Reptile Terrarium Setup : Reptile Terrarium Toys

Reptile Terrarium Setup : Reptile Terrarium Toys

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Nicole. You
wouldn’t at first thought think that a reptile would require toys but even things such a
stick that I provided for this ball python in this cage this is considered a type of
toy for him. Cause they are climbers they like to come out and at night and explore
and dig around and climb up and this is what he does as an activity. I also provided some
sort of a toy for this cage over here. It doesn’t look like a toy in here we have a
decoration in the shelter and such but what he really likes to do is burrow. He is very
fond of burrowing that is what he does for fun so I provided him with deep enough sand
to where he can come out and scratch around and burrow and see whats underneath there.
That is what he does for enjoyment. As far as the rodents go they don’t require toys
but they don’t know how to get out of the cage a lot they really need to have something
to do for an activity. He is very curious and do curious things and they do like to
be entertained for the most part of the day. So I provided him with, it’s actually a fur
toy I picked this up in the bird section of the pet store. You would like to give your
rat some sort of or any types of rodents some sort of bird toys the best thing I could recommend
is for you to get something wood and metal. They do have bird toys that have plastic and
rubber on them I don’t recommend that for a rodent. Because they will chew right through
it. If also provided a chew stick here and this provides fun for them they like to chew
it and it keeps their teeth worn down as well. So this is something real important for them
they also have some wood chips, it looks like she torn that one up already. For this Iguana
here I provided him with the basking stick that is a type of toy for him because he really
enjoys climbing up there. So they like to spend a lot of time in the trees this is what
he does when he’s trying to relax. Now he also gots a two story house which provides
him with two different levels of pretty much a different environment. Up here he has his
food and his water, his heat and down below he can cool off he has sticks to climb on
and he has a very dense bush back here. It’s artificial but it’s very thick and very dense
and Iguana’s really enjoy stiffing about and burrowing into things. So this is his type
of toys.

Randy Schultz

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7 thoughts on “Reptile Terrarium Setup : Reptile Terrarium Toys

  1. Arpaatti says:


  2. maillevin says:

    Cage for rat is definitely too small!! I have reptiles, spiders, and rats and I would never put rat to cage like this, they must running, playing etc.

  3. James Bowen says:

    Ball python:
    arboreal and nocturnal
    bearded dragon:
    semi arboreal and diernal
    isn't this supposed to be about reptiles?
    arboreal and diernal

    What the hell is this dumbass on about she knows nothing. Guys looking for advice out there just reasearch the reptile's natural habitat and try to simulate that do not listen to this woman. Yes some of the the things she said were true but not very informative. Just do some reasearch! You guys and these assholes!

  4. James Bowen says:

    Bearded dragons are semi arboreal so they need something to climb on to get closer to their heat source they like to climb and bask really so try to simulate that. Also do not use a heat rock, a bearded dragon can get very badly burnt from heat rocks they're generally used for geckos who are nocturnal who absorb heat from rocks underneath them warmed by the sun but bearded dragons (being diernal) absorb heat from above from the sun.

  5. jackasshomemade100 says:

    @chalzegro like to climb big rocks to sit on

  6. Tyler Franco says:

    my snakes favorite toy is a mouse he loves them so much he gives them a huge hug when he sees them.

  7. Buy Bionic says:

    where iguana's humidifier???

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