exciting news guys turtle Armour is coming to the 1.13 update but not only that Microsoft’s Master Chief is mixing minecraft memories with Miyamoto’s Mario mmm grab your oxen tanks because today we’re headed to the move it’s not nice and all that and more on today’s menu welcome everybody the Minecraft news update I’m Tyler Pappas aka you log that zip and this is a menu in this show we take a look at the most recent updates from the Minecraft developers the latest in Minecraft news and articles and of course we’ll be diving into what’s going on in the community that will finish things off by taking on one of your community challenges make sure you like subscribe and of course hit that Bell to be notified of every street you’ll a menu right as it comes out and you may as well follow me on social media that we’re our own special but why don’t we find out my friends what’s the word is where we catch up with the latest information from the minecraft team and minecraft developers about and what’s going on in Minecraft and those of you have been following and when you know is that mo Jake has moved office spaces and today the epic conclusion to the office debacle Martha have been tweeting about it they’ve moved into their office this building was once a clothing factory way back in 1857 and then it turned into a brewery back in 1893 all the way up to 1971 so I can see why Mojang would want to move into an old brewery gotta get those ideas from somewhere right today it’s used as a trade fair and a conference center and it is now way your favorite game is actively being developed but speaking of developers we have another tweet from my craft developer dinnerbone and he says one question if short Jing wo four days out with some bug fixes and absolutely nothing the question soon now I don’t know if dinner brunch sounds like that but the new snapshot adds the boss bar functionality of the game you can do so much with this bar like great timers speedometers mana bars carbo meters progress bar mob detection block collection and candy infection now I’m just kidding about that much I made it a beer I’m just sounded good but seriously you can do so much with these boss bars I’m excited to see more information come out about them and if you want to see some live demonstrations I actually have an entire video where we cover boss fire mechanics in game that went up last Friday so make sure you check that out and in the comment section this video let us know what you want to use the boss fires for with that though we have even more secrets to unveil about Minecraft yellow this tweet on February 1st Lady Agnes tweeted out this and here I thought living by the beach would be calm peaceful but these for further hatch during night holy moly laughs so the good news is that turtle eggs will hatch into Turtles at night but if we zoom in on this picture we can see an odd shape peeking over the grass blocks mmm looks a whole lot like a turtle shell to me and reddit user under shadow – and – posted this photo of turtle shell helmets which were unearthed in the new job edition texture pack so it looks like my prediction in the first a menu was right why else what she adds such an evil laugh to a tweet about turtles hatching at night I’m on to you Lady Agnes but with that my friends that’s gonna do it for what’s the word now it’s time for us to find out what’s new what is when the block is the segment where we dive into what’s been going on in the community and check out the latest in maps mods builds add-ons creations and everything in between and this first community build is a massive modern mountain match yeah what’s with all the Evans no really this is a build by Aeolian legend and this mansion features three stories where the third is partly indoor and partly outdoor your first floor has a nice comfortable living room and the second floor house is your master bedrooms so if you’re looking at upgrades you mean a school home then consider moving into this massive mansion now our next community build is courtesy of Elysium v and they bring us a build called novigrad it took twenty builders nine months to complete this thing yikes this small town is on an island that lives right next to a shipyard trading port and there’s a magnificent castle with unrivaled riches found nearby seriously this bill is amazing the attention to detail is fantastic you’re gonna have to visit this one with your friends but you’re gonna have to figure out how to get there first right how you gonna get to the island Rask well I got your number baby you’re gonna need to get there on a ship then why not set sail on the devil’s doom ship this is a huge pirate ship just waiting for all of your favorite friends to set sail now this build was actually made four years ago but was recently updated with some additional interior decorations hop aboard the doom ship and help us take over no bug rat so we can relive some nostalgia and get ourselves some rich but iceberg ain’t controller Singh Kham way to go guys crash the ship now we’re stuck in the deep sea what the deep-sea add-on that is a created by Bernie Lima there’s an atom for your better eye conditions at the game he replaces the nether with all new sea creatures found only at the bottom of the ocean you know you’ve got your angler fish deep sea turtles sea bed people and whatever this for text thing is moving swiftly on from that timeline we have a brand new mod pack to show you the very first one featured on a menu this mod pack is called modern Skyblock three and it’s courtesy of the Mo’s with gamer and team rapture it features over 1,000 unique quests and it features three game modes the kitchen sink mode which is lets your plane Opie mode for the first few hours the stage mode and gated mode as well to find out what those other two game modes are you’re gonna have to check the mod pack out for yourself or you can just read about it in the description of this video but chugging right along here we have our first fan submission for today’s mnu this fan submitted mod courtesy of MCU railroader is a fantastic immersive railroading mod that adds in tons of train tracks and trains to Minecraft this mod is a must-have for any train enthusiast looking to add some early Industrial Revolution style builds of trains MC railroad even has their own server setup that uses this mod and it contains miles and miles of train tracks in place already so thanks so much for the submission MC Railroader and if you’re looking to submit your own creations or suggestions to be featured on a menu you can reach out to us at fans at logged a zip comm but for now we’ve got some upsetting news any 303 is attacking minecraft again Oh in this partition map known as entity 303 the final