Pet Turtle Care : How to Take Care of a Snapping Turtle

Pet Turtle Care : How to Take Care of a Snapping Turtle

Hi. My name is Tim Cole. I’m with the Austin
Reptile Service and I’ve been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over forty years. And I’d
like to talk about keeping snapping turtles. One thing you want to keep in mind, in the
United States we’ve got, basically, two species of snapping turtles. We’ve got the Alligator
Snapping Turtle, which is protected throughout quite a bit of its range, and the Common snappers.
There are three recognized subspecies of Common snappers. Common snappers are the more common
of the two, also have the much broader range of the two. They are the smaller of the two,
which is good, because they have more of an attitude. Common snappers have a very long
neck that can reach back about two-thirds of their shell. They are carnivorous, but
they also will eat some plants. Common snappers are very calm when they’re in the water, but
when they’re taken out of the water, they get rather nervous and will snap and lunge
and don’t want to be messed with. But, when you’re keeping one, whether it’s in an outdoor
pond, or in an aquarium in the house, they’re fairly easy to feed. You can feed them fish
and watch them chase the fish, or you can even feed them rodents, the same as we would
feed snakes, and they don’t need to be alive. Alligator snappers are a little bit more finicky
in what they eat. They primarily feed on fish. Occasionally, they can be tricked into feeding
on something else, but fish is their main diet. Your Common snappers average about twenty
to thirty pounds. Male Alligator snappers can get over 200 pounds. Females average about
sixty pounds. This is something to consider when you’re thinking about keeping a snapping
turtle. Not to mention the damage that they can do if they bite you.

Randy Schultz

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99 thoughts on “Pet Turtle Care : How to Take Care of a Snapping Turtle

  1. tigeroll says:

    How hard do they clamp down on your fingas and stuff?

  2. Featured Nightmare says:

    @mappoprimo and kingofthehill618 , comon cut the guy a break he's just explaining things for first time herp's.Keep in mind also that there are a good number of slow learners out there so all bases need to be covered.

  3. isver says:

    Some people try to keep alligator snapping turtles as pets? How dumb do you have to be to try to keep something as a pet that can live up to 150 years and weight over 200 pounds? People who don't know the meaning of responsibility annoy me.

  4. DehydratedManatee says:

    @theWHIPLASH Hahaha. Well played sir.

  5. itsthelolocaust says:

    Alligator snapping turtles are the more badass of the two.

  6. Volpierein says:

    ok, so my snapper is lik the size of the pom of my hand and btw i'm 11, do u know how old it is? btw (2) this is my turtle's youtube name! he he!

  7. nagumo10001 says:

    Good info as far as owners are concerned. Especially given the stated difference in growth that one might see in common versus alligator snappers.

    Very much like owners will see in basic Boa's versus reticulated pythons. There is a real difference in a snake that might hit 60 to 70 pounds at most and one that will easily hit nearly 400! And this isn't even touching anaconda's (which regularly hit 300 plus pounds and act like pissy beasts with their owners).

  8. johnnyluvstacos says:

    @isver they're cool.

  9. West Florida Fire Photography says:

    hey i have a baby alligator snaping turtle and will they eat small minos?

  10. LaMoustache says:

    damit. now im a moron

  11. John Doe says:

    can someone tell me how to turn these fuckin oversized subtitles off…?

  12. LT1HILLINGHOE says:

    @toomis33 Think it may be "fun" to watch ur turtle being chased by a person with a baseball bat before they decide to beat the turtle to death so he/she can put it into a soup? Does that sound awesome too?

  13. Declan Smith says:

    cant fu cking see any thing??

  14. Keegan Stone says:

    @LT1HILLINGHOE and you recimend him feed his turtle WHAT? i personally think its fun to watch my turtle rip them to shreads after he chaces them around the tank so please tell us what he should feed his turtle

  15. LT1HILLINGHOE says:

    @bugboy5577 I don't really care what he feeds his turtle LOL. I just think it is stupid, retarded, ignorant, moronic, and lots of other colorful words for someone to say it is fun seeiing something being chased around about to be killed, goofball..

    Anything else, Skippy?

  16. PoppinCheese says:

    fuuuuuuck that
    i like turtles but this aint a turtle, its some weird alien thing

  17. Jason Jacobs says:

    Check out my cute live baby turtle that performs a magic trick on my channel!

