Sea Talk – Eastern fence lizards

Sea Talk – Eastern fence lizards

This is Sea Talk: Ocean News from the University
of Delaware. Fence lizards can be found on the East Coast
from New York to Florida. One great place for observing them locally is Delaware’s Cape
Henlopen State Park. Fence lizards can often be found basking on
a sunlit rock or tree. When courting, the male performs what looks like “push-ups” to
display the metallic blue panels of his underside. Fence lizards average 6 inches in length.
Their coloring varies between grey to brown and females are marked by black lines running
across their backs. Look for the lizards along the edges of dry
open woodlands, where they take refuge in trees and have access to the sun’s warmth.
When alarmed by a potential predator such as a bird or snake, they escape to the nearest
tree trunk. This is Sea Talk, a public service announcement
from the University of Delaware, the Delaware Sea Grant College Program, and this station.

Randy Schultz

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