Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Bar Fights & Gay Bars

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Bar Fights & Gay Bars

Burnie: When we were in college and, uh, Matt was working on this movie and we met up with some people and there was this one girl in the group who wasted to go to Oil Can Harry’s, and Matt was like “Sure, we’ll go.” And I’m like, “OK, I guess we’re going to Oil Can Harry’s” So we like walked down there, we get in. The dude who, like, checks for your ID at the door is this dude in a super fucking tight, white t-shirt, basically looks like Blaine. And he’s got this little, like, twinky-er guy next to him, and then we go in and then, there’s a dude dancing on the bar in a thong and a banana hammock, and there’s another dude down at the other end of the bar dancing the same way. It looks Matt fucking 20 minutes to figure out we were in a gay bar. *laughter* We’re in a conversation with 4 people, and Matt’s like this, we’re talking, Matt goes… *laughter* and then he looks at me and I go “YES!” Burnie: I had a buddy in college that I would hate going to bars with. And uh, lemme come up with a name for him. Bruce. His name was Bruce. And, I knew every time we’d go with this guy to a fucking club, he would get into a fight, every single time, because he would get super drunk, he was a big dude, pretty heavy, but he also, like 6 foot 7, he was just a huge person, and, first of all, guys would always want to fight him because he’s the biggest guy around, but then he would do this other thing too, where he would get super drunk, he’d go in the bathroom, and he’d be pissing next to somebody and he’d feel like, like, I guess he wanted to get into a fight, and he’d be pissing, he’d lean over, he’d look at the guy next to him and go “Hey buddy, nice cock.” *gasp* We’d be sitting there in the club, and all of a sudden, the men’s room door would open and they’d just come out… *laughter* “Bruce must’ve told someone they had a nice cock.” [OUTRO]

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Bar Fights & Gay Bars

  1. Sam says:

    0:45 Que est Sombra?

  2. c4theNERD says:

    Wall at 1:17 says rip harambe I know not

  3. AGrayPhantom says:

    Not only are the Rooster Teeth people the worst people on earth, they hang out with the worst people on earth.

  4. souperman72 says:

    Bruce should have tried that at OilCan Harry's.

  5. Tungsten says:


    like if you agree

  6. Xystem 4 says:

    Haha I love these animations. The closing card still feels pretty out of tune though :/

  7. Slaks says:

    I'm a rapper:)

  8. Lorence Tonson says:

    ad for grindr lol

  9. How to says:

    It took Matt 20 mins to figure out what??

  10. Shadow Flame SFM says:

    I like animated Mica. She's adorable

  11. TechnicallyCalm says:

    The first half of this video is probably my new fav for RTAA.

  12. YesJ Edits says:


  13. General Major55 says:

    Joel Hayman for president 2020

  14. Baeowulf says:

    does anyone else wanna see the Greg Kinnear story animated? lol

  15. Irish Wristwatch says:

    Perfectly Timed!

  16. Callum Morgan says:

    Is it normal to be attracted to a simple drawing with noodle-limbs?

  17. hateyouguys702 says:

    For being essentially stick figures, the animation in this one was pretty good.

  18. XzTS says:

    Why were the guys in the women's restroom?
    Also, why did the women's restroom have urinals?

  19. Robert Newman says:

    Am I the only one picturing Bruce from Funhaus?

  20. Coconut Head says:

    I think the animations are getting even better

  21. saya dubre says:

    But what if Bruce says that to a guy and instead of a fight, the guy offers to let him suck it? What does Bruce do then? Lol

  22. J wilson says:

    what podcast was the bar fight one?

  23. Connor Bivens says:

    I'm surprised this video doesn't have like 5,000 dislikes because Mica appeared for like 2 seconds.

  24. sophie says:

    why does that stripper look like ryan

  25. Sly Ngn says:

    Looks like Burnie's friend, Matt, found himself in a Harry situation.

  26. Ayveh says:

    That moment when he realized it XD

  27. lil cat says:

    1:07 on the stall on the far right it says campe diem with angry eyes. camp camp easter egg?

  28. Lateralus Encephatalis says:

    0:32 That guy in the background just broke physics

  29. capuche5-0 says:

    Is that the Alesso logo on the girl's neck at 0:06 ? Or is it just a flower and I'm overanalysing everything.

  30. Jacob Leonard says:

    This RTAA has got to be some of my favorite Bernie stories.

  31. J M says:

    wouldn't the best response to that be "thanks".

  32. Disobeyedtoast says:

    A person you hate is named bruce huh? Anything you want to tell us Burnie?


    I brain screamed when the twink character showed up mainly because I never assumed Burnie knew that word

  34. Zimny Lech says:

    Poor Bruce. He only wanted to compliment people 🙁

  35. hitman1365 says:

    Anybody know what podcast these stories are from?

  36. Marc Kelly says:

    Mica's drawing doesn't look entitled enough.

  37. GreatfulGert says:


  38. José Neto says:

    20 minutes? After 20 minutes!? You spent a life in there.

  39. Harley Quinn says:

    I got a Rooster Teeth ad

  40. Aj Tomas says:

    The twinky guy was pretty cute.

