Pet Turtle Care : Turtle Disease Symptoms

Pet Turtle Care : Turtle Disease Symptoms

Hi. My name is Tim Cole. I’m with the Austin
Reptile Service and I’ve been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over forty years. And we’re
going to talk about turtle diseases. One of the more common diseases is vitamin deficiencies
which comes about because the animals have not been given the necessary vitamins or ultraviolet
light that they require to process their food. One of the first signs of this is they’ll
get eyes that are gummed up or swollen. They can’t open their eyes. And when they can’t
open their eyes, they don’t feed. Calcium deficiencies are fairly common. Once again,
if UV light or calcium powder is not supplemented with their food, their shell becomes soft,
their legs can become brittle. Some turtles are susceptible to skin diseases, depending
on the PH of the water. Alligator snappers are a good example. They come from water that
has a low PH. If you put them in an aquarium with high PH and don’t treat the water, they
will eventually die to a skin disease. Several turtles require brackish water, or partial
salt water. Diamondback terrapins is a good example of that. So, there’s variety of diseases
that come about from not getting the right husbandry. Misshaped shell is from a lack
of calcium. And, quite often, turtles can get these conditions.

Randy Schultz

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65 thoughts on “Pet Turtle Care : Turtle Disease Symptoms

  1. redandbluebeater says:

    it prob. has mouth rot. see a vet or research for cures.

  2. trickmybrick says:

    thank you so much! i was wondering to!

  3. trickmybrick says:

    i knw right! i was like uh oh this looks exspensive JK ill spend as much money as possibly on somthing as awesome as a turtle i love my turtle

  4. trickmybrick says:

    well i would say they might be scales from a fish if you feed them to your turtle. or they might be shedding .__.

  5. William Nguyen says:

    my turtle is like sick the shell is soft it doesnt open its eye how do i cure it?comment on my channel

  6. symbiote35 says:

    The "pimple" is probably gone now, but that "Pimple" is an egg tooth, used to break from their egg shells, common for young ones.

  7. Mike Oxofloppin says:

    ye my turtle (yellow belly slider) has blown up up like a ballon at the front and rear (not legs or tail) and he wants to bask all the time ?? dunno whats up with him – i will probally take him to the vets in a day or 2 if he not getting better

  8. AkatsukiRocks1995 says:

    if she has white spots on her skin…it might be skin fungus…if on her shell, it may be the starting of….shell rot. losing skin? is that shedding skin?

  9. animo gucci says:

    i have a painted turle a just got it . he doesnt want to poke his head out ant doesnt want to eat i need help im scared he might die help pleae

  10. mdanx3 says:

    best thing to do in most situations with vitamin defficiency is to first isolate them in a small terrarium and put a heat lamp on them, it boosts their immune system so they recover faster

  11. Elisabeth Werre says:

    @techdeckaction baby turtles are to small to grasshoppers and meal worms! Try commercia baby turtle pellets.

  12. Crystal Freeman says:

    I have a alligator snapping turtle probably about 3 inches in length. I knew nothing about the ph levels and i have not been checking them. What should the level be?

    Also, I am noticing some spots around his mouth that almost look like blisters thought they are hard. Is that due to the ph levels being incorrect?

  13. mcs895 says:

    @fclerie16 no put it in brackish water (add salt)

  14. mcs895 says:

    @luutai no, turtles shed

  15. Crzynoob says:

    @DeYFTW Post in forums instead, most of us don't know much.

  16. dksharktooth says:

    How in the world did you upload 138k videos to youtube……

  17. titanic98810 says:

    someone plz help! my red eared slider turtle has a weird "thing" that looks like moss but its brown…HELP!

  18. Spyguy1019 says:

    @DeYFTW it needs sun mine lives outsidr in a tiny pool so SUN it needs calcum and it probably needs ultra vilet eyes

  19. meltingsnowman717 says:

    i have a hatchling mississippi map and its bottom shell is kind of soft, is that normal because it is a hatchling???

  20. Eileen Tierney says:

    how do you fix a vitamin deficiencies?

  21. Rin Atkinson says:

    I'm trying to help my turtle get more calcium because I'm worried about her shell strength. I've provided her with great uv lighting and the best turtle pellets money can buy with occasional crickets and vegetables but I'm not sure it's enough. What calcium supplement would you recommend specifically?

  22. ELITExSEAN says:

    my baby common snapping turtle is about 3 inches but on the back of his neck its two lumps under the skin wat is that do i have to take him to the vet

  23. Jon NY says:

    i just put my turtle near the window, but i dont have a uv light
    all my turtles do is go under the plants and hide

  24. BaconX12 says:

    My biggest turtle is shedding like nothing is this normal?

  25. Kyte102 says:

    The window wont help the turtles. UV rays don't pass through glass

  26. charger1970and68 says:

    my common snapper has white spots on his shell and one on his neck, he did not have these when i got him. he is housed with 2 red eared sliders, is in tap water (from my sink) i have a heat lamp but no UV light. i had another common that had these spots and died.

  27. GiGi M says:

    recently a white spot appeared near my turtle's mouth, why does that happened? 🙁

  28. charger1970and68 says:

    probably a fungal infection. go to the pet store and get sulfa dip, fill a small container with enough water to just cover your turtles shell, saok the turtle for 1-3 hours then wsh it and dry it with a paper towel and return it to its tank, do this repeatedly for 7 -10 days and it should be fine.

