Pet Turtle Care : How to Tell Age of Turtles

Pet Turtle Care : How to Tell Age of Turtles

Hi. I’m Tim Cole with the Austin Reptile Service,
and I’ve got over forty years in keeping reptiles and amphibians. I want to talk to you about
aging turtles. To be honest with you, unless you’ve raised it up from a baby or the person
you got it from has, you’re going to be very hard pressed to age a turtle. Now, turtles
do have rings around their shell, which people thought they could count, and for each ring
would equal a year. But that’s not true, because some turtles have growth spurts. They might
form more than one ring a year. They might even form less. Our large land tortoises have
been known to live over 200 years. Our box turtles can live fifty to seventy-five years.
Our water turtles probably average twenty, thirty years of age. So, you really can’t
tell the age by the appearance of the turtle. You might be able to get a good guess, especially
if the turtle shell is very worn. Box turtles and tortoises spend a lot of times underground,
so they wear their shell down quite a bit.

Randy Schultz

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63 thoughts on “Pet Turtle Care : How to Tell Age of Turtles

  1. ThatBrownie says:

    nice guy

  2. Anna Deme says:

    No, do NOT cut your turtle's nails. Since their long It means your turtle is a male.

  3. KXrhyder547 says:

    because you touch yourself too much

  4. Shunsi221977 says:

    I have 2 res turtles….my first one is huge he is like 2.5 now and he is bigger than the whole palm of my hand, the other one is 1.5 and is catching up fast to the oldest! They are great fun and very active! as far as someone having a turtle for four years and not growing barely at all, what ru smokin??? or what is ur turtle smoking if it's a RES it should be pretty big by 4 years….lmao….I dunno some people are loco…

  5. kher83 says:

    some things that hinder its growth are

    1. feeding
    2. tank space
    3. uvb light source
    4. stress

  6. The_Sanctum says:

    expertvillage sucks! all of their reptile and pet info videos are bullshit.

  7. evan eubanks says:

    My turtle is 13

  8. yi6smile says:


  9. seonejudas says:

    mine is about a month 🙂

  10. JossueBarcelona says:

    he dosnt even say how to find the age of a turtle…….

  11. advenger32 says:

    my turtles dont grow

  12. advenger32 says:

    i feed it minnows, lettus, mealworms, and carrots.

  13. advenger32 says:

    I have both a female and a male. however, my male died about a week ago because of kidney failure. I doubt that even if i still had a male, my female would not be carrying.

  14. advenger32 says:

    Sorry, i ment my female would NOT be carrying.

  15. Scott N says:

    sooo…….how do i age my turtle?

  16. Scott N says:

    hey man, i have a snake neck turtle but he is coughing and he wont eat, ive turned the temp up but no change…any advice~?

  17. Scott N says:

    the tank goes between 22-24, ive been told so many different things, i buy frozen turtle food cubes from the garden centre, its got bloodworm and stuff in it, he also eats chicken..

  18. Scott N says:

    okai kool, thanx dude

  19. Scott N says:

    @Spiritoftheturtle thanx dude

  20. Krion says:

    Don't worry it's a female most likely if it grows so fast 😀 .

  21. Weldon Debaie says:

    this didnt even tell me how to tell how old my turtle is wow thanks alot there goes 5min of my life lol jokes

  22. Michael Sullivan says:

    sounds like he said 18 turtles

  23. hellohumanworld says:

    how long does a mud turtle usually live for?

  24. B0DawGH says:

    @horsesarecute326 YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT BRO!. turtles grow as big as its environment . coz i have 2 turtles 1 i put him in my koi pond and the other 1 i put him in an aquarium in my room. i bought them when they were green and small and now they have different size

  25. Alex Smith says:

    both my TORTOISES are 40 years old a vet can examin them and tell you

  26. Kikyo361 says:

    this was no help..

  27. netmoney says:

    You got any white shell turtles? I'm in TN and I have a large turtle living at my pond that has a white shell. Strangest thing. Lots of rain and storms here recently and wondering if that has to do with his shell being white? I can't seem to find anything about it.

  28. Dyno Ernie says:

    wow tim cole this helps sooo much NOW i know what age my red eared slider is -_-

  29. KevinIsM8ig says:

    this happens to all of those expertvillage videos, the title says how to, but they never tell you…….

