Robot spy gorilla infiltrates a wild gorilla troop 🕵️🦍 | Spy In The Wild – BBC

Robot spy gorilla infiltrates a wild gorilla troop 🕵️🦍 | Spy In The Wild – BBC

A touch is an invitation
to get to know each other. But is it all too good to be true? HE SNARLS The great silverback. He won’t be so easily impressed. HE PANTS Here, he’s the boss. Spy Gorilla won’t be welcomed
without his say-so. HE BARKS
A warning. Everyone must stay back. Can our spy win him over, too? They await
the silverback’s decision. HE BARKS Until then, there’s a line
no-one can cross. His arm, a barrier between them
and the newcomer. To show respect,
our spy averts his gaze. Decision made. Spy Gorilla can stay. Everyone can relax once more. CONTENTED GRUNTING In adults, chest-beating
is a show of power. For youngsters,
it’s an invitation to play. But games easily get out of hand. Oops! His look says it all. Best pretend it never happened. But it’s not the end for our spy. He lives to film another day. HE GRUNTS SOFTLY

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Robot spy gorilla infiltrates a wild gorilla troop 🕵️🦍 | Spy In The Wild – BBC

  1. Ismael Pacheco says:

    funny to SEE..!

  2. T Train says:

    No one gonna mention how goddamn good that spy gorilla looks? Even the movements are fairly smooth! Prop to whoever made it.

  3. Pepisiman 99 says:

    F**** realistic isn't it

  4. Lao Wei says:

    so…, who filmed the spy?

  5. TeachMe2Fish says:

    Awesome camera angles…. was there also spy trees 😜

  6. Mus London says:

    Reminds me of Cubby The Curious Bear that I got my child for Christmas

  7. Rebecca Jones says:

    OMG. He knows something is up.

  8. LenixX says:

    02:17 me trying to make new friends

  9. Pakola Khan says:

    Invasion of privacy

    Level : SilverBack

  10. joejoejoejoejoejoej says:

    Love it !!!! 😂❤️

  11. OctopusVolcano says:

    So when is spy dolphin?

  12. Amy Winskill says:

    "He a little slow, but he okay."

  13. Detective -Jamie Westly says:

    Hi my name is Tarzan and if I was there I would have trashed spy gorilla for spying on my family.

  14. Ann Morgan says:

    The entire programme was brilliant especially spy grub!

  15. Red Pill says:

  16. Josh Micheal says:

    So smart yet so dumb at the same time 😂

  17. Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS says:

    This is fascinating. I love stuff like this online. This is more of what YouTube should be about. BBC has such great stuff uploaded 👌🏻

  18. G Roll says:

    Stay tuned for part 2…spy gorilla opens fire on the whole crew,then self destructs.

  19. Charlie 502 says:

    I can't decide which is more cute. The real baby gorillas or baby spy gorilla 😍

  20. David Wei says:

    that baby gorilla is traumatised with guilt forever

  21. Donquixote Manji says:

    When you visit your girlfriends family and the dad has to be the first to meet you lolol

  22. Rican_9 says:

    Im watching this high, we definitely evolved from them

  23. Abraham Lincoln says:

    Curious to see what would have happened if they refrained from turning the little apes head and eyes away and continued to stare at the alpha silverback..🤔

  24. Siobhan Mulvey says:

    why is this a good idea?

  25. dhananjay patil says:

    Better than human

  26. 123 ppr says:

    2:29, "its not me, i didn't kill him.."

  27. Scarface RGF says:

    Human spy gorilla ,Amazon spy human

  28. Orion 99 says:

    Yeah i dont like this, something seems wrong with it.

  29. Dani Jones says:

    I’m only here because you guys gave the gorilla curls… 🤦‍♀️😂

  30. Huigberts Gamed says:

    I would recognise that voice anywhere

  31. JustWasted3HoursHere says:

    "He fell over before I even got there, Dad! I swear!"

  32. Chairman Meow says:

    They all look smarter than democrats.

  33. TheDude Lebowski says:

    Anyone that kills our cousins should be castrated and flayed.

  34. Daniel Percent says:

    That's probably the best robot the government has ever made LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

  35. Les Rosin says:

    So very cool and beautiful. In memory of Dian Fossey. I`m sure she would be thrilled.

  36. g- man says:

    Your playing ancestors and all of a sudden you see this baby with a camera in its eye and your think “hmmm…is that a spy baby…nope let’s play with i him”

  37. D G says:

    Lol That baby was oh snap I killed him..

  38. Daniel thunder says:

    Mark Zuckerberg is currently doing this to us for the lizard people… 😛

  39. Sreekar Pradyumna says:

    That baby gorilla will forever live with the memory that he killed a fellow baby gorilla. His face…


    Stupid humans

  41. Lewis says:

    Something's wrong I can feel it

  42. Diablo3 Soon Diablo 4 says:

    2:28 'mama i just killed a gorila'

    Put a hand against his head

    Pulled his fur, now he's dead

    Mama, life had just begun

  43. Jay Kaye says:

    "Oh Shit! I killed him. Oops."

