Secret Valentines Day Surprise for Missy!

Secret Valentines Day Surprise for Missy!

– Today I’m working on something for Valentine’s Day. What? This is crazy! (laughter) It broke again. Go inside the room and
get into position okay? – Please don’t run me into a wall. – [Bryan] Poor guy’s
sick on Valentine’s Day. (upbeat music) – [Employee] Hi, welcome, what can I get for you today? – [Missy] Uh, yeah, can I get a grande, black and white hot chocolate? – [Bryan] I’ll do uh, grande
cinnamon shortbread latte. – [Missy] Can I get a
grande cinnamon bread, what? – Cinnamon shortbread latte. – Cinnamon shortbread. – You have to say latte. – Latte. – [Employee] (mumbles) – Yes, yes. Do you guys want anything? – Comment down below. – [Missy] Uh, that should be it. – Why is it that whenever
you go to order my food, you forget how to speak? – It’s just always so
long, like grande, grande blah blah blah blah blah, and I’m like, what did you just say? – Today’s an exciting day because we have a shoot in LA
with the Fine Brothers. I think it’s going to be
Valentine’s Day themed. – Ugh, I always get so
nervous before these. – You never know (mumbles). – They do not tell you, they don’t give you any hints. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Woman On Intercom] Come on in. – Thank you. It’s cold in LA. Do you remember when I
ran into Grace Helbig in the elevator here? – Yes, I do. That was funny. – I think she’s still my YouTube crush. – Really? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – This is so weird ’cause I’ve been playing
the Switch lately (laughs). This is like where it all started. It takes forever to load up. (clapboard clicks) (laughter) – [Missy] God.
– [Bryan] Huh? – [Female Producer] That one was tough. – That one was really tough. – [Male Producer] We’ve
shown you a series of the most iconic kiss scenes in history. – [Male Producer] Any particular
favorites for you guys? – It broke again
– Babe! – I feel like your eyes are too high. – Are they? – Thanks for watching us try not to react, or try not to laugh? – What was the line again? So we just got done shooting
for uh Fine Brothers, for YouTubers React. And now we get to go see
their diamond play button. That they got for 10 mill right? – Yes. Here, here it is. – Oh whoa! It’s way smaller. – But it’s a lot heavier
than you would think. – Really?
– Whoa. – Mmm Hmm. – Oh my gosh, what!? – This is crazy.
– That’s so cute. – Feel it baby! – That’s so cool, so what’s this for? – For Fine Brothers. – That’s so cool,
– This is heavy. – So they engrave it on the
back for passing 10 mill. – How much does it weigh, like 10 pounds? – [Bryan] Maybe one day we’ll
get a diamond play button. – [Missy] Yeah (laughs). – [Bryan] We’re only like, 5 mill away. – Okay you guys, we are now back from shooting YouTubers react. Check out my YouTubers React merch. There we are, at the bottom. So today for Valentine’s
Day, I am going to be transforming Missy’s little nook area into a proper study. She’s been using this
corner a little bit more. Been using, like uh,
just makeshift furniture, but I want to actually transform this area into a really nice place
where she can work and stuff. So, I’ve got a ton of furniture, that I’m going to start putting together. And I have took some of the stuff that she’s already added
that I’m probably gonna to add to it also. We’re gonna move this table out of here. We’re gonna move these chairs out of here. We’re gonna move this out of here. And I’m really excited. But I have a lot of work to do so. I gotta put all that together (laughter). But click that thumbs up button if you guys had a good Valentine’s Day and if you guys are excited
to see Missy’s reaction. (upbeat music) Hey Karma boy! – Hey Guys! I got, I
got my whole goody bag. – [Bryan] Yes! I am uh taking a break from setting up what I’m doing because Ollie really wanted to show you what he got from school today. You had a little
Valentine’s Day party, huh? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah, let’s see your shirt bro. – I chews u. – [Bryan] That’s pretty
cool and it’s Chewy huh. – Yeah. (Chewbacca wail) (Finn cries) – Isn’t this a cute puppy pencil? – It’s so cute. And if you’re wondering why
you can hear Finn crying its because Finn’s not really
feeling well right now, which is really sad. He actually had to miss school
today, on Valentine’s Day. He had to miss his Valentine’s Day party. (Ollie yelling) Oh you got Fun Dip? Wow those are really sweet. – If you look at , um , look at, I can make a X and also
there’s two of them. – [Bryan] Yeah you can! – So for me and Finn. – [Bryan] Yeah. I love you Finny. I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. Poor guy’s sick on Valentine’s Day. Alright you guys
everything is all finished being put together in
Missy’s new nook area. I’ve covered it up with a very large tarp so that she cannot see anything. Now is the time for the big reveal. So hit that thumbs up button if you guys are excited to
see Missy’s reaction. Let’s tear this tarp down. – Are you closing your eyes? – I had them closed but
Finn didn’t trust me. (Finn cries) (Ollie giggles) So he’s covering them. – Okay boys, we have a surprise for Mommy. – [Finn] I wanna tell her. – Uh, no, do not tell her, don’t tell her. – Don’t tell me. – Babe, I love you. (kiss sound) Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ve been working on something. I’m really excited for you to see. You swear you haven’t seen it? – I swear, I swear I haven’t seen it. – I helped with it. – Yeah, he helped me. – You helped? – Ollie helped me. We all helped, we all pitched in, right. Okay. – Thank you boys. – Okay, so were going to
go in now and reveal it. But you have to close your eyes. – Okay. – And I’m gonna cover them
because I don’t trust you. Boys stay in front, okay? Go in inside the room and
get in position, okay. – Please don’t lead me into a wall. – Go Ollie. Go, go, go, go, go. Okay babe, you ready for your surprise? – Yeah. – This is so exciting. Okay. – Huh, smells interesting. – Smells good. – Smells different. – Keep your eyes closed, no peeking. I love you so much babe
and I just wanna say Happy Valentine’s Day. Okay, you ready? – Yep. – Ready boys? Three, two, one… – [All] Surprise! (Missy Squeals) – Oh my gosh. – Happy Valentine’s Day babe. – I love it, I love it. – You love it? (Karma barks) – Oh my gosh.
