Q&A #2: Satisfactory Multiplayer, mods, lizard doggo plushies, and more!

Q&A #2: Satisfactory Multiplayer, mods, lizard doggo plushies, and more!

Sup you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! Welcome back to Coffee Stain Studios and let’s just jump into it! Hi, I’m Jace the Community Manager here at Coffee Stain Studios and welcome to today’s Q&A video. Obviously by now you’ve probably seen the Satisfactory reveal trailer. If you haven’t I’ve left a link to it in the description down below. I really recommend checking that out before watching this Q&A. But before we get into this Q&A, I’d like to thank the people over at Wube the developers of Factorio. Wube gave Satisfactory a little shout-out on their “Factorio Friday Facts: Number 247” blog post … blimey … which is super cool! They said they liked the trailer and they’ll be paying the game immediately like as soon as it’s released, which is a huge compliment to us! It really does go without saying that Factorio was a genre-defining game and was a huge inspiration for Satisfactory. However, we here at Coffee Stain Studios believe that within the factory simulation genre we will both occupy different spaces. There should be room in people’s Steam libraries for both games, I think… and a big thanks again to Wube for the shout out, and if anyone out there hasn’t played Factorio. I highly recommend it, if you were at all interested in Satisfactory, you will definitely love Factorio! So please check it out on Steam. Now regarding the Q&A there were a LOT of questions and today I’m for the most part gonna be focusing on the most frequently asked questions I couldn’t get around to everyone’s questions today because … I’m not a superhero …and I have video games to play… Mostly Old School Runescape I really need to get my hunter level to 80..! So on to the questions!! Will there be MODS? So we had actually been planning MOD support from the very beginning and we even have the foundations laid down for it but what we found was it was adding so much development time to Satisfactory and what we really thought we needed right now is to get the base game right get it tight, robust and running smoothly So because it was adding so much development time. We kind of stopped working on it so we don’t have support for right now. We can’t really promise that we will have it now or in the future But it’s obviously a really good idea. So we’re gonna see what we can do. General plans for Post-Launch? So people have asked questions about like DLCs, Loot Boxes, Micro Transactions …. post launch updates and how long are we going to support the game for? Multiple maps for example. We will most likely support the game after launch. I think we kind of had planned that If you look at our past games we have supported those after launch like Goat Simulator go to a lot of DLCs, even a free DLC. Sanctum, Sanctum 2 even has been out forever and we have been supporting that. There’s been like updates for that game over the past couple of years So it is really likely that we’re gonna support Satisfactory post launch. As for DLCs that is something we’ve like heavily considered but whether or not we’ll have it. I can’t confirm or deny Micro Transactions will not be in the game, nor will loot boxes. As for multiple Maps I mean right now we need to focus on the map we have now. Again, it’s a handcrafted map So we don’t really know right now. We don’t have this like epic plan where we know everything that’s going to happen So as Oscar, our Game Director said in the PC Gamer interview You will not have to defend your base, and the main justification for this is again, the map is huge and traversing it can take some time and you definitely don’t want creatures destroying your base, your perfectly optimised base while you’re ages away and you’re unable to come back and defend it basically. So while you’re exploring you’re gonna be running into hostile creatures, so let’s not forget about that! It’s kind of dangerous out there! And what about turrets to defend your base … shhhh… if you want turrets … play Sanctum 2… Will there be Lizard Doggo Plushies? I really hope so. That’s a fantastic idea. In the past we have actually made Goat Sim and Goat Zi … the DLC plushies. So regular goats and zombie goats so I think it’s likely. I mean I talked about it with other people here and people here are stoked to do it. Whether or not we’ll have them not sure, but if you want them keep making some noise and I’ll keep telling them that people want it So we’ll see how it goes. How many Alpha Keys will there be? What are my chances of being selected? When will you be sending them out? How will you choose who gets them? We don’t know how many Alpha keys will be sent out. We don’t what your chances are of getting an Alpha key We don’t know when we’re sending out the Alpha keys, and we don’t know how we’re choosing who gets an Alpha key So I hope, I hope that answers your questions. General multiplayer stuff You can play the game in single-player without the need for a server or anything like that. In multiplayer we officially support 1 to 4 players but we’re probably not going to limit that at least at first so you can just like add people and just kind of see what happens. As for privacy settings on the servers; It is currently limited to friends who can just, any friend