REAL TIGER PRANK!!! ft. VITALY | Prank Academy | Episode 9

REAL TIGER PRANK!!! ft. VITALY | Prank Academy | Episode 9

MAN: All right,
Jeana, take your mark. (HORN BLARES) (JESSE LAUGHING) I had a feeling
you were back there! You shithead! I should not have…Prank Academy!I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank. JEANA:And now we’re teaching
our friends how to prank.
This is… (JESSE READING) JEANA:What’s up, guys?
We’re in Los Angeles,
at a local
supermarket parking lot.
Today, we’re working
with fellow prankster, Vitaly. JEANA:Do you mind if I
kind of, just like,
feel your muscles?
He’s from Russia and we have no idea
how to pronounce
his last name. But all you need
to know is that he goes by
VitalyzdTv on YouTube. JESSE:He’s best known
for streaking during
the world cup.
His hatred
for gold diggers. Do you want
to come for a ride? You’re not going? Wow. And his love
for exotic animals. What are you
doing tonight? How about you take
a ride on my camel? Today, we’re gonna take
his master prank skills to a new level. We’ve got crutches,
a mangled van, and a big-ass cat. We’re gonna make
people think they’re taking
an injured person’s
groceries to their car. But when they
get to the car,
they’re gonna find a tiger. (ROARS) Hi. JESSE: What’s up, V? VITALY: How are you? Nice to see you. What’s up, bro? Oh, you (BLEEP) (JEANA LAUGHING) Good job. All right,
now I’m getting you back. JESSE: You’ve done
pranks before. Of course. We’ve got our balls
stuck in bicycles. Pull it, pull it. Oh! (GRUNTS) You guys pranked me.
That cheating prank. (BLEEP) So we’re gonna
step it up today and we’re
gonna get a (BLEEP) tiger. A tiger? (ROARS) We got a tiger. This is the car? This is gonna be the car. We’re gonna put the tiger
inside this van right here. The tiger is trained
to rip up cars. We’re gonna be
pranking people
in the grocery store to help bring
groceries to our vehicle because we’re
gonna be on crutches. Okay. They’re not
any groceries. You’re gonna be carrying
a whole bunch of meat. ‘Cause this is
thePrank Academy,and we usually
are teaching
YouTubers how to prank. VITALY: Okay. Being that you
are a prankster,
we’re gonna compete. We’re gonna take
turns to find out
who’s the best prankster. Let’s do this,
Prank Academy.

