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  1. Brian Barczyk says:


  2. Shyla DeWeese says:

    I named my baby central american boa Lillith because shes really sassy

  3. Jose Alt says:

    Can you imagine be living in the wild and some fuck head puts you in a cage. I wonder why she is triying to bite?

  4. Tracy Bagwell says:

    I never seen one. I am excited as well. Just the dream of a Coabra has so manying meaning. I thank your dreams is more toward being Creative and luck and being overwhelmed and feeling trap.

  5. Ivanhoe Mallari says:

    "Mind Blown",a Leucistic Wild King Cobra in Captivity, is awesome!

  6. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Folk lore inCChinese myth is she is an immortal. https://youtu.be/eEeeClBoqK0

  7. Newblood says:

    That's a baby king

  8. Tracy Bagwell says:

    A white Queen Cobra is an immortal love, of luck .she will be obsessed with her rescuer/ lover.

  9. Adam Dagen says:

    What's wrong with the snakes nose


    Now that's a snake !!!!!!!!!

  11. P E Racing says:

    B E A utiful!!!

  12. Amber Price says:

    Ughh I need Lori to come put my christmas tree up for me lol

  13. Nicole Gillings says:

    Wow that cobra is beautiful the colours on that snake is amazing ??

  14. Cam Fraser says:

    I remember a few years back you were at Reptilia up here in Ontario, did you not mess with their King Cobra at all? Pretty sure it's an albino and 14 feet or so, largest venomous snake on display in Canada.

  15. LISA BERRY says:

    Wow I would be lying if I didn't agree that is truly a BEAUTIFUL SNAKE. And too have blue eyes. So Brian if he was to able to get his hands on another white blue eyes cobra. Would it be safe to say YOU WOULD BE THE FIRST IN LINE TO BUY ONE. LOL

  16. stl._ dk says:

    8 mouths ago lazy was pregnant

  17. Sherry Lynn Madcat says:

    That. Is. Way. Out. There.
    * Congratulations on meeting, and surviving your dream animal.
    * Kevin – Lillith is the purrfect name for her. This girl is worth much more than the money and you know it. Good on you for taking that initiative.
    * Take care and have fun guys! L8trs g8trs!

  18. Santiago Carbonell says:

    Beautiful for a video, real life.. watch how fast I run.

  19. Heather Stanley says:

    He needs to name her Lilith from supernatural, she always wore white

  20. Lowell Miller says:

    Hey Brian I'm in the ER you make the time go by faster

  21. Favian Alvarez says:

    The most shocking part to me is seeing 8 gallons of fuel for 22$ ??

  22. Kris 11 says:

    I know the fact that that snake is so venomous makes it nice to admire from a safe distance but I wish it was a contractor cuz I’d love to handle something like that Cobras are soooo beautiful imo and yea it looks crazy in white I’d love to see a black one or a red one is that even possible haha

  23. Gavin VanValkenburg says:

    That’s 8-9 feet not 10-12

  24. The Bearded Adventurer says:

    Best mancave ever, a snake cave!

  25. Jess D'Ornellas says:

    Omg talk about anxiety inducing

  26. robert babb says:

    Keven is a true friend of yours i can see Brian nice too see

  27. The Bored One says:

    I just got a real job after only taking care of family for the last 10 years.

  28. Amanda Kutzke says:

    I was over stressed watching

  29. Lighsadra S says:

    10:06 She lunges and hisses I jumped and I think I peed a little…holy crap! Anyone else did she make you jump too?

    She’s gorgeous but holy shiiat. I will take my non-venomous snakes any day and simply appreciate this beauty from afar.

  30. L. Langhorn says:

    I often dream of bears trying to kill me. Once they ambushed me in a cabin, I escaped out the window, hopped in the tea cup ride that went down the mountain and just bear-ly escaped.. The guy in the red cup behind me.. Not so lucky. Lol.

  31. Kewl Me says:


  32. Curt Hatt says:

    It’s a snake you picture in a temple area being worshipped by tribesman.
    Cult of the Great White Cobra!

  33. 69sweetrocker says:

    Work 930am to 930pm! Tired and work again tomorrow at 11am to maybe 1230am. Dk yet!

  34. •Arrow• says:

    Good :3

  35. erudite60 says:

    Brian : My father was good with dreams. If the cobra killed you, & you stayed dead, then that is a good dream. It means the opposite. However, if in the dream, you come back from the dead, then that means that some problem or concern, is not finished with. He was always spot on.