can just join your server …or … Private where people can join via invitations. We probably won’t have public setting at the moment because that can easily be griefed, or … “Simoned” … As for dedicated servers, it’s something that we really want in the game whether that’s gonna be for the Alpha or later … and … It’s something that we’ve kept in mind during development so hopefully it should be easy to add into the game when we when we do do it But it hasn’t been tested extensively yet. So we can’t promise dedicated servers at this stage, but personally I’m pretty optimistic about it. Is the map procedurally generated? Will there be procedurally generated resource locations? There will be no procedurally generated maps or resources I have no idea if that’s something that’s going to change in the future or not. A lot of people have expressed some concerns that if there is no procedural generation there will be no replayability but please understand that we have kept replayability in mind during development and we have some plans for it. But of course, we’re still welcome to suggestions. Especially suggestions that don’t require procedural generation! Will you localise satisfactory into X language? We definitely plan on localising satisfactory We’ve localised like all of our other games to many different languages We plan on having some localisation support in the Alpha and we also plan on using Community driven translations and localisation because we’ve noticed that that reaped the best rewards over the long term and so if your language is not supported at first, we will probably be adding it at some point, but you know just let us know that you want it and we’ll see what happens. Will there be autonomous drivable vehicles. Will there be water vehicles? There are no water vehicles, again, whether or not that’s something that changes in the future. I have no idea. as for autonomous vehicles… They’re in there. That’s something we’ve publicly confirmed already and all autonomous vehicles will be drivable. Is there an end game? Will there be a story? Yes, there will be story and an end game. As for the story we’ve actually already revealed two characters, Katarina Parks and Steve. Can find their names and hints of their personality on our website. So check it out! Will there be Mac, Linux, console, cross-platform support? Yeah, possibly we’ve done that with all of our past games so it’s likely but I can’t confirm or deny that. Right now we just really need to get the game running smoothly and in order to do that we’re just gonna focus on Windows for now. Is that a Space Elevator at the end of the trailer? Yeah It is a space elevator and it actually takes you to that big thingy in the sky and that thing is actually a food court where they serve Burritos, Chinese Food, Kebabs, Pizza … and Curry! Is there a height limit in the game? How will verticality affect the game? There is no height limit .. or there kind of is; It’s the skybox and Is Uzu, our QA tester has actually hit the skybox before when messing around but we may enforce that in the future because you know, it could break the game will cause performance issues, but I don’t know like maybe that’s fun Maybe we should just leave it as it is. What do you think? Maybe tell us what you think in the comments below as for how verticality affects the game it is actually crucial to Satisfactory, it’s our biggest advantage for being in 3d. Right? What it does is it allows players to build bigger factories in a smaller surface area And so if 35 square kilometres sounds a little small to you … Which some people have said Please take verticality into account If that’s still a problem we can make the map 35 by 35 kilometers. I really hope people get that reference and don’t actually expect that…! Was the reveal trailer a cinematic or was it shot in engine? The trailer was shot completely in engine and all the first-person shots were taken in game and all the free-form camera shots were also taken in game but some of the free-form cameras had cinematic cameras with pretty settings so that definitely makes the game look better but most most free form camera shots did not use cinematic cameras. We will also be leaving cinematic render quality in the game in case you can run that. So there you go! Let’s talk about Simon. Are the delays REALLY his fault? Are the things you blame him for ACTUALLY true? Yeah, it actually is always his fault. All delays have been Simon’s fault He even admits on his Twitter profile and also 100% of the things that I’ve blamed him for, is also actually true. Isn’t it Simon? Yessssss See … And that’s actually all the time that I have for you today So thank you very much for submitting your questions. I really hope these answers tie you in for a little while at least. We’re likely going to be doing this again at some point All Social Media links are in the description down below and for every single, like, comment, subscribe follow, retweet … we get for every single one of those … I get 100 hunter experience in Runescape … So, please consider doing that I could really use the help. I hope you have a lovely day and I’ll see you when when I feel like it. Bye! Okay, one .. two .. three… Yeeeesssss!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Q&A #2: Satisfactory Multiplayer, mods, lizard doggo plushies, and more!

