(“Lay Low” by Dylan Sitts) (whoosh) – Hey, good morning everybody, and welcome to the vlog! You guys know that I
love to start the day out with something exciting. Well, sure enough, my girl
here, the uroplatus fimbriatus, this unbelievably alien
looking leaf-tail gecko, actually laid a little egg
right over here on the leaf. You could barely see it over there. Now, it doesn’t look great in the sense that it’s
not completely round, but it is hard, so there’s a chance that it could potentially be okay. Now, the biggest thing is, is
I don’t wanna rip that egg off and crack the egg, so what
I think I’m gonna have to do is actually snip off
right around this leaf and around this leaf, and set it up and hopefully it’s good. Now, what’s interesting
is most of the time geckos like her will lay two eggs, but she has consistently
been laying one egg, and I don’t really know why. Now, the first two eggs she
did lay haven’t been fertile, unfortunately, so we’re
gonna have to take a look and see if she actually
gets any better here. Now, it could be a male
issue, we don’t know. We’re thinking about getting
another male for her. Nevertheless, she is so cool
and we’re gonna go ahead and see if we can do a little surgery on this egg right here. Like I said, I’m just
gonna just really simply snip away right here, and
I’ll snip the other side, just so that it frees
that egg up off of there. Now I can see if it’s over here. (grunts) Now I’ve got that egg
freed up right there. What I’ll probably do
is the same thing here, is maybe just snip this leaf
away a little bit right there, just to see if I can’t,
somehow, get that egg off. Let’s see. So let me see if I can get around here, or if I have to cut this whole leaf off, which I think I might have to do. (scissors snapping) Whoop. Oh, just gonna go ahead and
snip this away right here. (scissors snapping) Now I’ve got the egg, right there. And like I said, the egg
doesn’t look all that good, and I have a feeling it’s
probably not fertile, but I’m gonna give it the best shot, I am. Now, this is how you wanna
set up the eggs, right here. We’ll have Hatchrite in there,
a little bit of sphagnum moss that keeps the dampness, and then we have this little cap with a
little dry perlite in there. Right like that, and
we’ll just place that egg right on that, because what you want is you want the humidity
from the sphagnum moss and the Hatchrite, but you
want it to be dry on this. We’ll just cap this off, right here. Now, these guys take forever to hatch, so we want know if this egg
is fertile for any time. I can candle it and see, but it’s probably gonna
take me a week or two before you really see any networks of vein or anything like that. So, fingers crossed, maybe eventually we’re gonna hatch some
uroplatus fimbriatus, but we’ll have to wait (laughs) to see. Regardless, either way, it is awesome to start the day out getting some eggs! It’s not always fun keeping animals, I can tell you that much,
and Butterscotch’s cage is a little destroyed right now. She messed it up, she shed,
she’s all over the place, and unfortunately, Andrea
I know you love this cage because we have to climb
inside of it, right? – Lucky us. – (laughs) That’s the downside, too. We’ve been considering
moving Butterscotch lower, but I’m not 100% sure if
we’re gonna do that or not. So, we have to literally
just open this cage up, get her out, which is
a challenge in itself, and then climb in there and clean her up. Butterscotch, are you gonna
be in a good mood today? She’s a really girl, but she’s definitely a little food aggressive,
so as soon as she knows I’m not food, she’s actually pretty good. There you go girl. There you go sweety. Being that she’s high energy, she can definitely be a challenge to get out of the cage at times. (grunting) There you go sweetheart, there you go. She is a beautiful
snake, though, isn’t she? Okay, girl, all right. There you go, there you go. Okay. (lid clattering) – Oh.
