr. Tiger that Elmo
says hello, too. BENJAMIN: OK, I can
translate that. ELMO: OK. BENJAMIN: Roar. TIGER: Roar. ELMO: What’d the tiger
say this time? BENJAMIN: He says he’s hungry. ELMO: Ah. Well, what’s he hungry
for, Mr. Benjamin? BENJAMIN: Let me ask. ELMO: OK. BENJAMIN: Roar roar. ELMO: [LAUGHING] TIGER: Roar. BENJAMIN: He says he’s
hungry for cheese. ELMO: Say what, now? TIGER: Roar. BENJAMIN: Now the tiger says
he’s going to eat the cheese. CHEESE: Je pars! BENJAMIN: And the cheese
says he’s leaving. ELMO: Oh no. We have to stop them. Stop, Mr. Tiger. Stop! BENJAMIN: Elmo, Elmo,
he doesn’t understand English, remember? ELMO: All right. Well, well, well, then just
change what Elmo said into another language,
Mr. Benjamin. And make it fast. BENJAMIN: Oh, right. No, no, no. I can translate. ELMO: Yes, please. BENJAMIN: Roar. ELMO: Phew. BENJAMIN AND ELMO: Translate. CHEESE: Oui. MONSTER: What sound does
the letter T make? MELISSA: Uh, Tuh. MONSTER: Tuh. Very good. OK. Here’s the big challenge,
Melissa. Quickly, as quick as you can,
come up with three words that start with the letter T. MELISSA: Tomato. Tin. Tart.

Randy Schultz

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45 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Benjamin Bratt and Elmo translate for a Tiger

  1. Gidiotic says:

    what does the cheese say?

  2. Prettygirlcn5 says:


  3. SnapSmartKids says:

    Happy New Year Sesame Street!

  4. sfhgda1 says:

    I love Elmo.

  5. Tan Phaik Kuan says:

    Happy New Year to you too,Sesame Street!!

  6. aMEXICO2010 says:

    Love benjamin bratt!

  7. Chelle Oris says:

    that Tiger's been causing too much "trouble" at Sesame Street lol

  8. James Fabiano says:

    Of course the cheese is French.  And Elmo should have said, "Hello, Elmo's name is Elmo."  I am so disillusioned.

  9. YellowTexasRose90 says:

    Loving this! But Elmo's voice changed , it is kinda weird to me. XD

  10. Lizzbet Salazar says:


  11. missdordordorothy says:

    Omg Elmo's voice changed…… :/

  12. missdordordorothy says:

    ELMO IS SOOOO CUTE I LOVE ELMO SO MUCH <3 say what now? <3 <3 <3

  13. patoex12 says:

    Los Vatos Locos from Sesame Street?

  14. ASTERINO says:

    Can't stop watching! Brooklyn absolutely loves Elmo and the Sesame Street Gang! The Asterino Sisters Sydney Paris London Brooklyn. xoxo

  15. Mowinter Wilson says:

    Nicely done! My grand-daughter likes the big Tiger.

  16. shavecer pemberton says:


  17. Veston Bruno says:

    Elmo's voice may have changed, but I can't tell the difference. And I bet nobody else could either.

  18. Wellington Martins Dos Santos says:

    I am learning English with these videos of Sesame Street! 

  19. Inspector Javert says:

    Bratt looks like he's having a great time in this sketch.

  20. clarie91s says:

    It's funny when Elmo says "Translate, please" and "Say what there?" (with his expression)

  21. DaryllStacks says:

    I like how Dillon does the thing when Elmo gets surprised. Example: 1:44 WATGHDE SAY WAT NOW?

  22. ariel moscaira says:

    The co star of Blood In Blood Out Benjamin Bratt A.K.A. Paco Aguilar joins with Elmo Tiger and Cheese to choose different languages to translate

  23. Zen isadog says:

    Benjamin Bratt is my grandpa watch my video I will show proof

  24. Semaja Counsel says:

    Je suis un fromage. that mean I'm a cheese in French ????????

  25. Christine Rodriguez says:

    hey 8

  26. Zen isadog says:

    I don't care what u say just leave me alone mind your own business I don't want to start trouble

  27. Zen isadog says:

    I don't care what u say just leave me alone mind your own business I don't want to start trouble

  28. Shannon E says:

    translate is to write one language to another on paper, interpret is to speak one language to another

  29. boredstudent says:

    he marked Spider with the Vatos Locos sign in Blood In Blood Out.

  30. Onaje Iyawe says:

    This Really Suits Him, Well!

  31. Snow Pawprint says:

    1:43 ???????

  32. Stephen Chase says:

    Best version of Sesame Street!!

  33. Stephanie Evjen says:

    Loved Benjamin Bratt in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies and Coco.

  34. Joe Court says:

    This is dumb

  35. Joe Court says:

    Just jooking

  36. Maximus W says:

    That's the guy who voices Ernesto De La Cruz in Coco

  37. brittany bryant says:


  38. Anthony Landy says:

    Sesame street in 2013

  39. Tom Fetherston says:

    Benjamin Bratt voiced Eduardo and El Macho on Despicable Me 2.

  40. Collin Gibbs says:


  41. Kendra Wallace says:

    That's is so funny ???️????????

  42. Kendra Wallace says:

    I don't know Benjamin is in sesame Street ??

  43. Alex Diaz says:

    *n g) 7

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