Rain World – How to kill a red lizard easy

Rain World – How to kill a red lizard easy

Hi guys, Chungo here! Today, we’re going to take down a red lizard in a really cheap way. First, we’ll need to lead the beastie around until we’ve got him in a particular spot. Red lizards are most vulnerable after exiting pipes, so use this to get hits in on them. You didn’t see that. However, there is a much more effective way to kill them. We need to lead big ol’ red over to this vent. Once you’ve got them there, slink between the tunnel’s entrances and keep spearing the red. Make sure to finish them off! Good luck!

Randy Schultz

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13 thoughts on “Rain World – How to kill a red lizard easy

  1. Lime Mime / 街路樹同好会 says:

    awesome !

  2. Searonix says:

    The best cheese I've seen in this game yet

  3. FrimDZN says:

    wtf red lizards are weaker than green

  4. Fierce0Deity0Link says:

    Holy fuck, I've never run into that one, It looks like it wasn't required to kill him for the achievement.

  5. ThiroSmash says:

    The real question is how the F did you find a red lizard in cycle 2.

  6. Jesse River Dylan Murray says:

    In my 20 hours of playing this game I never saw one of those.

  7. ThiroSmash says:

    Also, I hope they somehow patch this. Lizards become so easy to avoid using pipes its not even funny

  8. DonGheritch says:

    did that many times with other lizards. havn't seen red one yet though. shame to kill it if you ask me. I think real chalange would be to tame it 😉

  9. ThiroSmash says:

    I'm still intrigued by a red lizard spawning this early in a save. Did you use mods to spawn it? Does it spawn regularly in new playthroughs after you've found one? Something?

  10. Batuhan Gül says:

    Still cant find those

  11. Racism cat says:

    ez pz

  12. Lolypopmaster says:

    How to chesse a hard game

  13. Linx says:

    is this a mod? i want to know plss tall meeeee look's cool to me plsss TaLl Me PlSsSsS

    i do play rain world it's fun w

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