– Whoop! (laughs) Oh God, (laughs) here we go. Now she’s got my leg. – Oh my gosh. – Oh, she’s got me wrapped tight. Okay, here we go. (lid clattering) Hoo, all right. That was the easy part, now the hard part. (“Lay Low” by Dylan Sitts) Butterscotch’s cage is all cleaned. We’re gonna get her back in, but before I put her back in I’ve been really making a concerted effort to handle her a lot, because
she’s a really tame snake. She’s never even struck at anyone, except for food, but she’s a runner. She loves to kind of run, run, run, run. So, I really think that Butterscotch is eventually gonna be one of my Big Animal Ambassadors
when she’s 17, 18 foot. But that means I have to handle her a lot, to get her more habituated to handling, because trust me, she is a handful. So let’s just go ahead and
spend some time with her. (“Lay Low” by Dylan Sitts) And there it is. I mean, what an absolutely gorgeous snake, and she was actually really good today, so she’s calming down a lot. You might know that I
sometimes spin into things. So, if a big snakes is kinda going away, you can almost think of
like a fork on spaghetti. You wind it back (laughs)
around the fork, right? So, I’ll spin in to where she’s going, and it kinda gets her around my body. She has absolutely made huge strides, and what an absolutely gorgeous animal. Well, you remember the other day, when I said I was doing really well when it comes to egg binding? Well, sure enough, we found a female that I didn’t see an
egg that was still in. I don’t know if I’m gonna
be able to get this egg out, because it’s not right by the vent, but I’m gonna do my absolute best. Now, I’m gonna do the same
procedure that I always do. Taking a surgical probe like this, that has a really dull
end, and I’m just gonna try to just gently massage that
egg down towards the vent. Then I’m going to get the
vent and I’m gonna see if I can’t find that egg, and again, I don’t know if I’ll be
able to find the egg or not, or if the oviduct is folded. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, but I’m gonna do my absolute
best here to try to find it. It looks like I can see it right there! I’m just using a circular pattern to kinda get that oviduct around the egg, as I gently push out. Again, you can see the oviduct
is trying to fold over it, so what I have to do is just kinda slowly get the egg like this. Starting to come! It’s starting to come out! I can see it right there,
and I just gotta continue to just circle around like
this until that egg comes. Here it comes, it’s coming out. Yep, good, there doesn’t
seem to be any tears or anything in the oviduct, which is good. And, again, I’ll just
continue that circular pattern until it gets out, and there
it comes out, right there. All right, fantastic. There’s the egg I was talking about. Again, this girl had it in here. Now, if that would have gotten stuck, what basically happens,
this egg can dry up and adhere to the oviduct wall, and then it won’t actually
push out, even if she wants to. So, it is kind of important, if you can, aspirate that egg out. Although, I really wanna
beg you guys to not do this unless you’ve been with
someone that’s done this. I’ve been doing aspirating eggs
for 30 years, so I know it. So you could really injure an animal if you go in with the
probe and actually pierce the oviduct or anything like that. So, don’t do it unless
you know someone that is. But it is important and the fact that we got this egg out right here really saved this girl’s life, or potentially saved her life. So, now let’s hope there’s no
more egg binding this year. I always mention that
some of the coolest things I get to do in the course of a day is hang out with my tortoises. I mean, look at Matilda there! She’s such an awesome animal, and of course my little leopard tortoises. I absolutely love these guys, and one of the things I’ve
been talking about adding to the vlog a little bit,
maybe every couple weeks or something like that, I’m
not gonna over do it, is… You know, we’re a huge community. You know I love you guys, so I wanna be able to
answer your questions. Recently, we’ve kind of asked you to go ahead and send in some questions. I wanna start with this one. – Hey there, Brian. This is Fran, your friend
from across the pond, from Frankie’s Aquatics,
and I’d like to ask you a quick question for your vlog today. So, as you know, I’ve
followed your channel for many years now, and I’ve experienced and shared some of your ultimate highs. For example, cutting the
scaleless ball python eggs. And, unfortunately, we’ve
witnessed some terrible lows, too. Another example, when you
lost your snake, Sunshine. My question for you today is, what has been your ultimate high? What has kept you going, when really you felt like want to quit inside? What’s kept your passion? What’s kept your drive? Thank you very much for
being an absolute inspiration here on YouTube, and I wish
you all the best for you and your BHB family in the future. – First off, thanks for
that amazing question, and by the way, I mean, that’s some pretty awesome
editing skills you got there. (laughs) Regardless, the truth is guys, I try to take the highs and
lows out as much as possible. It’s really easy, when
things are going really well or you get an awesome clutch or you get something really amazing, to be really high and be really excited Then, when something bad happens, it’s easy to get really low. If you can kinda take
the highs and lows out as much as you can, and trust me, I talk about this all the time. People go in the gym to lift weights to get their body in shape. You need to do the same thing
with your mental health. You need to actually put a lot of energy into that mental health,
