Rattlesnake | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rattlesnake | Official Trailer | Netflix

(slow suspenseful music) (car door closing) – Where are we mommy? – Somewhere sweetie. (wind blowing) (walking through sand) – [Little Girl] (screaming) – [Mother] Laura! – Show me, show me. – Mommy! (phone beeping) – I’m so sorry for barging in. – You’re in luck darlin. I’ve worked on many a bite out here. Let me help her. (beep) (beep) – This is crazy. (beep) none of this makes sense. (beep) (beep) – To think we almost lost her. (intense music) What was done for your
daughter, doesn’t come cheap. Your little girl was spared. And now you owe a life in return. Or her soul, is ours. You only have until sunset. You best get a move on! The soul could be any
one of your choosing. But it must be human. – You out to end someone. I can see it in your eyes. (bike spokes clicking) (clock ticking) (breaking glass) (car horn blaring) – Please somebody help me. (fire burning) I love you so, so much sweetie. (suspenful music)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Rattlesnake | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Tony Stokes says:

    This was a good ass movie👍👍 Netflix's has been on a roll.

  2. Anti Hypocrite says:

    This is so strange the little girl is my moms friends daughter so I’ve hung out with her before

  3. Jack Tate says:

    Netflix should have never closed the dept that handles “endings”…..

  4. Chavon Boone says:

    Ok can someone explain the ending and y she kept saying I…I….I… etc etc

  5. mrgeorge118 says:

    The second new Netflix film that's absolute garbage, what's going on!?

  6. mrgeorge118 says:

    These films wouldn't work with a millenials protagonist…

    "You owe me a soul"

    "Omg you can't say that to me!! You've got devil privellege!! I'll never get on the housing market if you make me pay back my soul loans! Ps I'm vegan incase you were wondering….ermmm….racist"

  7. Yernuj Pacquiao says:

    breaking bad RV ,nice choice yow .

  8. L T says:

    🤣🤣 this movie was so fkin stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Iso RxOxP says:

    Awesome movie… I mean trailer. very detailed. I'll try to watch it maybe and act like I don't know exactly it will end. You'd think Netflix would do better with their content with all the competition coming their way.

  10. 323 2jz says:

    Its a bad movie! Real talk! I was expecting more

  11. Rivers Bliss says:

    What high rich guy's director father came up with this cesspool of a movie?

  12. Sahail Alvi says:

    Australia in a nutshell.

  13. FunFamTV-UK says:

    I'm glad I watched the trailer AFTER the movie, the trailer shows too much.

  14. TYSON 1999 says:

    One of my testicles was featured in this movie.

  15. Marija Marija says:

    Waste of time. Nice idea, but very bad realisation.

  16. Venie Covington says:

    Stupid ending

  17. Rahul Dhaker says:

    Seems Netflix doesn't have good stuff to put on ..

  18. mary k says:

    Should I watch this or not !!

  19. KnowledgePlus+ says:

    Stupid movie with full of feminist propaganda.

  20. 靴下52歳の says:


  21. 靴下52歳の says:


  22. 靴下52歳の says:


  23. 靴下52歳の says:


  24. 靴下52歳の says:


  25. 靴下52歳の says:


  26. LiangHuBBB says:

    doesnt look good

  27. Jamz says:

    Around the end i kept thinking it was already ending but no it kept going-

  28. Wally 1970 says:

    Who let's their kid run around in the desert while changing a tire ?

  29. Poo tatoe says:

    This is interesting…

  30. Farza Mohamed says:

    Shit of a movie its stupid dear Netflix do show something better theses movies is waste of time in Guyana I know all country Netflix shows different but bring us wht America shows

  31. Juan Lara says:

    Ending of movie "I" I WHAT!!

  32. jroc1919 says:

    How many times are we going to see people headbutting glass? It's so played out now. Lol

  33. lordcannabissativa says:

    Everybody knows if u get bitten by a rattlesnake the antidote is just to bite the rattlesnake back. Duh!

  34. Gav Besal says:


  35. MrMnmn911 says:

    Another netflix move that has no real plot, goes absolutely nowhere and ends stupidly. Cancel your netflix subscription.

  36. rambo john says:

    Not great.

  37. Terence Miller says:

    I always taught she was so beautiful. When she was in sparkle dam… Beautiful!!

  38. Chauntele Kali says:

    Excellent movie!!

  39. DustyFingers says:

    This movie was weak

  40. Prosper Mtui says:


  41. Nadia Shami says:

    Can someone tell me if its good then ill watch it

  42. Flamingo Corn says:

    Why did I think this was a zombie movie

  43. LadyNYC211 says:

    The movie was weak imho. The plot didn't make sense.

  44. beşkazalı says:

    Just watched very good film

  45. Juan Rene Hummel says:

    Ready check this shit out. I'm gonna murder all your families.

  46. Mac A. says:

    watched a few minutes of it… cheap acting.. couldn't handle it.. turned it off.

  47. Emma GB says:

    Don’t waste your time with this movie!

  48. Adrian Green says:

    Typical Netflix BS… Netflix movies don't end right

  49. henry rivera says:

    This movie Fucken sucks so bad I developed restless legs syndrome today.