    Wow as I'm writing this I just realized I'm attracted to a rooster teeth animation Christ I need to get out more.

  41. CharizardCommander says:

    where was the second story taken from?

  42. boot with the loot says:

    1:08 From what I saw and heard, I thought Burnie was going to say Bruce would piss on people. Not as funny as what he actually said, but still.

  43. SoftHartedDevil SHD says:

    I bet Bruce never gets to go to the same bar twice

  44. Celestial Wing says:

    lol Bruce, the newest character to Mortal Kombat!

  45. HawkeyeNation19 says:

    Anyone else reminded of Bruce Greene???

  46. Esro Coeus says:

    How does Bernie know what a twink is 😂

  47. SucctionedNoob says:

    Hey, hey. Black and Korean.

  48. PixelSheep says:

    That's Chris' chainsmoker date XD 0:20

  49. Jog Linegua says:

    0:19 its chris' date xD

  50. a black bunny says:

    chris' s smoking girlfriend is in. this video

  51. Stephen Miller says:

    The gasping just keeps cracking me up. The reaction was just way too funny.

  52. Ap3x Gaming says:

    1:13 RIP HARAMBE!!!!

  53. TheHTG says:

    0:46 who's that chick?

  54. DavidtheWavid says:

    1:20 Best RTAA moment ever. Of all time.

  55. nellie bailey says:

    Hey kids! Can you spot Chris' girlfriend in this video?!

  56. ElectricRazer says:


  57. Fire Fox says:

    I guess the guy Bruce's easily?

    I'll be on my way out.

  58. M says:

    When he said they were working on a movie in college the rest of the video all I could think was Marble Hornets

  59. About -15- Cookies says:

    Is that the Alesso Symbol on the girls neck, or is it me?

  60. Amandalee Strouse says:

    0:16 if you look in the back u can see Chris's Smoking Date

  61. Astral Prince says:

    Whoever draw these is surprisingly good at drawing twinks.

  62. Dr Agon says:


  63. Vice Admiral Preston Cole says:


  64. Luke Glover says:

    Oh noooo, Matt lol The second story though, that dude is crazy lol

  65. Triston Chism says:

    The second stripper stuffed napkins to make his package look bigger.

  66. Grammar Nazi says:

    "hey there"
    "nice cock"

  67. Royal The Uchiha says:

    I would have said to Bruce thanks I work on it every night

  68. Eris Gg says:

    I don't get why anyone would be offended by that . . .

  69. Water Your Houseplants says:

    Dammit Bruce!

  70. Mike Atari says:

    Matt knew the whole time! 😉

  71. Shallow Cinema says:

    It's funny that I've noticed people never talk about red vs blue in the comments section of other shows they only talk about rwby.

  72. Gamer_KM says:

    Miss op to call this vay bar fights

  73. Charles van meter says:

    If that happened to me in the bathroom I'd probably reply with. "Thanks, you have a pretty mouth."

  74. Sillky Kitty says:

    Twinky guy at 0:22 is adorable

  75. Jackboss1341 SMA says:

    I would just say “k thanks for the complement”

  76. Mya R says:

    I now ship the bouncer and the "twinkier" guy so hard now. Oh god, he's so cute, and the bigger guy's reaction is adorable, too!

  77. Oracle Chakram says:

    The laughing is great

  78. 10GaugeManiac says:

    Nice rooster.. teeth.

  79. lane dobbin says:

    St 1:42 those guys come out of the girls toilets

  80. Ryan Tiemann says:

    Let's just take a moment to admire how far RTAA has come, production-wise…

  81. Yanira Jasso says:

    A year has gone by and I just noticed Bruce's stall has "Campe Diem" and Max's eyes
    Lovely references everywhere

  82. Amidaes says:

    campe diem 😀

  83. FeatherstarDraws ! says:

    Wow, after a fight with Bruse, you probably have like a million "Bruses"

    I'LL GO NOW-

  84. Garrett Pearce says:


  85. Ruby Aura says:

    1:08 Omfg the stall says Campe Diem. I'm dead

  86. Caleb McFarland says:

    It’s strange that only girls have eyelashes in these.

  87. Will Miester says:

    You're coming off a bit strong, Bruce!

  88. Khano Sera says:

    I wonder, if it were women what would happen?

    Like, would it go

    "Ooh, gurl. Nice vaj"

    "Oh my gawd gurl, thanks! You too!"

  89. RAYrificTy says:

    At 1:10, it says “Campe Diem” on the stall with Max’s eyes drawn under it :0

  90. Sayn says:

    Which episode

  91. TheOne says:

    Power move: say thanks and return the compliment

  92. Zephyrinfinity says:

    >Sees title


  93. Heretic Waffle says:

    1:22 “the men’s room.” Not sure if a mistake was made or not, but I’m glad it happened 😂

  94. Psiioniic says:

    Which podcast is this

  95. Werewolves779 says:

    This is why I don't drink

  96. Randomtwixy33 says:

    Lol I just noticed the animation error at 0:32 and now I can’t unsee it XD

  97. emoly says:

    The “Campe Diem” in the bathroom-

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