Rapunzel Rapunzel Cartoon | Silly Crocodile Fairy Tales & Bedtime Stories for Kids | Princess Story

Rapunzel Rapunzel Cartoon | Silly Crocodile Fairy Tales & Bedtime Stories for Kids | Princess Story

Once upon a time, long, long ago there lived a beautiful princess named Rapunzel. Hey, you’re not Rapunzel. You’re a silly crocodile.
Okay, you can play Rapunzel for this story. Rapunzel lived high up in a tall tower, hiding where no one could find her. But then one day, a prince came walking by. Hey, you’re not a prince. Well, if Rapunzel’s a silly crocodile then I guess the prince can be a silly crocodile too. Now, where were we? Ah yes. The prince knew that Rapunzel was trapped in the tower but Rapunzel didn’t know she was trapped because the mean
old witch that kept her there was telling her lies. Wait! The witch is a silly crocodile too? Huh! Anyway… Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! said the crocodile prince. And down came Rapunzel’s long golden hair braided with flowers. So then, the prince used his two strong arms to climb
all the way up to the princess. I said, the prince used his two arms to climb up. Oh, that’s right. You’re a silly crocodile. Crocodiles don’t have arms. Well, silly crocodile, you better find your way up fast because that mean, old witch is coming. So the prince came up with a plan. “A trampoline!” thought the prince. “I’ll use a trampoline to jump all the way up to Rapunzel.” So the prince jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped. But he couldn’t jump high enough to reach Rapunzel. So the prince had another idea. A balloon. “I’ll blow up a really big balloon and float all the way up to Rapunzel.” So the silly crocodile began to blow up the balloon. “Bigger. Bigger. Bigger!” He thought to himself as the balloon got bigger. Then suddenly, he began to float. And up he went. “You did it!” said Rapunzel. “You made it to the top of the tower.” Rapunzel was so happy to see the prince that she could not help but smile. But when that silly crocodile prince smiled back “I know how to save Rapunzel!” thought the prince. “A seesaw!” he yelled to Rapunzel. “I’ll use a seesaw to launch myself to the top.” “Do you have anything heavy up there that you could throw down?” “Where did Rapunzel find a really big rock?” he thought to himself. But he didn’t care because he knew it was heavy. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your heavy rock!” And so she did. And down the heavy rock went. Kaboom! “I sure hope he’s okay,” thought Rapunzel. Hours later, the prince returned covered in mud and weeds. “I don’t know how I’ll save the princess,” thought the prince. Awww, it’s okay silly crocodile. Don’t give up. Just keep trying and reach for the stars. Then suddenly, the crocodile prince had the best idea ever. Whoa, um, prince I don’t think a space rocket is the best idea. What about a tall ladder or maybe a big slide? Prince? Hey, this is not how the story goes. And so, Rapunzel and the silly crocodile went to space. They went to space.

Randy Schultz

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