    LIVE MAGIC TURTLE VIDEO – check it out

  18. Petra G says:

    These expert village videos are always SO AWKWARD LOL

  19. Vicki Stead says:

    Awwwwww 😀

  20. benny lopez says:

    if my snapping turtle ever gets that big like he said, shit i'll put him in a kiddy pool , lol

  21. Matthew X says:

    i found this huge full grown snapping turtle in my back yard.its rare to see any turtle outside where i live, so to see this giant thing was a little shocking. it got stuck in the fence and it took a while to get it out because no one wanted to get next to it

  22. ShotaAzZareback says:

    more common of the two…hahaha..i guess thats why they call em common then huh!^_^ great vid though!helped me a lot with my turtles..

  23. nblax41 says:

    I like how he talks about the common snapper and they keep showing an alligator snapper

  24. afterthefox7 says:

    He looks exactly like a snapping turtle.

  25. Matthew Reed says:

    don't keep one unless you can handle them. they get huge..

  26. Queen Latifa says:

    where do you buy them any sugestions

  27. Jason Gleiter says:

    @1234awsome1 I've never seen anyone selling them. Go catch one. I have one as a pet in a tank with all sorts of critters I caught. An Eel, Bullfrogs, 7 Madtom Catfish, Sunfishes and crayfish. They are all so fun to watch. I just have to make sure I feed them at least every other day. 60 worms yesterday LOL

  28. Eric Hernandez says:

    were would i be able to adcuire a alligator snaper

  29. renton1664 says:

    @dogofdogs They are in the UK.

  30. Michael Vaughan says:

    "They are carnivorous but they also eat plants." That's called an omnivore, dumb ass.

  31. B0DawGH says:

    40 years? i doubt it. you look 40-ish. but because of your beer belly and those ugly beards.. yeah you look 60

  32. Necr0Cys2topsY says:

    I want the spikey ones, looks badass.

  33. Chicken Bot says:

    @banhotsu ´;/

  34. oklahomaisok says:

    When they get too big for the house you can sell them. See Edbassmaster's video for tips.

  35. ChuckNorris100000000 says:

    i like turtles

  36. Michael Vaughan says:

    @bbphnix Therefore the are omnivorous. And yes I would call a dog omnivorous, I feed my dog carrots and tomatoes all the time. This animal is a facultative herbivore. Which means that it eats over 90% meat but they do eat some plants.

  37. yavin99 says:

    thats not a common snapping turtle its an alligator snapper

  38. yavin99 says:

    @MrWiKeD653 thier all over the US just take a net to a local pond or creak and scoop one up

  39. Cantautor says:

    i have an alligator turte!

  40. VinzZissou78 says:

    This guy is great.

  41. McSamalot says:

    'common snappers are the more common…'
    no shit sherlock lol

  42. MrFrogChicken says:

    common snappers are the more common of the two… no shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. mcYE3 says:

    Come on guys he's just trying to help out people looking for information! No need to be so critical. He's doing his best.

  44. Macks E says:

    @TecWithMe Its a facultative carnivore, which means it eats "mostly meat" fucking retards, before commenting make sure your right lest you look arrogant and ignorant.

  45. unearthedgraves88 says:

    @piflan take the turtle out first problem solved

  46. dylan scronce says:

    i had NO IDEA people use these as pets. i catch these turtles everyday and process them. as food.. its a tradition kinna in my family in NC i walk creek banks sticking my hand under the bank and pulling them out.. the biggest one i have caught thus far weighd 65 pounds. BIGUN i seen they sell for $100 online!!!! ima start sellen em haha

  47. Malchik Blue says:

    @TecWithMe I've seen my cat eat grass, that doesn't change it's primary, defining diet, dumb ass.

  48. Vũ Thành says:

    @valeyun when i found this out i was quite impressed but you gotta be careful with your state cause you gotta get a special license to sell these guys. boooooo. i wish i could make some nice money off them without getting a fine i catch a ton of big ones

  49. Drunkiie says:

    @TecWithMe They are classified as carnivorous. Its not just about what they eat. Just like panda bears are carnivores, even though they eat almost entirely plants, dumb ass.

  50. dhillon780 says:

    'dont take them out the water' -> whilst he was holding one in his hands OUT OF WATER

  51. Vũ Thành says:

    i for one like this guy

  52. salmonella4everyone says:

    LoL! wtf

  53. Matt Tolley says:

    i just got me turtle and he likes to bite

  54. momowowo16 says:

    who the fuk would want a turtle that will kill you?!