  1. VitaKet says:

    Having only 1 map is a big concern for me… Without procedural maps and mod support I may not be picking this up :

  2. Thomas van der Molen says:

    REEEEE. Simon is preventing me from being able to enjoy this amazing looking game.
    I really want to play this game, I have never been more hyped.

  3. Ichspiel lp says:

    Are there Goats?

  4. Stan Faul says:

    Ay, Keep up the work cant wait.

  5. Stan Faul says:

    also my take on the build height limit question. I think it would be really cool to leave it open maybe even add a one chunk challenge (like in sky factory). could even allow some reward for completing the story in a set size for replay ability some tech, boost or skill you can only get by completing this challenge.

  6. Branton Ross says:

    Will there be a photo mode?

  7. Individual Random says:

    i think your game is very interesting. I loved playing factorio and i am very excited about it. Please dont fuck it up ^^

  8. cucky cuckcuck says:

    hey. just work together with the developers of factorio

  9. Esko Evtyukov says:

    8:56 Nyes!

  10. Piotr Szczucki says:

    I can't wait to play that game. Also, a tracked vehicle would be cool.

  11. Goko247 says:

    So excited about this game coming out.

  12. quangluu96 says:

    Mods is what keeps a game alive. Heck even CS 1.6 is still popular because of mods.

  13. GodFamilyFriendsAnimals says:

    Will it be on xbox one????

  14. Hayden Cross says:

    are you one of those cold call scammers and what is this "satsifacotry"

  15. Robka says:

    Imo there should be mods if you want to have higher population of players in the future and let them have the option that people can create their world with XYZ size they want, incase the game will not have world generator as Factorio has

  16. Viridis says:

    Please don't make a hight limit! Let us as much stuff to screw around with as possible even if it might break the game!

  17. osrs krityaking says:

    Hit me up ingame lets train some hunter together:D name is Krityaking

  18. JarinArenos says:

    Simon is a hoax, he doesn't actually exist!

  19. eF eX says:

    regarding procedural map generation, to get more maps it might help to give the community a map editor, this would for sure generate a lot of interesting maps

  20. Koji Kuramura says:

    the longer I listen to this guy… the more I think this game is going to be a big disappointment. No Turrets, No Procedural maps, No attacks on base, no pipes, and the biggest No MODS… I would have stopped playing Plain Factorio Long ago… the only reason it's still fun is the mods… so I think this will be more UnSatisfactory.

  21. vizthex says:

    I see this as 3D Factory + FortressCraft. And I honestly I love that a lot, Modded Minecraft only goes so far.

  22. incompetentLP says:

    You have changed, Phil, you have changed…

  23. Rhacman says:

    "By overwhelming popular demand Satisfactory is now being rebranded as; Lizard Doggo Simulator."

  24. James Seraph says:

    What kind of pizza are we talking about in the food court. Answer wisely, this could make or break your game.

  25. Sébastien Quéré says:

    Count me in for French translation, guys. 🙂

  26. Nomon - says:

    Get them birdhouses done 😉

  27. ShamblerDK says:

    Procedural generation of maps and mod support are the two most important things that will make your game replayable for years.

  28. Alastair Corsair says:

    Its like the idea of automating base defense and having effects caused by your factory are foreign ideas. So how would players of Factorio a Factory-game be fans of this Factory like no mans sky game with a 300+sub tag on it? So no risk from the world that just leaves players to grief with all that free time not fighting the world and working with other players. slow claps im so not on board now. way to dodge the qna session there.

  29. BladeLigerV says:

    Hand made map!? Thats AWESOME! I loved Subnautica's map and I really hope more of this hand made stuff happens for games like this!

  30. robotparadise says:

    If there aren't any enemies and other hazards, then why set it on an alien planet. A giant factory warehouse (like the thousands of other factory sims out there) would still be within your ideals, which makes feel disappointment almost immediately.

  31. HeroBri says:

    fuckin simon man

  32. PowerMaster FTW says:

    (Font is orbitron, incase you guys wanted to know)

  33. Bailey Butler says:

    Kinda bummed about not having to defend base, it takes a lot to distract me and a lot of other players out there. Building for the sake of building wont last long.

  34. Bjørn Lidegaard says:

    Please make procedural generation!!!