and that’s something I try to do each and every day. The other thing I do is
try to surround myself with really positive, upbeat people on… None better than (laughs) of course these two monkeys right here. I mean, how can you be in
a bad mood or something, when you’ve got these two guys around. The question was, how do
you deal with the fact, when things are going really well, and then maybe, potentially, go bad, how do you keep happy and positive? – Well, the key to that is, if you’re happy during the
lowest points of you life, you can even be so positive
during the high times, you know what I mean? So, you’ve gotta learn
from your losses, okay? Don’t take them and be
like, “Oh, I’m so sad.” Take that loss, analyze it, really pick it apart, and then it will tell you how to win next time. – I just bury it, deep down inside. Just cover it up. (somber music)
– [Katie] They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine. But you can’t just get into– – Bury it down below the seven
and a half tacos you can eat? – Yeah, that’s right. Dude
– Because we all know you can’t eat more than
seven and a half tacos. – Amateur numbers, amateur numbers, man! – But honestly, guys, dead serious, I do try to surround myself
with really great people that can kinda keep me on an even keel, and I’ve just learned to
live with the ups and downs of life, business, all the other things, and with you guys it makes it really easy. Take a look at this bold
mack snow right here! That thing is so clean, it’s crazy. I’m not gonna lie to you,
Jessica is off today, and I was looking through these,
and I was just blown away. But I don’t even know
what some of these are. I’m not as in-tune with gecko marks as I am with a lot of animals. I look at this thing and I
think, “What the heck is it?!” I mean, I know it’s a mack snow, but look at that crazy pattern. I mean, that thing is
absolutely ridiculous. Again, I’m sure there’s
some genetics behind it that Jessica (laughs) just
probably knows better than I do. Look at this one, too! This is actually a bell albino, but that pattern is ridiculous. It’s kind of a bold stripe, but it’s also a little bit patternless, so I don’t know if there’s
some eclipse in there or not. Regardless, I did wanna
get back to the Q&A. – Hey, this is my Q&A for Brian. I was wondering, why are
you coming out to Utah? I live out in Utah and I
love watching your videos, and I was just curious what
you’re coming out to Utah for. Beautiful city, not much
to do, but, just curious. – I’m continuing to just
marvel at these geckos. What in the world is that? Of course, this is a mack bold. But regardless, I am coming out to Utah, here within the next month for sure. We’re gonna be at SeaQuest
in Salt Lake City, and we’re just gonna be hanging out, doing some really cool vlog stuff, some other things like that. Then, I definitely have to hit some cool park when I’m there. I’m not sure if I’m gonna hit
Arches or Zion or whatever. I’m not 100% sure. As a matter of fact, I
have a question for you! What park should I go to when
I’m close to Salt Lake City? I’m only gonna have like
a day or so to do it, but yes, I am coming out there. Definitely stay in touch. We will be at SeaQuest, for sure, so if you wanna come out
and hang out with us, we’d absolutely love to see you there. Back to geckos, continuing on with a crazy mack snow bold animal. This has to be a white
and yellow, but oh my God! What a gorgeous little monkey! I could sit here all day
and look at these geckos. They’re insane! This is one, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the pairing is. I didn’t look at the records,
but I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it’s
just really ridiculous. And we’re just starting to hatch geckos, so, over the next couple months, whoo doggy, we’re gonna
have some beauties. So let me know down in the comments if you guys like the idea of
doing Q&A’s every now and then, and if you want me to highlight
a question that you have, go ahead send them over to
@jaytomsky on Instagram. What’s up Eric? Another busy day today? – Yep, super busy day today. Of course, going through,
cleaning everything, checking on everyone. Then, I’m gonna come back,
see them again, feed them. Lots to do. – I can see you have a load
of rodents over here, so… That’s part of the deal here, guys. I mean, I always tell people it’s like painting a bridge, right? You get to the end, you come
back, you paint again, right? – Yeah, that’s right, that’s true. – So feed, and then the good news is, is that after you’re done
feeding, that turns into poop. – Yes! – [Brian] And then you have to clean it. – You know what, that’s job security, 101. (laughing) – [Brian] All right,
I’ll let you get to it. – Thank you. (“Lay Low” by Dylan Sitts) – In the dungeon, what
do we have today, Kelsey? – Today we have a Xanthic female
breed to a Dragonfly male. – Awesome! This is an amazing female! I actually showed you
this girl the other day. She’s a VPI Axanthic. I love this animal. I know you love this animal too. – I do. (laughs) – I know you do, so I know you’re excited. Let’s see what she has. (drawer rattling) Aw, looks like a good clutch, too. Look at that. Oh, there we go, whoop. Oo, that’s kind of a weird egg, huh? – That’s a weird boob egg. – Yeah, that’s a really–
– It’s on the wrong end. – Yeah, it’s all over the place. But, ironically enough, I can see there’s some discoloration in here where there’s some veinage. So, this does look like a good egg. Will it hatch? I’m not 100% sure, but it does look like some of the eggs are rolled a little bit, and they look like they’re really fresh, so they haven’t really
adhered together really well. So, we’ll candle them, just to make sure, but that is a really beautiful
clutch of eggs right there. Good job.
