#SaiBaba Life Episodes – The Leela Of The Two Lizards

#SaiBaba Life Episodes – The Leela Of The Two Lizards

Talk about Rinanubandhan, I remember in the Sai Satcharita, I don’t know if anyone has read that… where while Sai Baba is sitting with his followers, one of them sees a lizard on the wall, getting excited and agitated… so he asked Baba, “Why is this lizard so frisky now?” So Baba says, “It’s because its sister is coming from Aurangabad.” The follower was foxed. So the follower tells himself (and now I’m just dramatising the story), “Now how the hell is this going to happen? And at that moment, a man comes in a cart and he says his horse will not go any further because it is tired, and it needs to be fed. And he pulls out a sack of grain and puts it in front of the horse, and a lizard comes out of the sack, and it goes and meets the other lizard on the wall. Like this… Rinanubandhan The Universe conspired to bring that second lizard there. The lizard didn’t think, “I have to go, I’d better get on to that wagon, and then the horse has to stop right where Baba’s Darbar is, and then the man must pull out the sack to feed the horse and then I will escape, and then I will go and meet my sister.” The Universe conspired, and Baba as the witness, could see every single thing.

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “#SaiBaba Life Episodes – The Leela Of The Two Lizards

  1. Prsh Y says:

    I love this chapter.
    Baba knows everything.
    It's written in the end of the chapter anyone who reads this story with devotion their troubles will end snd desires be fulfilled.
    Not exactly in these words but something like this .

  2. Rahul Arya says:

    Jai Shree Sai Ram Jai Shree Sai Ram Jai Baba

  3. Payal Sinha says:

    Om sai ram

  4. suraj shetty says:

    When I read this chapter for first time, I rebelled as it promotes the idea God has pre destined everything and man has no free will. I saw this story promoting fatalism .

    No I am older and wiser and now understand not withstanding our free will , finally God’s will prevails.

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