Retrospective Reviews: Wolf Tracer’s Dinosaur Island

Retrospective Reviews: Wolf Tracer’s Dinosaur Island

Hello everyone welcome R&R where bad media from the past needs a beating any know what film genre I think has really gone downhill Animation Cuz in the early days a CGI there are a bunch of really bad ones out pretty much tear in the envelope and none can be better said than Dinosaur Island dinosaur island made by wolf tracer Studios was done with the same horrible 2d 3d CGI blend used in another infamous short they did a few years prior called Rapsitte Street Kids Believe in Santa Sorry nobody messes with my food and gets away with it. Oh come on Smithy. Didn’t you’re mommy teach you to share NO! in fact this was largely considered the spiritual successor to Rapsitte Street Kids and since its gained a lot of internet infamy you obviously many of you know that it would only aired once on the WB network on Christmas Day that year in 2002 and was somehow able to enlist top actors in the film industry In fact one of which also signed on to do this movie dinosaur island Now don’t get me wrong high parts of 2d and 3d CGI animation can look really good if done properly such as 2d characters on top of 3d backdrops and vice versa a prime example of this It’s a pretty early example would basically be the Prince of Egypt where they would have fish lis drawn characters colored in digitally on top of to pure jarred backdrops and special effects Tangled does the exact opposite where they have 3d characters on top of 2d backdrops. And by the way both of these films were Actually had effort put into them if you haven’t checked out prince of egypt or tangled It really is worth the price of admission alone and then compared a drastic dinosaur island Yeah, now you think Rapsitte Street kids would be the nail in the coffin For wolf tracer but no with the leftover money he had from that train wreck He produced this if you haven’t noticed the animation is just as horrendous done in the exact same horrific style as Rapsitte Street Kids which suggests that they likely used the exact same character model This magnificent day for sailing anyway are you land lover enjoying captian buu’s seafare and voyage. Anyway, you have a crew led by captain wud or whoever his name is Wait your captain who captain butt captain butt captain butt Captain Blood captain mud your name is what? my name is mud Okay, whatever captain tud captain bug or blood or whatever the crew of course is attractive adventurer called Blake a girl names Troy who would name a girl Troy and The goofy fisherman Clive me I’ve been selling cars all year to have a few lousy days of fishing I’m not going home. Oh And Clive sucks at fishing in fact He sucks so much that a fish pulls him into the water like it’s a damn shark and Then somehow they get sucked into a vortex of some sort after a storm appears But it’s not just any Island they washed up on its Jurassic Park, I mean dinosaur Island Oh Give that back jack. Hello He’s hitting our house and speaking of Jurassic Park the sound effects stolen from the dinosaurs are totally ripped off from Jurassic Park And they play it five times but it’s not long until they’re attacked by the dinosaurs and we have an ongoing scene where Blake falls into a Lake come on animate sarples Class Let me get this long scene of life being dragged up in the air by a Pteranodon and he falls down on a branch in gets an atomic Webb’s wedgie that flings him in the air again and The attempts to find Blake Troy and Clive find him in some cave That where they find out that they are not the first ones to actually disappear here somehow many people from many different time periods ended up there and somehow disappeared Huh it explains all of the shipwrecks those writings and also why the island isn’t on any map Not to mention the dinosaurs so they’re basically saying that people who got here converted to become wild natives and somehow relics from their past ended up there through teleportation and Troy was able to figure this out because she just picked up a random journal that has left untouched for centuries And some hieroglyphics on the wall that I have no idea ended up there pointing out makes any sense Yet so they meet up with Captain Blood Working with a rogue tribe of natives and he has gone bad and wants them dead for some stupid reason How do you do it blood? How do you control these people? When you control those And then they actually use the friendly dinosaurs and they get to the beach but unfortunately One of the dinosaurs grows attached to Troy she says no and then they sail off the island the end As you can see dinosaur island has just about everything the book that makes a bad animated movie I wouldn’t really call a movie. I have a feeling that this was seriously a Made-for-tv short that got pulled really quickly and released direct-to-video in the recycling bin But to really know about wolf tracer Studios, you have to learn at the man behind it Now what’s what’s more to this film is that the founder of wolf tracer was a man called? Colin Slater and he directed both films with it with likely homemade software I mean hell is linked in profile with these as achievements with dinosaur Island ranked top 5 animated films of all time Bullshit, not much is known about him But there was likely some shady Contracts with big studios to get people like Mark Hamill in on the project and that’s why creating animation All the animation is pretty expensive and pretty hard. This is murray noma signing off Thanks for watching. I really hope you like this video if you to check out more from marlyonama Please hit the subscribe button below or go to my website at And really like the content be sure to support me on patreon or follow me on Twitch TV and as always sign on

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