– I’m so happy. – It’s so nice. – This is your space, babe. So I designed it all for you. – Look at it. – You guys did such a good job. – Come look, come look. So look at this babe. – [Missy] Oh my god. – You have a pink couch. – [Missy] Wow. – This is your pink couch,
where you can hang out with all your girlfriends. – [Missy] Oh my gosh. – And you can gossip and come up with all of your great ideas. – This is so cute (laughs). Oh you’re so cute. You helped him? – [Ollie] Yep. – I love it, you did such a good job. Wait are those flowers
that last like a year? – [Bryan] Yeah, they’ll last a whole year. – [Ollie] Smell it! – That’s what I smelled? – [Bryan] Yeah. – That is so funny. Yeah, I smelled it as soon
as I turned in that door. Oh its an eight. – [Bryan] Its an infinity sign. Isn’t that cool. – [Missy] Oh I love it. Careful boys. – [Finn] Why? – Because I don’t want you to ruin it. Its so pretty huh. Oh my gosh there’s like gifts. I didn’t know there was… (laughs) – [Bryan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Missy] What is this? – [Bryan] So this is like
a little writing desk (upbeat music) (Finn and Ollie chatter) – Is this a Coach… what is in here? – So open it up, open it up. Its not just, it’s not
just like a Coach bag, its actually like a laptop bag. – Oh okay it’s my laptop. – So it’ll fit your laptop and use can use the bag to
take it to and from the studio – Oh cool, I’ve been needing that because I’ve been like
carrying a lot of stuff in it. – I know. – Open this one Mama. – Okay. – The boys are really, really excited about this one actually. – Okay. – So these are like little
accessories for the bag. So that’s actually a scarf. – Yeah. – Did you know that’s a thing? – Oh that’s cool. (Ollie screams) – Oh its a horsey, unicorn. – Its a unicorn. It’s the closest I could
get to a horse (laughs). – I love it, so cool. Thank you. – So yeah I figured you could use this desk to like do some
writing or to like if we’re in here working together or whatever. – Yeah I love it. It really like opens it up. – I know. I know you needed
a real desk over here. (upbeat music) – And I know that you
have a knack for uh… – Look at this, lips (laughs). – Babe, these are my lips, can’t you tell? They literally modeled
this pillow after my lips. (laughter) – Yeah pretty much. This is cool, I like this. Oh look at this. And it’s got Jamie’s ring. – Claire and Jamie’s rings on it, yes. You’ve got the little ring holder. – Love my bud. Bone of my bone. That’s so cool. – And I thought I’d put Jasmine
up here on your desk since. – Uh huh. I really like this. Like this is very, I wanted
something where I could display my things but not
make it look too cluttered. – Do you know how I know? Because any shelf in this
area just had stuff on it and I’m like okay she wants
to decorate with stuff – I like my stuff. – Oh it ran out huh? – Okay, one hour. – One more hour. (laughter) – So now I’ve put a lot of
the stuff you already have. There’s space so you can add to it. And of course I added
pictures of the boys. – [Ollie] (mumbles) – Wow. Its got all the little paperclips,
the rose gold paperclips. This looks so cool. – And there’s a little note
on the notepad for you. – I’m just glad that I
didn’t have to design it. Because I’ve wanted this but
I could never actually take the time to actually do this. – I also don’t think that
you would have ever chosen a pink couch, right? – That is pretty cool but I don’t think… – How dope is this couch? – I would have been
pretty scared to purchase it myself cause I would feel like it’s probably not the right thing. – This is going to be
like the Instagram couch. I actually did order like
custom cushions for the couch. – Oh. – So they’re all gonna come and it’s just a bunch
of square cushions and it’s a bunch of animals with
different flower crowns. It’s really cute. – Oh, that’s so cute. – So you guys will just have to stay tuned on the vlog to
see it completely set up. I just love you so much and
I just want you to have a space to do whatever you want, you know? – Yeah, this is nice,
its a very girly space. There are no girly spaces