  29. Lynyell Hensley says:

    My turtles nose is bleeding 🙁

  30. Cienna del Rosario says:

    My turtle's eyes were swollen. 🙁 What would be the problem? 🙁

  31. shinypikachu64 says:

    turtles NEED uvb or the die get him some NOW

  32. Taqueria Riverbank says:

    My turtle has a white fungus on its neck is it because she doesn't have calcium?

  33. Liam James says:

    mine don't might just be the type though

  34. Liam James says:

    are you sure I'm pretty sure they can i read in a book that that is just a myth

  35. Dylan Young says:

    PLZ REPLY!! My female baby red ear slider turtle's eyes are closed and open sometimes. Is this a disease??

  36. teddie90 says:

    I own a alligator snapping turtle today hes looking a little weak. I pick him up and his head hangs a little bit along with his feet; instead of regularly hiding as much in the shell. When put down he picks up his neck as if trying t breath or something. Hes still a baby, no bigger than my palm. please help

  37. Joshua says:

    It could be the temperature and/or diet of the turtle. The smaller the turtle the less heat it can hold so the little guys need a really good heat source not only to stay warm but to metabolize their food into nutrients. If it's not getting enough heat it doesn't matter how ell it's fed b/c it can't absorb the nutrients. Get a thermometer for the tank and make sure it's at the right temperature.

  38. Orin Tobias says:

    my turtle takes deep breaths what should i do?

  39. Orin Tobias says:

    your turtle needs more calcium in his tank or uv light it depends does he/she eat?

  40. Orin Tobias says:

    he needs more vitamins mostly A and D3

  41. Abhilash Gopinathan says:

    my turtle doesn't eat any thing- say sticks, shrimp or even block worms. (I have tried them one after another, as it doesn't at any) This is for the past two weeks. It is weak as well. What shall be the problem? what shall I do? PLEASE HELP…

  42. Arth Patel says:

    I lost my one turtle due to this disease , he also won't eat and even couldn't open his eyes and finally after a few weeks I lost him
    RIP snappy … 🙏

  43. Martyna Malanowska says:

    My turtle also died cuz he seemed to be blind and was not eating rip trisaratop

  44. Lillysworld says:

    2 of my terrapins have this in their eyes, please help me where I can get some Vitamin A supplement for them I don't want them to get worse I love them so much! Please help me! 

  45. JUAN Q says:

    Thank u very much i notice this and my turtle is getting treat meant

  46. ibis suau says:

    what is the right PH for a yellow bellied… she was eating and active and now wont eat and is letargic… i put calcium in the water every week and they have ultraviolet light and basking area…

  47. Animal Guy says:

    how do you own a turtle and not gt sallmone I want one but that disease

  48. Aniruddha Deb says:

    which light is more important uva or uvb for turtle?

  49. asha moni says:

    my turtle can't swim down… what to do now?

  50. Wilo Torres Rivera says:

    I have a pair of red ear sliders.
    Like a week ago one of them stop eating and started spending most of the time out of the water and it and constantly extens its neck gasping.And today I noticed that clear liquid comes out of it's cloaca! I'm from Puerto Rico and there are no exotic animals specialist veterinarians that I know of.If if anyone can help me it will be appreciated.

  51. Luis Rios says:

    My ornate box turtle has white stuff coming out of her eyes

  52. Fake Trailers Production says:

    My turtle have like small ball on his head I don't know what to do

  53. Simran Saini says:

    My turtle has swelling around eyes. It's eyes are swollen since past one week and it is refusing to eat. What should I do there is no doctor available for turtles in my locality. Please help me as soon as possible.

  54. S.S.Turzo says:

    I have 2 red eared slider babies like of 1 month and 1 of them stopped eating for 2 days…..what do I do??

  55. Samiksha Khurana says:

    i have indian roofed turtle and she is bleeding from her mouth
    what should i do ????

  56. Simran Saini says:

    My turtle is not eating since last 2months. I offered my turtle dried blood worms, pellets, dried shrimps but it is refusing to eat. And it has wounds all over the body since I found it pleases help me as soon as possible there is no doctor available in my locality

  57. Softlou 10098 says:

    Hi, My tortoise has a Long pink thread coming out of its mouth, Sheldon(My tortoise) Is A year old and I tried to lightly pull the pink thread out but it wont

  58. jin jin says:

    How do you get your turtle to eat if his eyes are kinda gunked up

  59. Lil polack2003 says:

    I need help my babey iguana has a infected tail and I used liquid bandage and I don't know if it will work

  60. hayden graham says:

    How do you get it off of turtles

  61. team angel says:

    My turtle is bleeding out of its nose and mouth help

  62. Anjana Agrawal says:

    My roofed turtle is not eating anything

  63. prathyusha a says:

    hii,my turtle is not moving his front leg. and also he is not eating the food .please help me and please give me answer as soon as possible .

  64. Alexys Loyal says:

    My turtle hasn't been eating gets sun he isn't opening eyes but doesn't look swollen

  65. Edwin Duetao says:

    My two turtle died just now and has a circle in the eye and the whole body and 2 of them is still alive but the other one is like weak pls help me how to cure that i don't wanna lose her! What i know is they started to spend most in the rock and started to sleep always and not eating! PLEASE HELP ME NOW I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM DIE NOW PLS!!!!!! Well R.I.P Shelly and Tough thanks for being a great and tough pet always….😭😭😭😭😭😭

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