Sci-Fi Short Film “The Night of the Lizards” [LISKOJEN YÖ]

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Night of the Lizards” [LISKOJEN YÖ]

The night of the Lizards You like the treats? But we have now time for lunch. Or at least I assume so. Let’s go eat. Let’s see if there’s still something left. The food is running out. Finding the food remains to your responsibility. I cannot leave from here. It has come clear already. Tell me what you’re thinking. I want to hear your opinion about that woman. “Hot Chicks 2018” I don’t like how that girl is watching me. She listens all our conversations. I don’t like it. I don’t wanna write now, I’ll read you something: ”Something is growing inside me, I am outraged. I don’t know, can I? There is only the words about desire. I’m waiting there, do you already recognize me from my odour. I’m alone, there’s no more enemies left. BUKOWSKI!? Where are you? BUKOWSKI? Come here. BUKOWSKI? Bukowski, come here. BUKOWSKI? Where are you? BUKOWSKI? BUKOWSKI? BUKOWSKI? BUKOWSKI? BUKOWSKI? BUKOWSKI? Come back! Bukowski. Can you hold him? Let me go! Where have you taken Bukowski? Hey, grab him from the legs. Don’t eat me! I’m toxic. Let me go! Don’t eat me! Bukowski. Bukowski. Bukowski, there you are. Subtitles made by Jani Verho.

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “The Night of the Lizards” [LISKOJEN YÖ]

  1. Vilminauha says:

    Mielenkiintonen pätkä. Varsinkin äänet oli 5/5. Ei tullut sellasia kohtia missä huomaisi äänitehosteiden katkeavan kuin seinään, vaan oli sulavaa jatkuvuutta.

  2. Ilari Tihula says:

    Todella toimiva video. Lisää odotellessa. Nimestä mulle tuli heti mieleen 80-luvun Night of the Creeps.

  3. DocGenius1 / Videos says:

    AMAZING acting, Loved it….Peace

  4. RichieLarpa says:

    The movie was surprisingly well made, a bit controversial and raw, which cannot be seen too often. Thank you for the experience!

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