Saurian Wars: Fire Reptiles: Not the only predators: chpt. 10

Saurian Wars: Fire Reptiles: Not the only predators: chpt. 10

A search band of 10 raptors from hunter, omega, and immortal clan 7 am Xuron: Skulker, you smell or see anything? Skulker: (nods no) YES SKULKER IS A MUTE BUT HE CAN STILL UNDERSTAND WORDS Xuron: Shields Up! Xuron: (Human footprints? no its too big for-) Wendigos Alpha Death or Victory Eye Lake 8 am Alantos: Khet’eres, those scums. Khet’ere: We could talk like it’s normal you experimented saurians. Or things can go bad, your choice. Subject 12 and 3 Unique: Impossible, Jerak?! What now! Subject 12: Unique: DNA Frilled lizard, Chameleon, Dakoraptor Subject 3: Rekkus: DNA Unknown Animal, Chamelion, DakoRaptor Jerak: Seems you still remember me, I’m looking for a cyborg raptor, care to have seen one hmm. Unique: No, but i love to eat your head. Jerak: (Scoff), how will you, when you have a cannon pointed at you. SHETIMESSEDUPDIDNTI Jeral: I know he’s here, my radar, tracked his chip here, Now Where- Cy. raptor: I’m right here Jerak. Rekkus made the bipod trip with his tail sweep IAMURDOOM XDD Jerak: It’s not that easy to hit me Kuryu. Kuryu: Admiral of the Ships, AKA, Jerak Xulo. Comfirmed, alived. I’ll take the fugitive Project V. You Xulo, can comfirm your life at Base 171. You still have one chance Admiral. Quit bounty hunting and join the military again. Jerak: You can say to them, I’ll think about it… because that’s false. Jerak clicked his emergency exit (Don’t worry, his companion was still moving) Kuryu: No need to fight back V, the master want you back. No matter how free you want to be. Project V: Kuryu…Shoul’ve known, was it Yamayoto that sended you. Kuryu: Who do you think, we weren’t born, we were created, now with Yamayoto calling for you. You cannot resist this time. Project V: Kira will find me, and kill you. Kuryu: We’ll see about that of Project Valkyrie.

Randy Schultz

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6 thoughts on “Saurian Wars: Fire Reptiles: Not the only predators: chpt. 10

  1. Warrior X says:

    Am i here and this time,fighting bad guys?

  2. king wendigo says:

    I got Fooking burnt

  3. RandomUserRK says:

    Brutal fights 0w0

  4. diamond boi 3000 says:


  5. 눈송이Snowflake says:

    Hey awesome job as always! But i have one simple question for you.
    Do my character is still in this series? 'Coz i cannot see myself in there.
    And da new predators you added are amazing!! Keep it up & don't foget to make more of those series & episodes – they're super interesting!

  6. laurence tay says:


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