Playing outside and looking for lizards. Kids Nature Adventure.

Playing outside and looking for lizards. Kids Nature Adventure.

So right now were in hot Arizona. In the desert. Exploring Stuff. Yea Seeing what we can find. We have to be really careful for snakes out here. And scorpions. But snakes worse. It’s really hot out. They like to come out in the heat.. So you have to watch out. See look these things here. These are snake holes. Or it could be some sort of rodent. A lot of rodents live out here. Like desert rats. Were seeing lizards everywhere. Were going to try and hunt for one. If we find any good bugs, I got a little thing that we can use to catch them. Alright guys, we see a lizard. Lets sneak up on it. Oh. He got away. Look! It’s coyote prints. Do you know what coyotes do? You don’t ever follow a coyote. Do you know why? Because you will go to their cave and there will be its family. And you will turn into dinner. Or lunch… Or breakfast… We caught a lizard. Look what we caught. A Lizard. A baby Lizard. Yea a baby Lizard. Do you want to try and hold him? Yea. Ok hang on. What’s he doing? Were going to pour him out. See if he runs off. Oh! Crawl on me. You want him on you? Get down. Look! Come here baby Lizard. Put your hand out. Why is he scared of me? There. Oh! He is over by her leg. Pick him up. Grab him by the tail. Like this. Oh! There he goes! Were going to loose him. Oh No! There he goes. He’s gone. He’s scared. Thanks for watching guys. Please subscribe for more fun. What do you got. Got some bullet shells. That’s cool. Look at this. There’s bullet holes in this sign. Says fire information be careful when.. blah blah. Report wildlfires. 1 slash 800 slash lot of numbers.

Randy Schultz

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