Quicksand!  Triceratops Vs Velociraptor | Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S2E6

Quicksand! Triceratops Vs Velociraptor | Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S2E6

I’m feeling hungry oh so hungry!
Hey, look I see some shrubbery! I’m so hungry. It’s been so long since we had some food to eat. Just be careful. Something feels wrong. Danger seems close at hand. I can’t wait. I need to eat now. What’s that
feeling around my feet? Just wait there and I will save you. You are stuck in the quicksand. Ohhhhhh Velociraptor I’m Stegosaurus, fighting for us and I’ve got my good friend Ankylosaurus. This time we win! We will eat you! No you won’t win, we are stronger and we stick together. We Attack. No you won’t win. We are stronger. We will stand our ground. We attack. And we won’t back down. We attack. Ahhhh Terri wait there, I will save you.
You can walk on me. Thank you Steggi. I am safe now.
Now I think that you are sinking– What becomes of you? Of you? Of you?

Randy Schultz

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35 thoughts on “Quicksand! Triceratops Vs Velociraptor | Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S2E6

  1. Lion King Forever says:

    R.I.P Steggy

  2. Gacha_ Eliza says:

    My little brother loves you guys and you helped him with hard times♥️♥️

  3. Симон Боливар says:

    У меня сын расплакался,жалко стегозавра.

  4. Eric Che says:

    Love these songs u inspired me to make my own music

  5. Eric Che says:

    Hope u had a good Halloween

  6. Lucas Gabriel Andrade De Souza Gabriel says:

    No steggy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Jurassic FREAK says:

    Cool! I am so curious to see how the story ends!

  8. Kenneth Knudsen says:

    R.I.P Steggy The Stegosaurus.
    We Will miss you Steggy you Will always be in our hearts.
    Steggy died as a hero.
    Everyone salute to honour Steggy sacrificing himself to save a friend.
    Btw Howdytoons ill be making a Translation of this song in The future

  9. Abyssaracnis says:

    I Know Just Cringe at The Inaccuracies.. Tho i'll at mitt it! The Voices are Beautiful!

  10. Aafreen siddique says:

    Ok…. That was deep…
    I am so happy how steggy risked his life and died for the sake of Terry

    He is really inspiring

  11. Henry Medina says:

    Oh man thats so sad poor steggy

  12. Katelyn H says:

    is dead

  13. Tulip the Animatronic skunk says:

    Nooo steggy!

  14. Mithrios Game says:

    my kid loves you guys, always is waiting for new songs.
    RIP steggy, it was so sad, we will miss you.

  15. Маргарита Липина says:

    я даже не ожидал что здесь умрет стегозавр

  16. puffball wolf gacha life bfb girl Lillian bien says:

    R.i.p Stegosaurus of that quick sand

  17. Muffin Swirly V says:

    Howdytoons channel can you do episode 7 please ?

  18. Kooka Man says:

    R.I.P. Stegosaurus

  19. truefriend 23 says:

    awwww rip steggy

  20. Anastasia Buhter says:

    Жалко стегозавра

  21. Anrhok Draconis says:

    This is cute and sad together.

  22. Антонина Т says:

    Не могу теперь сына успокоить. Спасибо за травму.

  23. Cool Dogs says:

    Stegy died

  24. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Steggy died, but terri is here and she is not here last time and she is sad that steggy died, We miss him

  25. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Great, i have 22 subscribers in my channel

  26. Danny Lancashire says:

    Now THIS is what we love – Great Job Mike/Howdy. Reminds me of Yes (the band).

  27. Fire Dracosaurus says:

    So you just make steggy die like that

  28. Henry Medina says:

    Steggy now in Jurassic Heaven

  29. tereibia and roxy Truly says:


  30. Stripe Rainbow says:

    This is only the 2-3 time you guys killed off a character, why stegosaurus though?

  31. fox lover122 says:


    steggy ded

  32. Jonathan Getz says:

    So thats it….Steggy's gone. it's just Terri and Jenny now. and the Pachycephalosaurus and Parasaurolphus. i think it's time we introduced an Archaeopteryx though…

  33. Aarami says:

    Howdytoons you can’t just kill off Steggy

  34. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Another song next day for howdytoons

  35. Jack Davies says:

    Since the dinos are in the desert a Protoceratops song would sound interesting or one about Gastonia either would give the Velociraptors something to think about.

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