  50. Darren Gilliam says:

    Slooooow 🐢 🤦🏾‍♂️Basically 90 minute twilight Zone episode 😳

  51. ThatJewishKid11 says:

    It’s a no for me. insert Shakira almost presses red button then changes her mind from The Voice show gif

  52. MfK says:

    Why netflix movies turn out to be exactly what is shown in trailer. And by that I mean. Everything from the trailer and nothing different. They need to work alot hard on there movies

  53. Aussie.Sunset says:

    Boring. Boring. Boring. Got a 👎🏻 from me. Don’t waste your time on this crap 😁

  54. Two crazy boys says:

    Looked interesting but lost its motto somewhere no back story of that creepy lady ,ending was not that interesting. Netflix please bring sensational stories it’s been boring a while to scroll down.

  55. J-Lynn says:

    Dumb movie. Trailer is more exciting then the movie .

  56. Random Tv says:

    Watch it to my channel guys, FULL MOVIE 😊

  57. Bueno Zapanta says:

    lol are they a cult of some sort?

  58. Buggeroff says:

    Wounds, now this. Wtf are these movie netflix? All nonsense

  59. stonecoldtrk says:

    If this doesn't have a Stone Cold cameo…..

  60. Smot Butterman says:

    The hungry rabbit jumps

  61. Anthony Carter says:

    Carmen is Beautiful!

  62. Ken Wilson says:

    This movie scared me!

  63. Jasmin Cruz says:

    Netflix is more for series… but movies? Ciao!!

  64. Lost Thoughts says:

    I'm not the most religious person but Netflix getting real demonic lately

  65. Aaron McCready says:

    Looks stupid af.

  66. Mark Korving says:

    It was a very bad movie. Dont watch it.

  67. Gianni Rodriguez says:

    This woman was dumb as a box of rocks 🤣 like “Just do It”… if you’ve seen the movie you understand what I mean.

  68. Jennifer Adlington says:

    Where are we mummy?? Somewhete sweetie xdddd

  69. Joe Bloggs says:

    This plot has been tried before in Australia, and with Eastern Brown Snakes – but they couldn’t make the movie last 85 minutes because they all died.

  70. Sol Ramallo says:


  71. Edd Starks says:

    Worst movie I've ever watched, I don't think I'll watch any more Netflix movies lol.

  72. James Loyd says:

    Who is here from Hickok45?

  73. clayton cilien says:

    Movie is trash bad ending

  74. mateo matu says:

    The movie is Okay.
    Tho the protagonist is way stupid in some situations that makes you want to quit watching

  75. Raza Farid Quraish says:

    Waiste of time

  76. Him says:

    When the grim reaper talks like shaft.

  77. Ultra Instinct says:

    Yaa u jst fcking wasted my 2hrs fcker. Stupid writer not recommended to watch!

  78. nadz yea says:

    i thought it was about a massive rattlesnake, looks boring

  79. kazaf says:

    This is the worst movie I've ever seen

  80. Jonny Smythe says:

    Fantastic film! Just watched this and wow!! What a fantastic film. Superb acting and amazing story line!

  81. Adam M says:

    Netflix desperate

  82. marcel's says:

    The main actress' acting skills were really bad

  83. jaxon playz says:

    She Killed This Guy 1:27

  84. grand theft ana says:

    If she had a father this wouldn't be a problem.

  85. grand theft ana says:

    Love how the creepy guy says "it must be human" because I dead ass would have just killed a cat and called it fair game

  86. Daphne says:

    The acting in this movie…both the lead and the daughter sound like they're wavering between English and American accents. Very distracting

  87. ranjan chaurasia says:

    Nice movie story….

  88. Ra Oun says:

    This movie puts the horror in horrible

  89. Muva Foo says:

    This movie was so ridiculous I hope she gets lost in the grass on her stupid road trip with them other fools.

  90. Mary Feather says:

    She left her daughter walk alone when she was changing the tire,she shouldn't have allowed her child to walk alone in the dessert..of course she will get bitten by a snake

  91. post peel says:

    Mom: leaves daughter in the car

    Roll credits

  92. Daddy Cool says:

    Look like shit 👎👎👎

  93. Hussein Almawery says:

    woman: sees boy on bike

    boy: cleck, clovk، bokl

    boy: commits deathpacito to window

  94. Beezy Taylor says:

    This movie is the worst movie on Netflix

  95. وجه مكشوف says:

    A friend of mine suggested this one for me,,, is it good to watch, I'm little scared 🥺

  96. Ari says:

    Why are everyone saying this movie is bad? I like it very much! 😀

  97. Dead Presidents Jump says:

    Hate when a movie looks promising at the beginning but then it falls on its face, well in this case, headbutts a window 😂

  98. jhun pascual says:

    Full of shit movie , just a waste of time

  99. ԁєрядѵєԁ ѕєядрн says:

    so she died in peaky blinders to get role for this movie hmmm

  100. CHICAGO RTV1 STreet NEWS says:

    Was it any good the woman looks like my mom and yes we are black . ..not white Mexican or mixed ok …..u whites call aisans Mexican mixed Irish Russian light black people I mean everyone white but say brown Mexican natives are diff and say light blacks are not black hahaha but every one is white

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