Pinocchio Lizard NOT Extinct!

Pinocchio Lizard NOT Extinct!

Are you happy to see me or is that just your nose? Hey everybody! I’m Alex Farnham and this
is Animalist news. The Pinocchio Lizard is back! This Lizard
was thought to be extinct for 50 years, but a team of researchers and photographers found
the long-nosed animal in the cloud forests of Ecuador. This Pinocchio Lizard was first discovered
in 1953, but hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. This last sighting marks the third time
the lizard has been spotted since 2005. Where you been long-nosed lizard? Pinocchio Anoles (ANN-OL-IES) are endangered
species and according to the International Union for Conservation
of Nature, the species have been found in only four locations, mostly along a single
stretch of road. The funny looking reptile has a long pointy
nose, duh! hence the name pinocchio, but this Lizard is no liar! The long nose-like appendage is
only found on males, advertising the male’s good genes. The big nose on the lizard helps communicate
to the opposite sex that the animal is fit and can offer high-quality offspring. Hey how’s it goin? You wanna go back to my place and make some lizard babies? Oh oh never mind never mind!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Pinocchio Lizard NOT Extinct!

  1. Craig Spitaels says:

    Super, punctuation mate

  2. FreakyStyley209 says:

    I hate this guy -.-

  3. Jihad Bunnydick says:

    Seeing this guy only reaffirms my love for myself.

  4. LSO says:

    1:08 sounds a bit like pewdiepie l

  5. coolguytrevor says:

    extreme funniness!

  6. evelyn wilson says:

    I thik I think he was taking about the dude,just sayin

  7. Rico Suave says:

    Another baby for Angelina jolie to adopt.

  8. mauricio jauregui says:

    Fking speacil led

  9. elicarlyle says:

    Ur annoying dude

  10. Steven Dickens says:

    Guitar music

  11. din Islam says:


  12. truffshuff44 says:

    I want to punch this guy

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  14. kym kelly says:

    Jim Carrey .. OMG it

  15. Adrian Ramirez says:

    This guy sounds high as fuck

  16. andremetras says:

    This guy sounds soooo annoying

  17. Kirbykid says:

    This guy sounds like he's having a hard time talking. I like the discovery though, good thing we didn't completely destroy this cool thing 🙂

  18. Jafar Alsharif says:


  19. cretinkiller1 says:

    Woaw !!! Almost a million viewsssssss congratssss alexxxxx

  20. Mr Renegade says:

    please get a new host

  21. Ocelotl says:

    Lizard news was cool but the guy was a bit annoying…

  22. geraldine sorila says:


  23. Buckleigh says:

    He's annoying….and not funny.

  24. sumet Ho sumet says:


  25. Ebere Chukwuyem says:

    What a creep

  26. Kayla m says:

    I'll be honest, the guys kinda annoying, but amazing discovery

  27. juliana cevallos says:


  28. Rafael says:

    Made in my birthday!!!

  29. sebastian loaiza says:

    You look like Jim carrey

  30. Aeroking55 says:


  31. Lol-lies says:

    You are so annoying

  32. Gymaria Jacoway says:


  33. Gymaria Jacoway says:


  34. Flamma Ignis says:

    I don't understand how this got over a million views. I'm sure it appeals to some people, but not a million of them. That's cool about the lizard (I guess), but I don't believe that many people care, or found this that funny. Also over a million views, but less than a thousand comments. Yeah I'm thinking someone payed for views :/

  35. Trek petro1 says:

    "Life uh uh uh finds a way". -Goldbloom

  36. Bob Smith says:

    You're wrong, it is "their" not "there", I'm genuinely surprised that his comment got down voted; starting to have doubts of our generation.

  37. pawtucketpanda says:

    This guy's a douche

  38. maria esther medina hernandez says:

    Cosas causas

  39. SmoothCriminalAaron says:

    Someone made a wooden model and the Blue Fairy made it real.

  40. πgeon troubles says:

    I luv anoles

  41. INoCU says:

    He looks like the adult version of Neville from iCarly

  42. Francisco Ramirez says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only guy who finds this guy annoying

  43. FO stata says:

    Alex Fagnham

  44. Frank Real Thick says:


  45. ▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped. says:

    Go! Go! Go! df

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  48. Paul Mall says:

    Good news for a change. Hurray.

  49. callum1131 says:

    Fuck off.