  36. Beatrice Alonzo says:

    You guys are a bad ass .not in a bad way ??????????

  37. WideAwakeism says:

    I'd like to stick that GoSlurping kid in a box with that snake!

  38. Rusty Schackleford says:

    Chandlers wildlife has a really awesome cobra named kevin…hes huge!

  39. Grayson Coleman says:

    Is he going to breed the king cobra

  40. Ezequiel Duarte says:

    White girl ❄️;))))))))))))

  41. Avaneendran's aquarium says:

    I think that snake is too skinny for that size. It has been caught from the wild so she is afraid of everything that's why she might have not eaten anything.so that explains why she is so ferocious. If someone think like this comment.

  42. angelwitch99 says:

    Lilith is a beautiful animal I wish I could meet her. She's is truly amazing

  43. Pamela Schramke says:

    I let my anxiety stop me when it makes sense to let it stop me! Brian, you were most definitely hyped up. You were PANTING!

  44. Pamela Schramke says:

    That cobra should go back where it belongs. The WILD!

  45. kefi p says:

    Brian, i am amazed by how many comments you replied to! love the channel, keep it up

  46. Annemarie Jewell says:

    How much does a white king cobra cost?

  47. RATNO OFFICIAL says:

    Amazing ?

  48. B Lance says:

    Stupid you need to ask yourself if your life is worth this it could happen at anytime one bite are you not thinking of your love ones

  49. Ray B says:

    Look up "Danger Noodle" in a dictionary and you see a pic of her biting Brian in the arse….

  50. Jill Scheiman says:

    I seen the podcast with Kevin and you the other night

  51. Littlewings - says:

    Haha, not often you're speechless Brian! I don't blame you though. I saw the video Donny first brought to Kevin's attention, I saw NERD's video the other day and now I've seen this one and I still cannot get over how absolutely beautiful she is. Those eyes are incredible and you can see how incredibly intelligent she is just by watching her in these short clips. Has Kevin said how feeding her went? I know he was waiting until after you'd played with her to try offering food. I'm curious to know if she took the dead snake? Hopefully he can get her onto F/T soon.

  52. mpumelelo CHAOS Ndlovu says:

    Lori got some guns though, im jealous lols.

  53. Kile Clark says:

    My day is horrible

  54. sonny d says:

    Yeah I watch the Nerds podcast or whatever with it and she is super gorgeous anyways I don't know gorgeous would be a cool name for a snake she really is pretty she's got those pinks showing through on her Hood I'm not sure if a sunset monocle is just an albino or is that a different morphe of course I know it's a different species but I'm saying is sunset just albino or what anyways have fun

  55. sonny d says:

    Man it's too bad you couldn't find their parents it's going to take what about 10 years to get some heterozygous and then bring them back to the mom and you might be able to do it and like four to six years maybe if you power fed them man Kevin's always getting the hook up on rare shit I wish they would say what he paid for it when do you think 1020 Grand I wouldn't be surprised if you paid 50 to a hundred thousand cuz that's basically a Priceless snake on top of it I mean it's a king cobra that's albino and that's fucking super super rare I would almost be willing to bet and that area it would be a couple more around since they breed every year but just so awesome Kevin's going to make a ton of money off of that snake if he can get it to breed which we know he will I bet you he could sell those hets for really any amount of money he wanted I bet you could get an EZ 20-plus thousand I mean that's a fucking albino king cobra it doesn't get any cooler people pay huge money to have that in their collection I mean to be able to breed albino king cobras that really is priceless I mean I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin paid 50,000

  56. Jodana Sykes says:

    You’re so lucky you have a cool wife and her arms are to die for ??

  57. Keith Sweet says:

    ??? How much did he pay for her????????

  58. Pita Dewi says:

    ular yang sama nggak sih sama yg di canelnya panji ?

  59. fauziizyy says:

    Panji Petualang

  60. Angie Ann says:

    Crazy… absolutely crazy.. no thanks!

  61. moby chaneel says:


  62. Carriemchardy Carrie says:

    Lori, you have your work cut out for you … especially if Brian gets a cobra!

  63. Nightmare Okami v2 says:

    That king Cobra is beautiful I first saw her on nerds channel

  64. Michael Glazebrook says:

    What king is it ? It looks like an Indian ?

