Quinoa, Citrus, and Fennel Salad

Quinoa, Citrus, and Fennel Salad

Hey! What’s up guys?
Danny from Danny Mac’s Kitchen Great to see you as always!
In this episode we are going to be making a recipe that is light
and heart healthy because I have been eating like crap lately this winter
has really been taking a toll It’s been snowing earlier
It’s raining now, going back to snow then to slush…urgghh!
Misery! it will never end So with the anticipation of the warmer months
coming I thought that this recipe would be absolutely
perfect We’re going to do a citrus quinoa salad
Now just a few notes on quinoa It was cultivated about 4,000 years ago
in South America, Quinoa is actually a seed but it is classified as a grain so you
are going to find it on the grain aisle in your super market
This recipe is great for vegans because quinoa is a complete protein, it has all
8 essential amino acids It’s high in potassium, magnesium and fiber
It’s wheat and gluten free so if you have any trouble digesting grains this recipe
is absolutely perfect for you So let me show you guys how to do this
It’s quick, easy and fun Let’s go!
So I have 2 cups of ivory quinoa here It also comes in a red variety
both work really, really well Now this was pre-washed it says it
right on the box When you purchase it look for about 2 minutes
It’s going to take away some of the bitterness of the quinoa which a lot of people complain
about and we don’t want people complaining So this was pre-washed, I’m not going to
be showing you that in this video and uh yeah!
To add additonal flavor to the quinoa salad We’re going to take the quinoa
and we’re going to toast in lightly with a little bit of olive oil over medium
heat Really get it coated, it’s really going
to impart a nice nutty flavor, it’s also going to take away a little of the bitteness
that people complain about it We’ll do this for about 3 to 4 minutes
So after about a minute of toasting you’re going to here like crackling and popping
of the quinoa which is perfectly normal So check that out
Can you hear it? Yeah, you can definitely hear it
That’s perfectly normal We’re going to give it like another 2 minutes
and we’re good to go You can actually see the color of the
quinoa has changed, it’s just a little bit browner
This is perfect, it’s been about 3 or 4 minutes I’m going to add 4 cups of water
Now the ratio for quinoa to water or stock or whatever your going to use
is 1 to 2 so I’m using 2 cups of quinoa so I’m going to use 4 cups of water in this case
You can use vegetable stock too if you want As you can see we’ve come to a nice boil
You want to reduce your heat all the way down to low
Place a cover on top and just let this simmer and sit by itself for about 17 to 20 minutes
until all the water is absorbed and should be perfect
So we’re making a cirtus quinoa salad I like to
use grapefruit and I like to use orange but I just don’t like to slice them up normally
I like to make segments, so let me show you guys how to properly segment fruit
First up cut off the top and the bottom Next cut the rind and the pith off
You don’t really want to see any white So over a small bowl, this is what segmenting
is You see you have these white lines like
the sinuous part of the grapefruit we want to cut in between that so I’m going to
take the knife just inside Cut down to the middle right on the other
side Then you have a perfect segment and doing
it over the bowl we’re going to save a lot of
juice and a lot of juice is coming out of here
So we are just going to keep doing that for each one
So after you have segmented the entire fruit you are left with all this, well don’t throw
it out, that would be silly we’re going to use this because it has a lot of juice
Just really squeeze it and get all that juice out of there, it’s all going to be
part of the recipe, it’s going to be rocking So I have allowed my quinoa to cool for about
10 minutes? 15 minutes, you want it to be very cold, I’m transferring it to a bowl
Where I’m going to add the rest of the ingredients Beautiful!
I’m adding 1 bunch of parsley chopped 1 bunch of scallions chopped
1 head of fennel sliced really, really thin All of these beautiful orange and grapefruit
segments that I showed you how to do
The remaining juice, we’re going to add that and
I’m going to add about a half a cup of olive oil
Season with a little bit of salt and we are just going to mix this all together
and we are set, this is great This is such an awesome meal!
You can have this for lunch You can have this for dinner
As a snack It is rocking!
Looks beautiful, smells amazing! So what did you think guys?
I really hope you enjoyed this video Listen I’m not going to like to you guys
we have a lot of indulgent and naughty videos here but we also have a lot of
really healthy ones too to balance it out, I want
there to be something for everyone (coughing) Guys seriously since I’m on this
health kick I really recommend this video Not only is the quinoa a powerhouse in protein
but you’re going to have the benefits of the vitamin c in the oranges, the grapefruit
and the fennel (coughs) I’m telling you it’s really
a rocking recipe, be healthy for the spring It’s an awesome thing
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Unitl next time thanks for watching Danny from Danny Mac’s Kitchen

Randy Schultz

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