Princess Rosie: Declan and the Iguana

Princess Rosie: Declan and the Iguana

Welcome to the Rosie’s Tea Party Show. Today’s special guest is Declan from The Animal Kingdom. Hi. Welcome to the show. What do you have there? It’s an iguana. What’s his name? His name is Iggy. Where is he from? From Peru. Is he a swimmer? Yes. Is he a flyer? No. Is he a digger? Yes. Is he a climber? Yes. Is he a plant eater? Yes. Is he a meat eater? Yes. Sometimes. Is he a bug eater? Yes. He loves to eat bugs. He doesn’t move much. Does he do anything exciting? He can call me on my cell phone. NO WAY! YES WAY! Lizards can’t make phone calls! YES THEY CAN! THIS ONE CAN! No he can’t!
Yes he can! No he can’t!
Yes way! NO!
Yes he can!
No he can’t! Yes he can in the whole wide world! Can he do it now? Sure. I got to see this! Do you have a phone he can borrow? Yeah. I have one right here. Hold the phone up to his face. Brwink! Oh my gosh! That’s so amazing! Brwink! Brwink!
Did he memorized your phone number? Yeah. He’s pretty smart.
Brwink! This is so awesome!
Brwink! I think he just called you!
Brrrrlll brrrrlll… Drrrrrlllinggggg… Hey! You’re phone’s ringing! Drrrrlllllinggggg…
Brrrrlll… Hi Rosie. Hello?… Leaping lizards! He really did call you! Good job Iggy. You’re the most smartest lizard I’ve ever met! Thanks for bringing him on the show! Iggy. Give Rosie a kiss. Hmmm… I’ve never been kissed by a lizard before. That’s the end of our show. Thanks for watching. Bye. Is it done? O.K. Gross! Awck. [Spit] Tee ha ha ha ha ha ha! [laughing]

Randy Schultz

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