  50. Elena Jeanes says:

    Phew, what is a rubbish show and broadcaster is fully idiot

  51. omar almotiri says:

    سبحان الله خالق كل شي

  52. nexusofavalon says:


  53. patio87 says:

    Here's a tip: do something unique, don't just copy exactly what all other youtube content creators have done with just a different theme.

  54. SpidahRidah says:


  55. Ben Dubs says:

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  56. Cole Paradis says:

    Can't tell if trying to be funny, or just has Parkinson's.

  57. BackslideDan says:

    …wouldn't that be an awkward twist?

  58. ÜBER says:

    Because people hate grammar nazis. Correcting shit like that is just stupid.

  59. 4GUESTS - Para sa mga bisita USA says:


  60. Cpt. Falco says:

    Being stupid is stupid

    they're just trying to educate young illiterates since they clearly haven't payed attention in school

  61. Jerichonumber2 says:

    Extremely Rare huh?
    Or Maybe their hard to see cause they're small?
    Not to mention Birdies love to Eat Lizards….

  62. Sofia Velazquez says:

    Haha they are really funny my fav vidio was the stronges animale the space incect thing

  63. Иван Бузилов says:

    ой йойойойойойой

  64. Ashley leon says:

    This one is my favorite because its the first video I ever watched of you:^)

  65. MrFartingGiraffe says:

    You pronounced "Anoles" wrong

  66. Diana Puzik says:

    It` scary what they doing with cockroach in the end оо"

  67. Jony says:

    Somebody really likes Jim Carey

  68. Gavin80001 says:

    Well, I'm gonna say this. The world is huge, wide, tall, and deep. Hell, some animals went 'extinct' and people found alive ones. Just because people don't see them doesn't mean they're all extinct.

  69. Omarcomics911 says:

    He looks like jim Carey

  70. killiotta1 says:


  71. R TJM says:

    I hope that you lose your job, idiot

  72. LostSoul J.W says:

    You think you could do better?

  73. TuNerGuY -_- says:

    Cool Lizard but that dude hahahahah..

  74. River P says:

    Aaaargh, this is obviously for kids, kids without a brain. Made in America? No doubt.

  75. Queen Arctic Wolf says:

    You make learning fun Alex!! And you're as mature as you are at making learning fun!!

  76. kingofsapi says:

    wow… for once Alex gets a lot of views and he gets hate?

  77. Jaimes says:

    It's like he's talking to a bunch of 3-year-olds, doing stupid voices because he's afraid they're getting bored. Meanwhile, everyone above the age of 3 is just really freaking annoyed.

  78. Potato Chip says:

    "Everyone above the age of 3 is getting annoyed" don't speak for everyone, I don't have a problem with how he does his videos.

  79. Y says:

    Phew, what a rubbish grammar and the Elena Jeanes is fully idiot

  80. Nghinh Phong says:

    well next time scientists warn us anything we should not take it too serious………

  81. Carlsvin Evangelista says:


  82. Fleshy says:

    Everybody talking shit about Alex must not have ever seen his own videos.

  83. David Gomez says:

    I like turtles

  84. xRipzZx says:

    wtf is wrong with people ? he is awesome

  85. Fabio Sabia says:


  86. CynderAngelRightzDW~MOVED ACCOUNT!~ says:

    I never knew about them till now

  87. abcd fghijk says:

    YEah, he´s gay…

  88. mintpies says:

    Jim Carey wannabe…

  89. Nicole Martinez says:

    My favorite video was what does a fox actually say

  90. Sexy Boogalo Man says:

    I think not many people know this host this is his personality don't judge it.

  91. Lizzy H. says:


  92. MCinSimple says:

    Oh muh gawsh! 😀
    Again.. thank you. ಠuಠ

  93. Lizzy H. says:

    always welcome. i absolutely LOVE you!!

  94. Coco Noodle says:

    You people need to calm down and stop taking everything so seriously, I don't see anything wrong with how this videos are done. Don't expect every video to be similar to NatGeo or a BBC documentary. It's fun and educational at the same time. Take a chill pill.

  95. Maanuve says:

    pinocchio!!!!!!!so wen it lias its nose gets big and wen he doesent lie heeeeee dies i dint get it

  96. Blueicevirus says:

    When People Lied About Them Being Extinct He Grew A Long Nose..

  97. Mergo's Dank Nurse says:

    I don't get it. do people dislike this video because they hate lizards? <-< 

  98. xXCumXXsuacexXXX says:

    would be a cool pet tho

  99. Khandar William says:

    What is this? Disney channel?

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