here, in our house. – So you can like hang
out with your girlfriends, you can like hire someone to sit there and take notes for you or
take pictures of you like, I don’t know what you
wanna do here but you know. – [Missy] Aw. That’s so cool – Happy Valentine’s Day. – Now I gotta give you my gift. – Oh I have gifts? – Yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna sit right here. – Okay, I’ll go get it. – I get gifts too, yo (laughs). Maybe I don’t know, maybe. Ferrero Rocher, you know me so well. – Chocolates. – Let me know in the
comments below guys what was your most memorable Valentine
you’ve ever received on Valentine’s Day. I bet there’s going to be
a lot of funny Valentines. – I also got these. – Chocolate covered strawberries. (screaming) You are the queen. Thanks babe. Okay I’m going to open it up. Another box. – [Ollie] Hey that looks… – Is this going to be
one of those box in a box type situations? – No, I’m not that cliche. (laughter) – Oh what do you know, it’s another box. This isn’t going to be one of those box in a box in a box type situations is it? – No, no, no, no, no, no. – Okay, okay. Okay, this isn’t one one
of those box in a box in a box type situations is it? (laughter) Okay. – Oh my goodness. – Okay, this isn’t one one of those box in a box, I’m just kidding. Babe what did you do? – Well, you haven’t had a wedding ring in quite a few months, so I figured its finally
time to put a ring on it. – Okay, okay. – It’s so shiny. – This is cool. – [Missy] You like it? – [Bryan] Yeah. – [Ollie] Isn’t it so shiny? – [Bryan] Is it like gold? – I don’t know what it is (laughs). – It looks good on me babe, thank you. And it actually fits without falling off. – [Missy] Yeah. – There’s another one. – Oh. there’s another one. Oh, thank you Ollie. My other wedding ring, I
lost so much weight that it actually would just fall off. – It fell off in the bathroom once, like a public bathroom. – Thanks babe. Well there you go you
guys she put a ring on it. We’re official now, hashtag Brissy. (laughter) Comment, leave the hashtag
Brissy in the comments below if you support it. (laughter) She put a ring on it. Thanks baby. Wait, did you open up more chocolate? Is this a new one? Do you want it? Oh you want a gold one? That’s a normal one. – Why don’t you go put
that in the kitchen for me? – [Ollie] Okay. – [Bryan] Kind of rose gold babe. – [Missy] Finn’s and that’s Ollie’s. – [Ollie] Thank you Mama. – Yes its a necklace. – [Missy] So it says be a trooper. And it says cool backpacks. Happy Valentine’s Day
love mommy and daddy. Finn, yours says its
Valentine’s Day, out of our way. A good guy like you deserves nothing less than epic good times. – Turtle stickers. – [Missy] Okay you guys
can have your Reese’s but you have to give
one to mommy and daddy. – Okay you can actually have this. I want a chocolate… – [Missy] Oh you guys want… They just actually gave me. You wanted a chocolate strawberry? Okay. – Okay I want my chocolate strawberry. – Chocolate strawberry time. – Do you just like to make noise, Finn? – Yeah. (Finn screaming) – [Bryan] Chocolate covered strawberries. – I love them. – [Bryan] I love chocolate
covered strawberries too. Best thing for Valentines Day, right? Yes. – That’s a big one. – [Bryan] That’s a big
one, is that one mine? Alright Finn has said that
this chocolate strawberry has got my name on it, and I agree. Mmm, cheers boys. Happy Valentine’s Day. And Happy Valentine’s Day
to everyone who is watching. We love you guys. Know that you are loved and
chocolate’s awesome (laughs) Yeah. – I love chocolate. (kids yelling) – Oh my goodness, good morning guys. We are getting ready this morning. – We have a surprise for both of the boys. Not as bad as I thought. – It’s got a hole and
I think you can put the basketball in the hole. – [Bryan] Hey boys
someone’s here to say hi. Go, go, go. (screams) ♪ Little girls ♪ ♪ That we never wanna tame ♪ ♪ You look just like dad ♪ ♪ But your mom’s eyes’ the same ♪ ♪ We’ll be hold you up ♪ ♪ And show you a bright new world ♪

Randy Schultz

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