– There we go. – [Brian] What do we have? – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine! – Nine eggs, not bad! Like I said, this one’s
a little bit goofy, but it still looks like it’s gonna hatch. Again, that’s gonna be really cool. I love Axanthic stuff. We need to get more Axanthic stuff. – Yes. – Because I know it’s
one of Kelsey’s favorite. (laughing) So, that’s all we have for
ball python eggs today. Good job, as always, Kelsey. – Thank you. – Real quick break from the vlog to open up something that says,
“Open on the vlog please.” So, I have no idea what it is, but we’re gonna go ahead
and open it on the vlog and hopefully it’s something good. Do you think it’s a piece
of gold or something? – I don’t know. (package crinkling) It’s something, a bottle of something. – [Brian] Ah, what do we got? – Well at least it’s taped
shut, so that’s good. Dechlorinate. – Dechlorinate for the fish tank? – Leave in conditioner. Removes yellow from gray hair! (laughs) What?! – What is this?
– Who is this for?! (laughing) Is this for you? – This can’t be, this
better not be for me. (laughing) What is this? So it’s called Dechlorinate. It’s obviously some… You leave it in your hair
and it removes the gray. Reverses effect of gray hair. This is from Andy. Thank you Andy. (laughing) “My dad works really
hard for this product, called Dechlorinate.” So, obviously, it’s your dad. “He’s a hairdresser in North Carolina, and has been selling it in his saloon.” I guess, I dunno what
you’re trying to tell me. These are highlights. – And you know what, they’re
gonna be Dechlorinated. He’s gonna try this, and then it’s really gonna shine. (laughs) – All right, so if next week I look like 20 years younger, you know that this product works well. – No, you’re gonna look 20 years older! It’s gonna be snow white! (laughing) – Snow… (laughing) Well, thank you Andy. I appreciate that. I’m gonna take this as a compliment. That you’re trying to help me.
– Yes. – But, I do appreciate your
dad being an entrepreneur, trying to push the product. Thank you for sending it to me, and I’ll keep you guys updated on it. I think Lori’s having to much fun with this one.
(laughing) Always trying to improve
over here at the Reptarium, and I know it’s little silly things. I’ve showed you guys this, with the CR codes and stuff like that, but one of the problems was is that on the screen cages we
couldn’t put the stickers, so we ended up making
these plates right here, and we just added them
to the Abronia cages and to all the chameleon cages. But I will tell you something. I added them, I’m all proud. I’m like, “Look at this, Lori. How awesome is that? Karma’s over here, fantastic.” Then, when the zoo was
open, Lori mentioned that the Veiled chameleon and the Jacksons chameleon looked a little bit off. That’s right, I put the I put the Veiled chameleon on the Jacksons cage, and the Jacksons on the Veiled cage. So, I was so proud of my work, and as it was, I screwed it up. With that being said, I’m gonna go ahead and change those out, call it a day, wish you guys an amazing day, tell you how much I love your support, be kind to someone, and I promise, I will see you tomorrow. (“Lay Low” by Dylan Sitts)

Randy Schultz

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