Rubik’s Twist or Smiggle Snake Puzzle Tutorial: How to Make a Rocket Shape – Step by step, SLOW

Rubik’s Twist or Smiggle Snake Puzzle Tutorial: How to Make a Rocket Shape – Step by step, SLOW

Hi I’m Antoine and I’m gonna show you how to make the rocket with the Snake Puzzle (Rubik’s Twist) So first you’re gonna count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12… then the next one’s gonna go down Now, this dark blue one here is gonna go towards you And this white one’s gonna go away from you Now, this white one’s gonna go towards you and this dark blue one is gonna go away from you Now you’re gonna count 1,2 and then this white one’s gonna go up Now on the other side you’re gonna count 1,2 and then this one’s gonna go up Now you’re gonna twist this dark blue one 2 times so that this white and this white one matches like this Now… you’re gonna turn it around… and then you’re gonna do the same but these 2 dark blue ones will match like this Next, this white one is gonna go like this, towards you and this dark blue one is gonna go away from you Now this white one is gonna go up and this dark blue one’s gonna go up Now you’re gonna twist this dark blue one up twice so that these 2 white ones match like this… 1,2 Now you’re gonna turn it around… and you’re gonna do the same with this side… 1,2… Next, you’re gonna turn this one towards you and the back one away from you Next you’re gonna turn it this way and then this dark blue one is gonna go inwards… and finally this white one is gonna go inwards

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Rubik’s Twist or Smiggle Snake Puzzle Tutorial: How to Make a Rocket Shape – Step by step, SLOW

  1. Syern Lou says:

    Can I do this with the 60 pieced one?

  2. Tib eez says:

    Where I lose it is when you say the bleu or the white because mine is pink and black is really confusing 😕

  3. The Great Fish says:

    your amazing ive done like 4 of your snake puzles and there all cool well done lad

  4. Isaac I.O. says:

    People have other colours

  5. Nathan Kwok says:

    plz don't say the white one and the blue one it is very confusing for the people who have different colours

  6. Nathan Kwok says:

    good tutorial

  7. Gutten Joe says:

    yhanks fot the help

  8. Gutten Joe says:

    thanks for the help

  9. Tutorial Pe says:

    thanks! good video

  10. Lightning Majesty says:

    Thank you so much

  11. Lightning Majesty says:

    Demented Doggie if u have a multi colored one just look and find black and grey

  12. Polar Nugget says:

    Does this side look up a tutorial while doing the video? Cause he takes one hand away every step

  13. Kris Van Broekhoven says:

    Hey, you have a very bright future. Continue making videos like this and you'll get fame quickly. When my son persuaded me to buy this toy it was because of you. He's never bored now! Thank you so much, and again, continue what you're doing and you'll have a bright future. Keep it up!

  14. Callum Walsh says:


  15. m mujeeb says:

    Great product

  16. adam prepo says:

    dementeddoggie yea

  17. Blaze Roberts says:


  18. Sami Ben Mansour says:

    Ferme la sa video ces de la merde a chier

  19. LIKAN says:

    I have multi colored snake and i confuse every time and i dont make it

  20. Gellie Torres says:

    you said it slow but its fast

  21. Laura Böhm says:


  22. Green Hornet Garage says:

    I thought this would be hard but cause I have multi coloured but easy look Were your hand is and put my hand were I need to put it simple amazing!

  23. Carmela Ruggiero says:


  24. Kamil Gaming says:

    He did a good job

  25. Chiquita Shields says:

    Fucking cool

  26. Haydude29 says:

    tern it so I can see it plz

  27. Omar Tareq says:

    I was using my iPad stand while watching this

  28. Consuelo Aleman says:

    Good job kid, keep up the good work.

  29. Yellowmarble 08 says:

    No way I did it the!

  30. Petar Jukić says:

    Thanks! Helped me a lot. Subscribed

  31. TheBestFrogaDear says:


  32. NinjaNut36 says:

    great vid cant wait to show my friends

  33. WassiliPlayz says:


  34. Christel Jansen says:

    My daughter says thanks..great videos and they are helping…so easy to follow. She's only had her python for 1 day and already she's made 4 different items thanks to your videos.. keep up the awesome work!

  35. Kanishq Kalra says:

    i dont understand but good video 🙂

  36. Dyamicsoul67 says:

    I know I am late by months but can you make a book

  37. BigRed says:

    Good tutorial, I like how you paused between each step.

