Seattle with Kids | Top things to do in Seattle | Seattle Top Tips

Seattle with Kids | Top things to do in Seattle | Seattle Top Tips

hi everybody my name is Vrinda
I’m 8 years old and today I’m going to tell you six tips and a bonus about Seattle! okay so let’s start The first one is Space Needle Space Needle is a tall skyscraper Hi, We are on the top of Space Needle and you can see the beautiful view So, if you go there you can take two visits if you have a city pass so one is a before dark visit and one is after dark
so you can say evening you can choose the time when you wanna go there’s a long long queue for going up for the view The view is awesome so while waiting in the queue, you can get your free pics taken from the staff The second one is Pike Place Market also called old farmer’s market it’s a very old market There are places that you can visit there are food items, there are many shops where you can buy for example … fish, dried fruits fresh fruits and many more things you can even buy flowers For food items, where you can sit and a drink as well you would’ve heard of Starbucks. It’s a long chain and
other countries, it’s everywhere guess where the first Starbucks was. It was in Seattle, in Pike Place Market it doesn’t have the same logo which has right now
but it had a different on the second and the 2nd food item option is Piroshky Piroshky It’s a Russian bakery when you go inside, it smells awesome The apple cinnamon roll is the most famous dish of Piroshky Piroshky And the next place where you can have is Le Panier It is a french bakery as same as when you go inside the smell
is awesome, everything is awesome in there the croissants are awesome, the coffee
is awesome, everything is awesome there So the 3rd one is Mount Rainier when you go to Mt Rainier, you can play and admire the mountain so, it will only take 2 hrs time from Seattle city center to Mount Rainier there is no option for public transport because public transport doesn’t go there so you need to take your own transport there is no food option so it’s best to pack food and you can play there and have a lot of fun there and there I built a snowman which much more did not look like a snowman, but it looked like Charlie Chaplin so the 4th one is Woodland Park Zoo it was awesome you see so beautiful animals and birds
I am going to tell you the animals we saw they are not really found some of them
are endangered we saw lion which was roaring it looked like a sheep is speaking something and we saw flamingos Komodo dragon Birds, which fly
There’s a place for the birds and we saw Zebras We saw a giraffe which was a 6 month old Giraffe It’s name was Lulu and it was huge and we saw Penguins There are special feeding times for animals So the 5th one Pacific Science Center it is a so interesting place for children and adults it has some very nice places that you can see Like there is a dinosaur area, we missed the film There is a dinosaur area there is weight where you You can see how much of it is on other
planets so there is an area solar system of butterflies and there are many areas and when you go inside there you’ll be like oh where am I, it’s this
so nice in here I just feel like I’m here somewhere
which is my kind of place and it’s very interesting So the 6th one is Harbor Cruise when you sit in a harbor cruise , you see beautiful Seattle skyline It’s beautiful okay so now move on to the Bonus tip The bonus tip is, City Pass So, in City Pass, there are five sites 1. Space Needle 2. Seattle Aquarium 3. Harbor Cruise 4. Woodland park zoo or you can choose the Pop-art museum 5. you can take Pacific Science Center or you can go to Chihuly garden okay, so hope you like this video SMASH the like button I’m counting till 5, you need to subscribe to my channel 1 … 2 …. 3 … 4 …5 If you have subscribed, Awesome! Bye … Have a nice day! 🙂

Randy Schultz

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    Have you gone to Mahabeleshwar

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    I will make good use of your bonus tip for Seattle trip 🙂 ..

  3. Barbie India says:

    My sister lives in Seattle BTW thank you for telling us so that we can go and enjoy there. You are awesome

  4. Jessica Rhoades says:

    I’m planning a trip to Seattle and have watched many many videos about places to go and things to do in the city. Yours was the most helpful and entertaining as well as being short and informative! Great job!! P.S. I love bakeries too! 😉

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