  35. Mr. Strichcode says:

    Will there be a German translation?

  36. Phraggers says:

    Not many games companies really understand the importance of community relations or how to do it well… but you guys seem to facking nail it. REALLY excited for this game even though I just found out it exists… but I really enjoyed Sanctum and Goat Sim. Bring on 3D factorio!

  37. Marcel Winklmüller says:

    proper mod support makes a game nearly undieing :O
    without costing money to the company (after its implemented)

  38. iji hero says:

    Wher the new goat sim ihope this year

  39. kaden gosso says:

    Eww height limits

  40. Atticus6 Gaming says:

    Coffee Stain
    can let go of goat sim cuz of the music

  41. CMDR peter prokai says:


  42. Guy Allan says:

    Sup Phillip DeFranco

  43. jo_kil says:

    Where do i know this music from?

  44. Feathers says:

    i would love the idea of spliting the map into (for example) 5 zones , depending on their biome. So we as a enginier have to terraform them and build those overall huge factories , just to make the planet suitable for us. The changes in plant life would be more and more visible as you build a terraformer in ech one of the zones.

  45. StarDebris says:

    Mod support is a must, for any modern game~

  46. That Scar says:

    Turrets not required?
    Procedural generation not required?
    This is a godsend, exactly what I always wanted! I dearly miss handcrafted experiences and Coffee Stain has always delivered on this end, love you guys!

  47. Feralcus says:

    No height limit- Let us break it.

    Would really quite prefer base defense, it provides replayability and an added option for difficulty which is very much preferred. Plus I can relive my Sup-Com:FA days with the turrets.

    You might want to try and have if not map generation than at least an option for randomised resource generation- Just a quality of life thing…

    It's all well and good to have a carefully cultivated world space with precisely tuned game options which provide the best experience possible. But long-term replayability will very much be assured if there are options for just unconstrained bullshitery. We know it might break things. That's okay. We just ask for the option.

  48. Corey Howard says:

    LOL Philip DeFranco opening. I love it

  49. Clockwork Assassin says:

    I really hope there are plans for procedural generation and customizable world settings in the future. That's one thing that will keep the game playable over long periods of time for a lot of people.

  50. WoxicS says:

    will we see any easter eggs to all mighty Factorio in the game? please. i love that game. BTW thanks you soooo so much Factorio devs to support this game, and not trying to dethrown it like many other games does. i love to see games who support games, so factorio you restore alot of faith in humanity when i see stuff like that. i hope this game will be great.

  51. Victen Bren says:

    "Microtransactions will not be in the game nor will loot boxes"

    Shot up the listed of great developers with one sentence.

  52. CovertSoviet says:

    really? microtransactions and loot boxes for a factory game? who in the world

  53. HyDraGD says:


  54. Game Kill says:

    add in game pets to help you so like warning when danger is near or help fighting it off

  55. Captaincool Name says:

    Just looked at factorio, there is no way that 2d game will be better in the end after satisfactory is released

  56. Captaincool Name says:

    It’s all simons fault

  57. Honest Abe Lies says:

    someone watches phillyD. lol

  58. Igor Desouza says:

    give me key

  59. sarcolo says:

    One question people who have beta will they get full game free

  60. Legacy says:

    Who here would like to see the option for public servers, PVP option etc? maybe not base raiding but some PVP action? this game is amazing as advertised but still holds incredible potential. looking forward to this game above all others!

  61. Thibaut Routhe says:

    Do ore veins have limits ?

  62. alessiotonno says:

    Absolutely love Factorio, hope that the coop mode will get the same Fun or, even better, MORE FUN!!! love the trailer, hope to get a key when it'll launch!!! oh and btw if you need an Italian translator i'm at your service, i'm Italian |P

  63. Emma Jones says:

    Game will eventually die without mod support or some kind of custom content. Immortalize it with mod support!

  64. Simply Gaming says:

    Wow went from claiming you'd be on steam only to sellout to Epic? Really?

  65. Allan Flores says:

    dude you are such a freak….lets be friends 😀

  66. Remoc Misser says:

    0:58 steam liberaries? Satisfactory on steam??!?!??!

  67. REAGAN LAGMAN says:

    Will it be available on steam?