  65. Nilan Kumarage says:

    That's kinda shitty that its wild caught

  66. The Gaming Snake 14 says:

    Could I ask a question? My false widow spider has layed an egg sac for the first time and I didn't even have a male in with it. I found it about 3 months ago back in my bedroom and decided to keep it. I've been feeding it well and I have not been handling it. I just wanted to ask you if you know how I could incubate the egg sac so that all the baby's survive? Thank you so much if you reply.

    Your sincerely 


  67. The Gaming Snake 14 says:

    Could I ask a question? My false widow spider has layed an egg sac for the first time and I didn't even have a male in with it. I found it about 3 months ago back in my bedroom and decided to keep it. I've been feeding it well and I have not been handling it. I just wanted to ask you if you know how I could incubate the egg sac so that all the baby's survive? Thank you so much if you reply.

    Your sincerely 


  68. chuper mario says:

    This Kinh gonna make him rich. ? This is Amazing!

  69. chuper mario says:

    I wonder how much he pay for that King

  70. Robert Lopez says:

    I'm scared of venomous snakes. If someone were to tell me to touch it and it bites me I'll be like no way no more for me

  71. Big Country says:

    Been curious for a long time….. how much does mrs reptile bench press. I’m guessing 160 170 I hope it’s more!!!! Whoever wants to find out please like so he sees it!!

  72. Olaf Behrendt says:

    It is surely a King? Looks to me like naja kaouthia.. the head doesn't look like ophiophagus hannah in my opinion..

  73. Water Mouse says:

    Brian – I just wanted to let you know that you are such a GREAT vlogger. Watching how you interact with the camera and interact with fans even when we are not with you. It is an art and you have this art down and innovative coming up with new ways to become better. I enjoy watching this very much!

  74. Nick Kartable says:

    The White Queen ?

  75. TrevMan3 says:

    Hey brian you should check out "Chandlers Wildlife" he has 2 kings and 1 is named Kevin hes 15ft…Also check out "Tyler Nolan" he got bit by a King …THEY ARE GREAT YOUTUBE SNAKE GUYS TOO

  76. Big Strykah Promotions says:

    This is one of the first one of your vids that has actually had me scared for you thats was crazy

  77. Amber Hardy says:

    You need 2 meet Tyler nolan. He was bit by a king cobra and survived.

  78. Elijah says:

    "If you like this video…help" ??

  79. Mushtaq Ahmad says:

    It’s cobra not king cobra

  80. samasia skipperable says:

    Lilith is a thin little lady?

  81. NoWBrian 世界 says:

    indonesian keeper has a white king kobra too but its an albino…. we can breed them xD

  82. Kaharudin Firmansyah says:

    You must see channel youtube " PANJI PETUALANG " he's very talented for raptil, ex : KING COBRA ???

  83. Domz JB says:

    Looks smaller than 12 ft… It's sooooo gorgeous though

  84. Corrin Anya says:

    I can't imagine the beauty of her in person. Your passion and love for these incredible snakes is immense! a real pleasure to see your excitement. please be careful!!! be safe! Amazing stuff

  85. Sasha Moore says:

    Chandler needs to try to handle her, if anyone can handle her lol

  86. Rian Tuanakotta says:

    The man whose free handling this king cobra in the video they were talked earlier was bitten many many many times by king cobra. He is still alive and got famous because of that.

  87. Rachelle Kates says:

    Omg! She’s so pink! She’s the prettiest snake I’ve ever seen! ???

  88. 007ajez says:

    Why are venomous snakes always so damn pissed off all the time ? it’s annoying. You never see a venomous snake just chillin

  89. SilverDragon67 says:

    What a Beauty! That Kobra is amazing, I can unterstand that Kevin had to get it 🙂

  90. Alicia Wiseman says:

    Beautiful cobra, but you are out of your mind.

  91. Lisa Marie says:

    I wonder how much she cost

  92. Nichole Lynn says:

    So cool

  93. Lady Blue says:

    Anyone who constantly says,,"I GOTTA BE HONEST" is the least honest person there ever was,,,,,,,,

  94. mindy mace says:


  95. Lady Blue says:

    something looks ill with this white snakes mouth,,,,,whats going on with its poor mouth??????

  96. Sean Madison says:


  97. Sherrhia Braggs says:

    My son loves snakes

  98. tenisha mercer says:

    That is a booootyful snake omg

  99. JalenJ says:

    The cobra in the thumbnail has no fangs tho…….

  100. Grant Gustin says:

    You should do a video in Spanish With Noah!! ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚

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