Let’s go. (IMITATES MACHINE GUN) So we have
objectives that we need to go over
to help us
through this prank. The objectives are…We gotta make
sure we get people
to help us
bring our groceries
to the van.
We have to get them
to notice the tiger
and then we have
to get them to react.
So we have this ear wig
that we’ll be each using to tell each other what to do
while we’re out in the field. Nice.
Fits perfectly. Should I put it
in my ear now,
or is that weird? Ew. (LAUGHS) This is gonna be
our meat that we’re gonna be
feeding to the tiger, that we’re gonna have
people help us with. All right,
so we got the meat,
we got the crutches. All we need
is our tiger. Vitaly, are you ready
to do this prank? I’m ready.
I’ve been ready. I’m nervous.
I don’t know,
I’m pretty nervous. VITALY: What are you
nervous about? What are you nervous about? I’m nervous
that there’s about
to be a tiger like, on the loose
in LA right now. Dude, I am so excited
and I’m nervous, and I don’t even know
what to say. This is my dream
coming true. Jesse,
how do you feel? I can’t believe
we’re on the next level,
pranking with a tiger. I want a tiger so bad.
I really do. Can we get one? Yeah… Yeah, right. (GASPS) Oh, my God,
I can see her. JESSE:
That thing is massive. Wow.
It’s so dope. We are going to be
watching the prank
happen from this van, through the windows. (SNARLS) Okay, so we got
Schicka in the van. Let’s go do this prank.
You ready? Yeah. Let’s go get
some people. She needs
a snack first.
Hold on. No, no,
don’t do that. All right,
let’s go. Let’s go. JEANA:All right,
game on.
Jesse’s up first.Hi. Yeah, yeah,
could you maybe
give me a hand? My car is right
around the corner. I rolled my
ankle the other day.
I was playing with my cat. (JESSE SIGHS) JESSE: Oh, there she is. (SNARLS) No freaking way! (LAUGHING) Could you open
the door for me? Well, why not? No, no, no, no. I’m not going
that far.“She’s hungry, come on.”She’s hungry, please. No. JESSE: No… That’s awesome. Hi, can you help me
with this meat
right here? I just need to put
it in my vehicle. Yeah, yeah.
I have my cat in there.
She’s pretty nice. See her in there? Oh, wait a minute. (BOTH LAUGHING) No, she’s really nice. I think you better
take him to the zoo. I mean, that’s where
I took him from.Let’s keep going.
You got two good ones.
You need help? JESSE: Could you maybe,
like, help me bring it
to my vehicle? I rolled
my ankle ’cause I was trying
to bring this cat
home from the zoo. All right,
it’s right over here. Right here. Look at the guy,
look at the guy,
he’s like… His mouth is wide open. We gotta do this quick. No, no,
this is a bad thing? (LAUGHING)
Look at this guy. Can you maybe
open the door
as I throw it in there? Excuse me.
Do you think you could
give me a hand just helping me
carry my meat
over around the corner? It’s for my cat.
He’s right over here. Where do you
need to go? Just right around this corner.“I’m selling
my cat, actually.
Do you want it?”
So, I’m selling my cat.
If, uh… If you
want to buy it. I’m just
bringing it around to show people. Oh, shit. What? JESSE: Yeah.Oh, my God,
she’s ripping my seats.
JESSE: Oh, she’s ripping
my seat up. All right, thank you.Do you cat-sit?Do you cat-sit? All right, Jeana,
let’s see what you got.All right,
here we go, here we go.
Can you help me
to my car? Sure. Thank you.Say you hurt yourself
trying to save
a stray today.
I was trying
to save a stray cat
near the zoo.I have it here in
the car right now.
She’s here with me
in the car.What should we
do with it?
What should we
do with it? I don’t know.I’m gonna open the door,
and you grab her.
I’ll open the door,
and you could grab her. Yeah, yeah, yeah, look. You don’t want
to touch her? Do you think I’m crazy? JEANA: Hell no? (BOTH LAUGHING) Okay. Thank you.Give him a hug.JEANA: Thank you. Thank you so much. JEANA:
Oh, no, no, no. He tried
to get her number! JEANA: Ew. Should I get that
lady in the red?Yeah, try it,
try it.
Oh! Oh!Oh, my God.Miss, do you think
you could help me
to my car?Yes, perfect.
Nice, nice.
Thank you so much.Be like,
“I just came from the zoo.”
I was at the
zoo earlier. Do you like the zoo? Yeah. I like tigers.
Do you like tigers? You don’t like cats? (LAUGHS) Excuse me,
can you help me? Yeah, thank you. I have a cat,
and I tripped over her. She’s really big. Oh.I’m looking
for a cat-sitter.
I’m looking
for a cat-sitter.
Do you cat-sit? JEANA:
She’s hypoallergenic. Yeah, that’s my cat. Good lord! Stop it. (BOTH LAUGH) Why do you think
I have all that meat? I am. You are… Stop it. Are you the wrangler? I mean, I’m trying to be. JESSE: Here we go.
Prank time, you ready? JEANA: Now let’s see
what Vitaly can do.All right, V,
you hear me?
Yeah, we ready? Yeah. Yeah, we’re ready,
we’re ready, we’re ready. Excuse me,mamacita,
can you help me
with my bags, please? Where are you going? Right here, this car. I’m around the corner. Whoa. Huh? You don’t…
You don’t have
to open it. No, no, no. Where is
your automobile? This is my car. (GASPS)
No, no, no! VITALY:
Don’t open the door. JEANA: (GASPS)
Vitaly, you cannot
let her open the door! Don’t open the door! Thank you.
That’s it, that’s it.
You can’t open it. Open it, it bite you. (LAUGHS)What the hell, man?I like this.
Let’s keep going. (BOTH LAUGHING) Excuse me.
Could you help
me with my bags? What happened
to your feet? My cat bit me. WOMAN:
Oh, my God!All right, Vitaly,
get her as close
as you can.
VITALY: That’s my car. No way!
Are you kidding me? Why? That’s like a tiger. (BOTH LAUGH) VITALY: It’s not a tiger. WOMAN: I’m not going there. I’m so sorry.
I’m just so scared.All right, let’s try
and get another
mark, Vitaly.
Let’s try
and get a good one.
Excuse me. Ma’am, could you
help me, please? Do you lift or what? “Do you lift?” (BOTH LAUGH) VITALY:
Thank you so much.Talk about
how you have to
feed your animal.
I gotta feed my dog. Yeah,
dog is very big. Here’s my car. Big dog. Oh. Here. Can you please
put it in? What? No, I don’t want to. Please. Please, please, please! Please! (LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY) She’s still running.
She ran into the store! Yo, Vitaly,
I (BLEEP) love you. There’s no way
to beat that reaction. Yo! We just pranked people
with an “f”-ing tiger, bro. I give Schicka
a lot of credit. She performed awesome. Every time we came in,
she was ripping up
the seats, acting crazy. JEANA: Oh, my God,
you can see the… Wow. JESSE: Oh, my God! Let’s decide
who the winner was. We all three of us
definitely hit some
of the objectives.So we got people to help us
with the groceries.
Excuse me,mamacita,
can you help me
with my bags, please?We got them
to notice the tiger.
I have my cat in there.
She’s pretty nice. See her in there?And we got people
to react.
That’s your cat? Yeah, that’s my cat. Good lord!
Stop it. So, Jeana,
when you fell off
the crutches, did you really fall,
or did you act that out? Oh! Oh! No, I was, like,
chuck the crutch
and the bag of meat, and I was like,
“Hi, can you help me?” Yeah. Yeah, we all
thought you really fell. I mean, I think
you were a little
too nice to one guy, ’cause he was
hitting on you. Do you think
I’m crazy? Hell no? Thank you. Oh, no, no, no. It was like he was
trying to hit on me more than worry
about my big,
giant tiger in the car. You got a woman to run. Can you please put it in? No, I don’t want to. Please. Please, please, please! That was hilarious. Oh, that one woman
that wanted to open
the door for you. No, no, no, no, no!
This is my car. Don’t open the door! That was crazy. She’s like,
“No, where’s your car?” I’m like, “This is my car.”
She’s like, “Okay.” Did she not
notice the tiger? She’s like, yeah,
she’s like fighting for it. She didn’t care. JEANA:
No, she didn’t care. That was crazy. So what did
you guys think
of my performance? I thought I did good! No, we got
so many reactions. No freaking way! Yeah, a tiger. I think you better
take him to the zoo. I mean,
that’s where
I took him from. Can you maybe
open the door
as I throw it in there? You did good. Okay. I would have
remembered if you did bad. Who do you think got
the best reactions? Definitely Vitaly. JESSE: Yeah, Vitaly. I think Vitaly
won this. Absolutely. This is a rare instance
that we get
a guest like you, so thank you for coming. Thank you for having me. I had a lot of fun. Thank you
for watching the
Prank Academy.
you enjoyed
our tiger bit. If you did,
smash the
“thumbs up” button. That’s right. Big… Ow! (JEANA LAUGHING) You didn’t
expect that, did you? Big shout out to Vitaly
for coming through
and pranking with us. Thank you. Thanks for having me. You’re welcome, bro.
Thank you, thank you. Ooh! We’ll see you
next time on the
Prank Academy.
Peace! Oh!
You mind helping me? I got meat out here! (ROARS)

Randy Schultz

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