  68. REAGAN LAGMAN says:

    Add filipino

  69. Denis Lempl says:

    How about that creatures will only attack the special buildings(HUB, space elevator). You could add some automated turrets in the game. Great game I love it.

  70. Jaden Housell says:

    If this amazing looking game comes to console I'll have lots of respect for Coffee Stains as you said in the video that you had other games like the hilarious game goat simmulator 🤣. Thank you for the updates…

  71. Doom2Guy says:

    "There should be room in people's Steam libraries for both games"
    Hah, not for the first year there won't

  72. John C says:

    rip steam library version 🙁

  73. Dumek TV says:

    Can you cut down fart tree with chainsaw?

  74. Charlie&Zforce says:

    whos that smart guy that asked "Mirco transactions" DONT U DARE CURSE THIS GAME WITH THAT DUMB SH!T!!! ITS TO SPECIAL NO MICRO TRANS FFS!!! Oh he said No micros lol OK good NEVERMIND!!! lol

  75. Charlie&Zforce says:

    Oh btw your intro was Phillip Defranko lol

  76. super nova says:


  77. Banana says:

    For the hight limit, I think that you should add an option for players, so that way players with lower end PC's wont lag out.

  78. Cary Rodgers says:

    i want public play. griefing isn't a issue to everyone

  79. Matthieu Lambert says:

    If the MOD support is permissive enough, maybe we can dev a procedural map generator ? Do you think the "fondations" you talk about are good enough or will it be completly impossible ?
    Thank you for answering all our question 😉

  80. FeanorBR says:

    No Steam, no buy.

  81. ya boi jeff says:

    you should make a warning at height limit saying "wanrning you are entering space please turn back"

  82. Sizzly Bacon says:

    You should add a helicopter

  83. Dylan Dreisbach says:

    Got the game recently. Played Factorio but am bad at it. Working my way to be better at Satisfactory since the z axis helps me think ou the manufacturing.

    I want to congratulate you guys on the animations and sound design, both are perfect.

  84. Eastflower 10 - YT GAMER says:

    Feels Good knowing i wont have to defend my base

  85. Marek G. says:

    I see that you have fun on discord 😀

  86. Quintin Flower says:

    0:55 yes… Steam libraries…

  87. Kendall Lentz says:

    Well I just have to say I got about 22 hrs in satisfactory. Never thought I would like this game but have to say, love this game. Best game I played since 2016 doom.

  88. trick chins says:

    This guy is right, there should be room in your steam library for both these games. Too bad it's not on Steam, assface.

  89. EvilBrains Badcholo says:

    Verticality needs a height limit, but a configurable height limit. We need the ability to create anti-grief mods or protection. I want a public server, but don't want my base raided. Minecraft style. Mods support can be community driven.

  90. John Halle says:

    Who would have thought in their dreams that this honesty will smooch with Epic shit and fck Steam with its exclusivity?

  91. imso b0red says:

    when will it be released on xbox?

  92. WilliamElectronicBR says:

    if the mod support comes out the second mod ever created will be base-defending (cause the first will be lizard doggo customization :3)

  93. Nicolafoudre says:

    I'm programming a huge mod for Satis, it is going to be basically a GregTech on satis xD

  94. Braeuer Dennis says:

    Will you add a respawn system for the npcs?

  95. Hank211 says:

    How can you do mods when there’s no sort of workshop??

  96. TGP Gaming says:

    You guys need a feature where your vehicle would drive back to his starting point once stepping out.
    So that you dont always have to run around the map to get the car first. It would be standing ready in its dock.

  97. pegasauris rex says:

    I know this video is hella old, but what about a payday-esk model for replayability? say there are 50 spots iron nodes can show up, but the map is limited so it's only allowed to spawn in 15, and then the purity of the node is randomized. and then do this for literally everything, all nodes, crash sights, slugs, crystals, the works… the world stays the same but every new instance of the world has a slightly different layout, so your main base and subfactories would have to be in different locations then your previous play though

  98. CorundumSW says:

    I want a giant Coal Generator plushie!

  99. Ronan Falce says:

    PLEASE MAKE LIZARD DOGGO PLUSHES it would also be nice if you guys make small and life sized ones

  100. Taylor Rathbone says:

    "Steam library"

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