Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Japanese Rat Snake Facts

Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Japanese Rat Snake Facts

Here I’m holding a species of rat snake. This
is the Japanese rat snake, and its scientific name is elaphe climacophora. This particular
species is found to inhabit all of the Japanese islands. This species lives in forest and
it is a great tree climber. They’re a slender species, which helps their aiding in climbing
trees, and they grow to about three to five feet in length. We’re lucky that this snake
has just recently shed, and you can see its beautiful overlapping scales. In some lights,
the skin appears to be an olive color, and in other directions it appears to be a beautiful
iridescent blue. This species is also characterized by the presence of four long, large, longitudinal
brown stripes down the length of its body. This species also has an abnormally large
albino population. Mating of this species takes place in the spring, and females can
lay clutches of up to twenty eggs that have a four month incubation period. This rat snake
is a carnivore and it especially adapt to hunting small mammals and birds, particularly
they like to eat bird eggs, as they have this slender body that is good at climbing trees.
This snake is very interesting as it has the only case ever documented where albinoism
in a population has actually thrived and can support itself. So much so that the Japanese
government declared the population itself and the habitat that supports it a national
monument in 1924.

Randy Schultz

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  1. triggerman73 says:

    movies….of course

  2. Thomas Saba says:

    i think i want one BAD
    are they the same as the kunisir island rat snake???

  3. tattooreptiles says:

    Never fold the snakes body up like that it makes it become distressed and often very agressive!!

  4. Mark O'Leary says:

    @PavilionPlaza2009 no rat snakes are constrictors she woudnt be handling it otherwise its pretty difficult to find a shop or breeder that deals in venomous snakes and if they do you need a license and you wouldnt put ur hand anywere near it

  5. Mark O'Leary says:

    anyone know were to get one in the uk?

  6. AverageDinoBro says:

    i had an oridnary albino corn snake and it was a baby but when i moved to texas i couldnt keep it so i gave it to one of my friends…and it died…i hate those bastards DX

  7. btmsrule2 says:

    @TMSreptiles they are kunisir island rat snakes thats just a diffrent name for them lol

  8. Dustin Weller says:

    @TMSreptiles Same exact species, just different name used. Also called Aodaisho.

  9. Larry Clay says:


  10. koollikesnow says:

    @Gepduarsin A trouser snake.

  11. Jair van der Stelt says:

    @Ryanofroblox That sucks for you, why didn't you give it to someone that you knew was going to take good care of it?

  12. thecritiquevirtuoso says:

    I hate the way this charlatan speaks.

  13. PornStarEpic says:

    I have this one it's amazing ratsnake

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    if she folds it one more time im jumping through through the screen and kicking her in the esophagus

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    is it a.good first snake

  16. さくらいまさうみ says:

    It's a beautiful!

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