Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Bearded Dragon Facts

Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Bearded Dragon Facts

This is a bearded dragon. Its scientific name
is Pogona vitticeps. This particular species of bearded dragon, is found in the desert,
in the scrub lands of Australia. They’re from the family of Agamidae lizards, and Agamidae
lizards are considered the old world equivalent of iguanas, as they come from Asia, Australia,
and Africa. The bearded dragon is very docile in nature, and has become a popular pet in
the reptile industry, and they are now readily available in the United States. Bearded dragons
reach lengths of only about twenty inches, and they can live up to ten to fifteen years.
Bearded dragons reach sexual maturity at about eighteen months of age, and they like to mate
after coming out of brummation, which is the reptile equivalent of hibernation. The females
can lay clutches of fifteen, to up to fifty eggs, and they usually take about two months
to hatch. The bearded dragon is an omnivore, feeding on both plant and animal matter, such
as insects,and sometimes, even small rodents. An interesting fact about the bearded dragon,
is when it feels threatened, it can rear up it’s front legs, showing it’s claws and it
can puff out the skin and the throat region, giving it the appearance of having a spiny
beard. Another interesting fact about the bearded dragon, is its drinking strategy.
It comes from a very dry climate, and when it rains, it flattens out it’s back,and it
lets the water accumulate, and then it lifts its hind legs, in order to have the water
drip to the corners of its mouth, and it laps the water up that way, and that’s a bearded

Randy Schultz

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    WTF!! Is that the horny lizard girl?? No, shes just guessing.

  2. ElectricSpirit says:

    shes so cute

  3. connor swan says:

    hold him daily thats the easest and fastest way

  4. jgmtiger says:

    look at the burns in its belly and arms at 1:12 WTF

  5. Crosby Ribera says:

    she looks emo at the end

  6. Xavier Hurt says:

    I love this girl She gives so much info. It's just that all of her scentences sound like questions lmao

  7. James Myhowycz says:

    I don't see any burns, just shadows and a dark pattern >.> don't complain about nothing

  8. xinic5 says:

    While watching this my bearded dragon jumped down off of the rock under it's heat lamp and ate a cricket. It was awesome.

  9. Holliskid23 says:

    wild cought

  10. 951tony says:

    she wears the same outfit in all her videos but she's cute

  11. pdytko says:

    Obama isn't half-black

  12. Chousakan says:

    It's not normal but by no means should you worry, it is referred to as cycling eggs if they lay infertiles without a mate. You just need to keep an eye on her when she is gravid to make sure she lays, if she retains the eggs too long get her to a vet, this is the same for a female cycling or a female that is gravid with fertile eggs.

  13. Jamedaddy says:

    They look like the bouncer of the lizard kingdom. or like, a retired football player.

  14. Thor Odinson says:

    does she not know that they can actually get up to 24 inches and if you want a german giant it can get bigger than 24 inches

  15. pontus särnå says:

    i gonna get one next week 🙂

  16. Joseph D says:

    you know, if it puts up one leg, that's good. It means "I submit to you. You are king."

  17. Chuck GANGMAN says:

    my prinsabal kist a bearded dragon in the lips

  18. patate123111rs says:

    lol it looks so bored

  19. TheAbortedFetus says:

    mine has a black beard 2

  20. TheAbortedFetus says:

    is romain lettuce good for beardies also i powder the lettuce with calcium

  21. Alysa Arellano says:

    i want one but i have a c.w.d

  22. ELAPIDAE says:

    I'm sorry, but why the hell did you guys import animals from here?
    Or why do you STILL import animals from around the world?
    You realise you guys are half the reason of animals being endangered.

  23. Aviana Meschino says:

    ewww..hes ugly

  24. Aviana Meschino says:

    @KwissBleeks im saying he looks different then other ones do..i have 2 and i think they are the cutest things ever

  25. Aviana Meschino says:

    @tulipgirl447 i happen to think iam beautiful and i also think my lizards are beautiful

  26. Z3r0K1ll4h says:


  27. slob_25 says:

    can girl bearded dragons lay eggs without mating with a male?

  28. I'm John says:

    Pour lil guy ppl keeps callin himn ugly . Prett sure hes old and was prob basking so he became dark to take more heat in.i think hes cu…errr sweet lol

  29. corey potter says:

    Stupid stuiped she needs to go out and find these guys because they do not drink like that at all, once again poor girl proving the wrong infomation.

  30. Josh smith says:

    @knights485 I agree they allso spike up when scared

  31. Heather chaput says:

    If you press 9 really fast it looks like she is playing on a turntable xD!

  32. I'm John says:

    @beardiedude Have you ever heard of stress marks?If you look at the bottom of the bearded dragon.You see small rings and such that are very dark.Shes stressing the hell outta it,when its not stressed.Its tummy is white(Kinda NO RINGS)LOok it up and ask a herpetologist

  33. Tyler Franco says:

    press 9 to hear here beatbox

  34. dutchFantasy says:

    press 6 to here somthing like ass

  35. Buy Bionic says:

    poor dragon

  36. Chris says:

    shes reading off something as you see she tilts her head

  37. snarfbot says:

    thats wierd, dr alan richmond looks like a young woman.

    and his hamster appears to have psoriasis.

  38. I'm John says:

    @mattharden1982 Hmmmm…Did you learn your grammer from a zombie?

  39. Rea Davies says:

    beardies don't really drink water like that, horny toads do

  40. MsPaintballers says:


  41. Blutonguelizard says:

    thumbs up if you flagged as spam 🙂


    That beardie seems a bit perturbed…


    It almost seems like a practical joke haha. Maybe the writers threw that in there to fuck with her

  44. codeezie11 says:

    where did you learn english?

  45. yaabr says:

    bearded dragons are one of my favorite reptiles of all the time.. but its a pity that in my country (Brazil) is illegal have one

  46. Peacemuser says:

    I dunno man. Can you prove it?

  47. TheRetroGun says:

    Google LOL

  48. TJ bruno says:

    whats better to get, male or female Bearded Dragon?? and whats their average size as an adult.

  49. OrangeKaleidoscope says:

    It doesn't really matter what sex you get. But sometimes females will lay eggs without them being fertile (doesn't really matter). The average size for a P.Vetticeps is 2 foot (24 inches, 60cm), with half of that size being the tail.

  50. OrangeKaleidoscope says:

    I got the same problem here. I really like corn snakes, but you can't have them as a pet in Australia (unless at a zoo), which kinda sucks :/

  51. alex wikle says:

    so your a newb cause your watching this

  52. Miranda Carter says:

    I hav a female bearded dragon that is roughly 3.5 years old now. She eats roughly 3 dozen crickets a week and is 14 inches head to tail

  53. Ry Guy says:

    Wow mine never ate that much just 50 crickets a week. They can be overfed so you gotta be careful they are prone to being obese which can cause them liver failure.

  54. Ry Guy says:

    I feed mine 10 crickets a day.

  55. Reptile.Chick18 says:

    That's really small. Is she a dwarf?

  56. Ryder Skipper says:

    No, she is a red foot which are slightly smaller and she is female. Females have a tendency to grow up juvenile size

  57. PersonaG31 says:

    Thank u for mentioning the size it grows to be. 

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