  44. Dennis Marfo says:

    The very reason why my son doesn't trust his toys these days.

  45. Black Man says:

    3:09 when its a family group selfie time

  46. Oaktree 313 says:

    I'll be back

  47. jutubaeh says:

    0:45 G9k? ^?^
    betäR then La^^äHR vv

  48. Anoni Mouse says:

    They know there is no electromagnetic life field

  49. Brian Sadler says:

    The baby gorilla at the end: oh shit, i killed him

  50. VACUI VIBE says:

    This is unethical.

  51. david white says:

    who the hell would want to be a Gorilla with all those Mosquito's sucking the life out of you

  52. Maureen Awty says:

    Spy gorrilla is so cute lol ☺

  53. Emma Deeba says:

    I love the reaction from the young one who thinks he’s accidentally hurt the robot one! He’s genuinely mortified

  54. Elizabeth Gray says:

    Why can’t humans leave our wildlife alone. For what possible reason would you put a robot gorilla in with the real ones. Just because the human is curious? Humans are the worse if all living things on planet earth.

  55. North Sea Brent says:

    This was more enjoyable than the latest Star Wars movie….

  56. Dylan B says:

    I’ve never seen this Dr Who episode before

  57. Scientist ISRO says:

    Let them live peacefully….I wish if Humans do not enter these beautiful species lives in the name of technology

  58. Joe Fish says:

    Me at midnight on YouTube 2:01

  59. Mighty MOSA says:

    "You are terminated"…

  60. John says:

    What do they think of it? I mean it doesn’t really move around or make noises.

  61. Jiggyphil live says:

    That’s messed up lol, creative yes but lol😝the look on the gorillas face like wtf is it ha ha ha Ha ha lol😭fk’g priceless ha ha am still laughing ha ha

  62. Elias says:

    That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. They thought it was dead and just walked away.

  63. If You're In Marketing; Kill Yourself says:

    lmao whren the gorilla droid looked away it was like the "look away" meme

  64. The join says:

    Silverbacks are wise to Huawei

  65. theinfamous 123 says:

    Wtf??? Why is his hair all nappy

  66. Miss Amazon says:

    Apes are AMAZING creatures!! We think humans are at the top of the scale in humanity….but I think we're wrong & apes are Queens & Kings of us all!! 😇

  67. Ian Alexander says:

    That robot gorilla chest thumping is hilarious 😂

  68. Earthwatch says:

    He looks like my teacher.

  69. Ajju x says:

    Gorrila : He doesn't have an "identity smell", but he looks like us. What is he ?

  70. Wave Function says:

    Hey Cuzzies

  71. Master of my fate says:

    Look at those mosquitos and other insects swarming around. Good thing they have thick hair

  72. Blyat Blyat says:

    they think its a god

  73. deep east tx says:

    You gotta have some big goobers to be out there filming that damn close to them

  74. Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews says:


  75. serendipidus1 says:

    Oh my god they must think he's disabled he can't walk he can barely beat his chest… He falls over and can't get up….do they think he's got brain damage or a disease? That's really freaky. Like the chucky doll of the gorilla world.

  76. Toughnut says:

    This seems wrong.

  77. Zafrius Rasnake says:

    This is amazing. TY

  78. Doc eb says:

    This is wrong… Let the nature be..

  79. xgoldlion07x says:

    Omg, they know!

  80. NebulasValle says:

    Cool, now let's try this with sasquatches.

  81. jeremyramone says:

    The tree branch snapping incident was the best. Those lil gorillas are having such larks.

  82. Molly Cole says:

    Great programe better than blue planet

  83. Nothing Free says:

    hmmm a sophia girl yella? WOW! will she destroy all girl yellas? oh! oh!

  84. Ravester J says:


  85. Jonjon Llamedo says:

    Meanwhile: Aliens sends Mark Zuckerberg to infiltrate Earth

  86. Aiman Alias says:

    Nala:But he's just a kid kurjack.
    Kurjack : look at him, he's different.
    *enter phil collins sonh

  87. Danny says:

    Execute order 66

  88. Harry Manilow says:

    The al-gorilla-ithm brought me here.

  89. Belle Aquamarine says:

    Gorilla robot: its a prank! 😂

  90. shimakhan vblog says:

    If i was them i would yeet it

  91. Xx BigBoss xX says:

    They think he down syndrome

  92. shakib khan says:

    Releted video ok) i am bangladeshi

  93. Juma K. says:

    But let’s get into this spy gorilla’s curl pattern tho 😍

  94. Daniel Embree says:

    Prince Harry’s son Archie ??

  95. Derek Wilson says:

    This is dangerous and should be stopped !

  96. Ricardo Guilherme says:

    So beathiful creatures!

  97. Polaris ̣ says:

    'HE PANTS'

  98. Amy Lauren says:

    When that baby monkey pushed the spy over, mf thought he killed a man

  99. aron2015 says:

    They will find out when they see no poop 💩

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