  30. alfred Aquariums & Ponds says:

    thanks for the info ,good job keep it up an thanks again.

  31. kirk vg says:

    wat a complete waste of time

  32. 7296Catherine says:

    I've had two turtles that we got from our creek in the backyard, since 2007, and they are growing, eating, just fine. Every now and then, they shed some of their shells and I can see their growth. Don't know their age nor sex, but we have no eggs or babies, so am guessing they are same sex, female probably, as their nails aren't incredibly long.

  33. 1997xboxgamer says:

    Check out my turtle videos I just got a really tiny turtle smaller than a penny

  34. M says:

    my turtle is as big as a dining plate after getting it 2 years ago, i placed it in the pond.

  35. M says:

    you sure those are turtles, they look like tortoises.

  36. Faisal AbdulMalak says:

    40 years

  37. Christian Stewart says:

    i live in Utah and for it being the 2nd dryest state in America i decided to get two redfoot tortoises (tropical animals), not smart on my part but i try my hardest to keep their cage humid…anyway the question is, i wanna get a desert tortoise but im not sure what to look for? what tortoises are desert?

  38. Sarika says:

    Can i keep a painted turtle in a 10 gallon tank

  39. xXJackzNUmba1Xx says:

    I've only seen one video that told me how to do something by these guys

  40. JOE FPOC says:

    my stupid turtle doesnt answer me when i ask him how old he is, he just stares at me then runs in the water and swims into the glass for a hour. i think hes a little bit slow

  41. Papa Marx says:

    No. Sorry if that seems harsh, but there is no turtle that will live comfortably, if at all, in a ten gallon tank. A baby turtle can live there for a year or more, depending on their growth rate, although generally you should start with a 55 gal, which will last for several years. If we're talking Southern Painted, that will do just fine for his (maybe not her; males stay smaller) whole life. I know the numbers look scary; maybe you can work with a 29? Not too big a difference in price though.

  42. Dazzie27 says:

    maybe they just grow slowly

  43. Michelle Herrera says:

    [email protected]€,.' You

  44. Momo Time!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ………… know I know why my turtle is unactive outside of the water until I put water!

  45. lampshade8908 says:

    Thanks, now I know that my turtle is 2-30 years old…

  46. Tatyana OMara says:

    Seriously… no help at all

  47. erick camacho says:

    thats very helpful thanks i was thinking of getting a red eared slider

  48. Humlo Mcthayus says:

    My spur tighted tortoise is at least 64 years old. I have him since I was 4 yrs old. He could be 74 yrs old.? perfect heath and runs like a 2yr old

  49. cebuboy1976 says:

    The title of the video should have been, "You Really Can't Tell The Age of Turtles Unless You've Raised Them Since They Were Babies".

  50. RICK WAGNER says:

    Thanks for not telling me how to age a turtle. Really helped

  51. raghad says:

    thanks now i know my turtle's age if 1-267 🙂

  52. Cerise Rose says:

    thanks for telling us its wrong just like the title of ur video

  53. Hamza Hassan says:

    I just wanted to know the age of my turtle because I wanna know when it will lay eggs. Btw, I can tell you that one time my turtle was digging the rocks. No eggs. When my turtle tries to dig rocks dose it want to lay eggs. Or dose it lay them randomly?

  54. Hufflepuff Research Lab says:

    what about a Yellow Belly slider turtle that's 3ft from the top of its shell to the base and about 2 feet from side to side? because I have never seen a yellow belly Slider turtle as big as she is.

  55. gaurav tak says:

    I found a Indian start tortoise but I don't know how old are he

  56. rosa herrera says:

    No help at all man I literally thought my baby turtle was 4 years old because of the lines on the back

  57. The Ciprian Family says:

    Thanks for the advice of my turtle is okay what should I say thanks turtle or things to you

  58. Sherri Trella says:

    My friend safe a turtle that was on the road she dont know what is

  59. Rusty Hodges says:

    Its funny all the people saying he didn't help but he did answer the question it just wasn't the answer you wanted. How can you tell the age of a turtle: answer ask the person who hatched it…. if you cant get that info… then you just wont know the answer. Its not his fault you don't know its origins.

  60. F.B.I says:

    you didn’t get the age of how old they are either they can live up to 80+ as a box turtle bruh i a better then you lol

  61. Ngalap Doo' says:


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