Reptile Systems New Dawn compacts

Reptile Systems New Dawn compacts

why is New Dawn the perfect choice for
plant growth an overall plant health It is important to give your plants the
correct spectrum of light during all stages of growth and making your vivarium
as pleasing to the eye as possible fortunately there is a simple solution
for this problem by using suitable LED products from the reptile systems
New dawn range. The perfect light colour temperature would be equal to that of a
natural sunny midday afternoon which is about 6500 Kelvin, the colour of light
between 5,000 and 7,000 Kelvin efficiently promotes photosynthesis and
is ideal for rapid bushy growth. Correct care has not only been taken to give you
the correct colour of light but also the correct intensity, if the lighting is
too weak photosynthesis cannot occur efficiently and causes long weak stems
and smaller leaves this is like when you grow on seedlings in the dark or skotoma
morphogenesis which is the correct name for it and it leads to this etiolated
appearance excessive light causes leaf burn and photo inhibition which will
severely limit and stunt growth new dawn also stores well on the photosynthetic
absorption spectrum which shows the wavelengths of light chlorophyll pigments
absorb. The PAR spans between 400 and 700 nanometers include in all the colors
in between they drive photosynthesis in various different ways
At optimal power levels photo morphogenesis will be responsible for
plant structure and development there’s different light ratios will change the
shape construction and vigor of your plants and this will also vary on
different types of plants. We have done all this hard work so you don’t have to
become a plant master with Reptile Systems New Dawn

Randy Schultz

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