Sailing Komodo – Padar – Flores NTT (English Subtitle)

Sailing Komodo – Padar – Flores NTT (English Subtitle)

I had My journey to Labuan Bajo travel by land through Sumbawa island. Start from Pototano – Dompu – Bima and Sape When I arrived in Sape, I bought ferry ticket for passing away to Labuan Bajo, that cost was 55.000 and it was took 5 hour in boat Ferry boat form Sape to Labuan Bajo depart one time in a day, they usually depart before 11.00 am. But here the ferry boat is small one, so it’s possible that they don’t take operation during bad weather. During on my way, I never stop say thanks to God, because of His bless to me, to see this amazing scenary Hello everyone, I’m on KMP Cakalang II now we from Sape Harbor heading to Labuan Bajo Harbor. In the middle of the way on, we will see some popular island like Komodo, Padar and RInca. You can see behind me. That was Komodo Island I got a lot of experience within this traveling, although you must spent more time, but it will bring you trough wonderful experience. Worth it, it was amazing I arrived to Labuan Bajo at 5 pm and looking for the open trip to sail Komodo Island directly There was a lot of travel agent offer open trip to you. So you should consider which one the best price for you But,,I started this trip with sad feeling… because it was raining Hari ini kita mau sailing pulau komodo, pulau Padar, tapi gw pikir sekarang cuacanya gak bagus, ombaknya besar, sangat mengguncang The waves is so big that time, it such made our small boat going shaking during on sea, then made my head bit dizzy that time But all of that poorness was no big deal within beautiful and amazing view after I took one day trip sailing Komodo island, Padar island, Pink Beach and Manta Point, we started the trip form Labuan Bajo at 05.00 am and come back again to Labuan Bajo at 05.00 pm I paid 400.000 rupiah for this trip, include lunch and snorkeling tools. I sugest to you to bring a lot of food, because need about 4 hour until you arrive to first spot, Padar island Unfortunately I hadn’t brought underwater camera to recorded underwater view with Manta in it But I’m not regretted at all with this trip Guys, I’m heading to Padar now. But overcast here and bit raining, I wish I can take some photo for requested paper sign. Wow that view is pretty I’m the only one local tourist here. All of them are foreigner, you can see behind me Hello guys, now I’m on peak of Padar island. But bit stormy here, make me hard to do something. Look at this amazing view,, Damn love it yow..This is my experience explore flores island East Nusa tenggara.
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