  38. EGWM says:

    1 people have different colours
    2 cool
    3 idk if other ppl do this but I finished wayyyy before u

  39. Zane Haskell says:

    You need to actually show what u are doin bro jeez I went to all you're videos and the be fast

  40. YAsuo Wukong says:

    it's amazing

  41. Andrea says:

    You make it look so easy!!!!😋

  42. emmy spencer says:

    Easiest and clearest tutorial

  43. Stikbot Lizard says:

    I made a laser gun with a rocket tutorial

  44. กัต'ต ตามนั้นเลย'ย says:


  45. bengül demirel says:

    Thank you

  46. bengül demirel says:


  47. Sylwia Głąbska says:

    To nie jest super bubu

  48. 이름 says:

    Wow!!this is good!!

  49. Owen Phillips says:

    Awesome vid!

  50. Alex Lenskiy says:

    I made this shape using the Magic Snake app:

  51. Pweds Bois says:

    best video 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  52. random person says:

    U r the best

  53. Ayse Seçer says:

    Bok gibi

  54. Lucas MASSON says:

    We are franch

  55. Poonam Sharma says:


  56. Cat-Akim says:

    mine toy is green and white
    i got a ball rubik's twist or rubik's snake

  57. tokoy ghoul kid says:

    U rock

  58. Kometa M says:

    I hate that you can hardly do anything with a 32 piece one but with a 24 or 36 one there's more shapes you can do…I have 8 left over 🙁

  59. IVAN MARTINZE says:

    You are insane

  60. H4CK3R2 GT says:


  61. April Jimenez-Frias says:

    You need to get a bigger one like 36 peces long because yours is to small

  62. Michael says:

    Stop saying blue and white it’s confusing af. I have colored one so it’s killing me

  63. Galexy TGRC says:

    So smart 👌

  64. francesco covello says:

    Fai cose più facili

  65. Charlie Diggory says:

    Thank you a lot for making this! It was easy to understand 🙂

  66. game SK.222 says:


  67. Awesomeness 08 says:

    Best video ever!

  68. Karol Gajda says:

    Me Poland haha ale rakieta haha fajna

  69. Alec Xylar de Leon says:

    Its also the same with laser gun just twist the one at the bottom and connect it!

  70. Bryson Liu says:

    I made my un even so I retarded lol rip

  71. Jef Espiritu says:

    Booo i cant do it

  72. Nora Sacabon says:

    Its okay we have the same but mine is purple so I know which one is the white and blue !!!thanks

  73. bhavini shah says:

    You are great super great

  74. Justin Y. says:

    I have the colour version and i solve it

  75. chunnu singh says:

    You see yellow and white colour rocket

  76. Dhwaneel Kapadia says:

    ??? Can't understand!!!!!!!!(?_?)

  77. Kavya vaghela says:


  78. Party Queen says:

    It was difficult to understand what you said and mine looked completely nothing like the "rocket". I'm sorry, but I have disliked this because of misleading directions, and also how your method goes.

    From Party Queen.

  79. Mindaugas Milašauskas says:

    I have two times longer then yours snake and i can make two balls out of one snake.So the rocket didn't work XD.

  80. EXRZ_Stinky _YT says:

    How to make a lazar gun

  81. JbTV Gamming says:

    You voice sucks

  82. Cuber 9090 says:

    You suck

  83. Extreme Domino says:

    That’s a bit too slow but it’s a good video

  84. Sudhakar Pothuluri says:


  85. ياسر ياسر الديري says:

    شو هازه الغة مافهمت شي طدربو

  86. Tchalla black panther says:

    thank you for making this

  87. Rido Vercascade says:

    Hahaha good job!!

  88. Nate Holland says:

    Speed it up a little

  89. Yarne Zwakhoven says:


  90. Δημήτρης Τσανακτσής says:

    Watched at x2 speed and got bored

  91. Pee bloo says:

    This is not a slow tutorial! This a tutorial that does'nt show how he turned It! Show me where u turned

  92. Faried _00 says:

    it doesn't ifen work

  93. dhani adita says:


  94. dhani adita says:

    Thagaddewteftsgygvdgag Rudiansyah

  95. EdpotGaming says:


  96. BG creation kmd says:


  97. Arjun Gnanasekar says:

    Great Video, but it would be better if you mentioned if it is a 24 or 36 piece cube snake because I figured out this snake wasn't similar to mine after a while.

  98. Multiple Gaming says:

    Very epic smashed a like (:

  99. Multiple Gaming says:

    I watched this a few times now I can do it easily without watching thanks a lot

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