Raptor Dinosaurs & Park Ranger Aaron at a Dinosaur Park with Surprise Toys in Family Fun Kids Video

– Okay Park Ranger LB,
let’s see if we can find some new velociraptor claws out here, some fossils to take back
to the lab and examine. That’ll be cool, huh?
– Yeah! – Okay, yeah, I haven’t seen
anything exciting lately, have you?
– Mm hmm. – It is a bit rough up here, watch out. You gonna trip over those rocks and go rolling down the hill.
– Uh. – That would be bad, wouldn’t it? – I almost did. – Oh man, is that another
dinosaur out of its paddock? (frustrated sighing) C’mon, let’s go check it out. (grunting) (dinosaur howling) Yeah, it’s on the loose. It’s weird, you keep
leaving these gates open, we’re gonna be chasing dinosaurs all day. Check it out. – Yup. There it is. (tribal flute)
(dinosaur stomping) (tribal flute) – Okay, let’s go see if
we can find that fossil we were looking for and
then we’ll go lock it up here in a minute, okay? I want to see if we can find some of those velociraptor fossil claws. – I say that we lock it up first. – Nah, we’ll let it run wild for a bit. – Yeah, so it gets some exercise because those cages are so small! – Okay, let’s see if we can
find some raptor fossil claws, okay?
– Okay. Ah!
– Maybe we’ll get lucky and find something something really good to take back to the lab.
– Yeah yeah. – Like that right there! Look at it!
– Cool! – Awesome! I think that’s a raptor claw! Hold on, hold on, let’s get
the shovel and brush out, okay? – Okay.
– Okay, cool. Let’s see if we can,
ah, there’s our shovel. And our brush, okay. Not sure we need the shovel. Hold on, hold on, oop, there we go. Oh wow man, it’s a big one, isn’t it? Wow! – Hey, I think it’s a U-Haul raptor claw! – A U-Haul raptor claw? I think it’s a Utah Raptor claw. Okay, let’s see if we can pry it out. There we go! Check this baby out right here! That is definitely a Utah
Raptor claw right there. They’re a lot bigger
than velociraptor claws. This would be great to
take back to the lab, huh? – Mm hmm. – But you know what?
– What? – Before we get back to the lab, I’m getting pretty hot and tired. Why don’t we see if we can find a rock and take a little nap, okay? – Mm hmm.
– Okay, come on let’s go here. I’ll put that in the backpack. Okay, let’s go! – Whoa, what a cool raptor claw this is. – Hey, you know what’s so cool about it? You can take this claw
if you’re a Utah Raptor and you can slash right across your belly! Or slash right across there! Then all your guts would
just spill out, right? – Yeah, and also, you could slash bushes. – Hey this is a pretty
good rock right here. Let’s take a nap right here, okay? Gotta take a break. Wow, it is hot today. (groaning)
– This raptor claw is so cool. – Oh boy. – Watch the claw.
– That’s a cool raptor, claw. Oh man.
(snoring) (giggling) Click, click. (harp arpeggio) Stop! Bravo, you stay there. Red, (clicking) you
run around in a circle. (clicking) That’s good, keep doing it girl. (clicking) Bravo, stay there. Now Red, you stay there. Bravo, you jump in the air! That’s a good girl, Bravo, now stay there. Red, you’re gonna eat your dinner. Bravo, stay there. Here’s some Cheetos. You eat your Cheerio, uh, Cheeto! (pen clicking)
(velociraptors hiss) Stay, Bravo! (prolonged hissing) Good girl, Red! Bravo, you stay there. Nope, I see you, don’t move. Red, finish those Cheetos! (velociraptor hissing) Stop! (clicking)
Together now, spin around! (hissing) (clicking) There you go. Now stop! Good girls. Now both of you, go home! Good girls. Man, I can’t wait to tell
Park Ranger LB about my dream! (chuckling) (harp arpeggio) (birds chirping) (harp arpeggio) – Whoa! Wow, look at these toys! They’re so awesome, I
have to open them up! Cool, I have to start with this one, wow! Ooh. Let’s just tear right through this. (paper ripping) Cool, it’s a pachycephalosaurus! And it’s from “Jurassic World.” This’ll be cool to add,
for, to our collection! Let’s look at more toys! How about let’s start with this one? Cool, it’s a real, skin and bones, T-Rex! I popped out his bones! Ah, look at that. Now, how do you get this out? Ah, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh! You taking it’s skin layer off. Look, it’s a dinosaur with no hands! You can move the neck, though. It’s a boneless dinosaur! Probably it’s gonna (roaring) (farting). Hey, where’s my skin and arms? I’m gonna open this cool Animal
Planet Dino Discovery Set! I don’t know what these
dinosaurs are called. If you’re watching my dream right now, you know what these dinosaurs are called? Please tell us. (fake roaring) (coughing) Man, that really makes me bad. (pretend hissing) (fake exploding)
(hissing and biting) Hey, I can’t wait to tell Park
Ranger Aaron about my dream! I can’t wait to wake up. Eh, eh, try to wake up! Eh, eh, try to wake up! Eh, eh, eh.
(harp arpeggio) – Oh, oh.
– Hello. – Oh man, I just had the coolest dream! I was like —
– Me too! There was, like, toys everywhere! – Oh man, that’s awesome, I was like this dinosaur whisperer it was so — (dinosaur roaring) – Dino whisperer?
– Did you hear that? (dinosaur screeching)
Uh-oh. That’s not a whispering dinosaur. I think that’s a dinosaur
pretty close to us. We’d better get out of here! C’mon, let’s go back to the lab. – Ooh, jump for me! Down mountain! (tribal music) – Okay, Park Ranger LB —
(laughing) Dude, man (laughing)! It wasn’t that funny, man! Click, click, click! Clicky, clicky, click! (laughing) – That was pretty clicky, clicky of you! – Clicky, clicky. (laughing) – [Camerawoman] Now I’m
not gonna get this shot. Let’s spend all day in Mao! – Stop! Bravo, you stay there. Red. (upbeat guitar) I lost my, oh, there it is. I lost my clicky clicky! (chuckling) – [Camerawoman] Action. – Cool, it’s a pachy-les-se-ceph — (disappointed sighing) Cool, it’s a pachy-le-ses-of-a-saurus. Cool! It’s a pachy… le-ceph-a-sa-saurus! – [Aaron] If you like this video, and you’d like to see more, please give us a thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel
using that red button down below. You can also click the pictures above for more fun videos from ToyLabTV. (guitar strumming)

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