shadow by the interface you’ll have to investigate how all of these nights have been slain in this library will you be brave enough to embark on this minecraft adventure or will you let the creepypasta win once and for all check out the map for an awesome entity 303 boss battle now this last submission is for all of you space cadets out there it’s time for us to parkour to the move this is a short parkour course by hen’s ID and a feature four levels and uses custom 3d models to enhance your Minecraft experience and act as though you are on the moon in Minecraft even has these really fun aliens on level three that’s gonna do it for what’s new on the block now it’s time for us to check out the home page on the home page we take a look at all of the new and latest articles that were featured on the dome page who’da thought right now our first one showcases an amazing build team known as poly Maps and Lee Richardson of mojang had a chance to interview Sam aka samasource 6 about their project the article gives us some insight into how this four-person team went from being just friends to full-time minecraft partners polymaths first started with the Stone Age texture pack and they’ve gone on to create Santa’s gift hunt and Santa’s sleigh ride oh these guys make some really cool maps and really push the limit of the marketplace no it’s funny as samasource and I actually go way back he’s actually been a huge help in a lot of projects that have gone up on the channel including an amazing miniseries that I’ve had on my channel known as planetary confined which takes place on an abandoned desert plan if you want to check out that series you can click the I in the corner of this video right now so shouts out to poly maps for their amazing marketplace work and speaking of marketplace content we’ve got something amazing minecraft just released a bunch of awesome new character packs with a Nintendo switch these character packs include characters from the Fable series banjo kazooie and even halo I don’t know seeing Master Chief hop around in the Mushroom Kingdom just gives me some weird crossover vibes and coming up intend to switch and bedrock edition is the melodic character pack it features all of the characters from that amazing movie even the water spirit has its own skin it just makes me wonder we should probably just move on to some job information right jabber brings us some interesting updates to the new Minecraft texture pack I’m really sorry but in this article we can download the second version of Japanese for the job edition of the game Mojang has been super open to feedback so let’s shop and now you feel about this version of the textures because if you don’t speak up these might become your permanent textures for a really long time well unless you install the classic resource pack receptor now our final bit of information coming from the homepage is for all you need Tendo 3ds minecraft players out there that version of the game just received a major update including boss mobs ocean monuments and beacons for your minecraft city so if you’re playing on that version of the game rest assured the updates are coming they come a little bit slower than everybody else but it’s ok Mojang’s go make it happen for you guys relax now that’s gonna do it for everything that is on the homepage why don’t we go ahead and check out trim training this week in the Minecraft community was an animated minecraft five nights at Freddy’s music video of a song known as trust me by CK a9c and trust me it’s a great music video roll it while obsessed with Minecraft naff anyway it’s too spooky but seriously awesome music video can’t wait to see more music videos continuing to churn out in the Minecraft community but now my friends it’s time for that real deal the final segment of a menu the community challenge that’s right baby this is the segment of a menu where we ask you guys the community to challenge me log that zip to a survival minecraft challenge and today’s challenge comes from real Enderman 43 and he says yes for a hard one you need to find out how to craft a sword a wood no perfect Oh actually there’s more here with all joking aside try to play Minecraft on PC and make a full iron armor and sword set within 15 minutes the catch is you need to be jumping up and down in real life the entire time let’s say you can take this one seriously dude I play Minecraft so I don’t have let’s take things over to survival Tyler and see how he did alright you heard the man we’re in survival minecraft we got 15 minutes to make iron armor and a knight’s sword oh wow jumping so without further ado I hate you really let’s begin three two one oh well I hit the time begin okay this is gonna be so I can’t even this is the hardest thing just getting wood ever done oh my gosh I’m so out of shape no one laughs at me everyone’s gonna laugh I have been trying to kill the same cow for like five minutes finally got him we got enough for a piece of armour it’s a food what else we need we need cave come on this is so hard to type in okay we just gave herself night vision so we can at least see and I need to eat some food make me okay but we left the crafting table come on got it finally and this sword please I need the defence oh my gosh eat this might be defying right here oh my gosh come on I think any make up another first I ain’t making to the first or I might have its time wow wow wow come on you’re strong man oh my gosh just two helmets left just the helmet okay okay that’s good water beat yes helmet oh [Music] right did we do it hey stop oh yeah no pickaxe we’re good oh my god I hate you back to you yeah many times wow that community challenge was a cakewalk look I’ve already cut my pretzel exciting news my friends if you want to be featured in the next community challenge on a menu live then you’re gonna go ahead and check out the IP in description of this video known as treasure wars net we will be featuring a community challenge taking place on that server tomorrow the 7th at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time then when I said Wednesday the 7th what I meant was Friday the night so in two days after that see them and there’ll be other time zones listed in the description so you can join us and be a part of the next mnu and but more information on treasure wars in the neck a menu that’s gonna be ending things off on today’s minecraft news update hope you enjoyed the show and all the articles we covered if you did why not leave a like on it of course make sure you subscribe and of course if that Bell to be notified of every single mnu right as it comes down thank you so much for watching see you next week

Randy Schultz

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