  55. xXxzeilkexXx says:

    "common snappers are more common then the two"
    haha best quote ever

  56. Chase Chung says:

    Common snappers are the more common of the two. Dumbass thats why its "common"

  57. Ricardo Gonzales Colqui says:

    my mate lost half of hes finger but later he recover.. 4 & a half finger .. i have a normal experience , not expert but i gave him advice how to hold teachin what this turtle needs evrything but bcause he had 4 old yellow belly , red slider , mississipi he thinks that a snapper turtle wouldnt harm … but now that he got a prove .. of the turtle he gave hes turtle could not keep properly.. so now the turle is way too big that i gave to the zoo it grow to adult but i dont want to risk my life

  58. Britoe97 says:

    @momowowo16 meeeeeeeeeee

  59. Zorija McLaughlin says:

    OOOHhhhh… so you've been keeping turtles since you were 2. Your mom is stupid.

  60. Zorija McLaughlin says:

    common snappers are the more common of the two…

  61. SteelCity1981 says:

    note to self never own a pet that doesn't wants to be your pet. lol

  62. MrSkytops says:

    Hi Tim.

  63. Maceo says:

    that is not a Common snapper it is a alligator snapping turtle

  64. Samuel says:

    @1sababoy lololololololol

  65. txbestfire says:

    That shell is wicked as hell 0:25

  66. evilcowboy says:

    I got a common snapper. I like mine it wont do much and as babies they are extremely easy to handle. Mine has never snapped at me and he is about 1 year old. I think as long as the handler don't over handle them they are good pets. Just not for children.

    Mine I found as a baby someone had stepped on its head and the jaw is crooked. Fortunately it healed and it doesn't impend on it eating.

    But always, always use caution when handling they can snap off a finger.

  67. Moni says:

    my common snapper never even tried to bite me ever it only got about 3inches b4 i let it go but never even tried to bite my aligator snapper that i bought does the same thing in the video i pick him up he gets so pissed he tries to bite himself by biting his front legs so i put him down he got so used to it he does it ever time i dont know if he thinks its me or if hes smart and he knows i dont want to hurt him so i put him down lol hes a boss

  68. Moni says:

    not at all once you see them both its really easy honestly i dont know how people confuse them the only way i know to confuse them is because they look up alligator snapping turtle and see a common snapper and there like ohhh thats mine yay i have an alligator snapper


    Common snappers are common

  70. kariely r says:

    HELP my dad found a WILD snapping turtle on the ROAD WE NEED HELP!!! we dont know what to DO!!!

  71. J Lane says:

    put it in a pond or good size creek

  72. Jestlow says:

    Hey ass-hat. Not every animal with "common" in the name is actually common, or the most common of a pair of related species.

  73. MrReptilelover09 says:

    I bet you donrt know shit about alligator snappers

  74. Jazmin Pickering says:

    or turtles in general. his tanks are too small…

  75. claude kim says:

    … Normal snappers can get over 80lbs .. Remember reptiles never. Never ever stop growing … They grow till they die ..

  76. animaljamlover lova says:

    5:6 stick your freaking finger in my mouth!!! ais hole

  77. Rook9696 says:

    rodents: they don't need to be alive. but where's the fun in that?

  78. Braco 998 says:

    Look at those poor turtles behind him they were like an inch big and they were in a small tank…I wouldn't considet this guy and expert.

  79. Krusty The Clown says:

    Glad I have all of my ten fingers here in Denmark. Long away from the nasty looking snapping turtle. Have two sweet redeared sliders named Nim' & Freddy, named after "Surface" series, and Freddy Krüger from "A nightmare on elmstreet" because the male have very long claws…..

  80. Filming_with Repti_herpz says:

    I found one today

  81. tisky luke says:

    Nice vid great advice

  82. grettagrids says:

    WHY would someone want a snapping turtle for a pet?

  83. SilentGhilly says:

    i think they look badass my self

  84. Billy The-Kid says:

    I have a alligator snapping turtle I need help message me please

  85. MyAquaticDiary says:

    in terms of alligator snapping turtle diet, is it ok to JUST feed them fish meat? mine doesnt seem to like fruits or veg :s

  86. slimermax says:

    i found one today it's a baby and he didn't bite and he lisens to what we say 0.o creepy

  87. Ohios herpers says:

    is it ok if i feed my snapper turtle food from the pet store?

  88. garner lasher says:

    can they live with a catfish

  89. hilary martinez says:

    I have a pet snapping turtle named raphiel

  90. Ahmad Alqaraien says:

    Hello my name is ahmad i was just wondering if you ship turtles or u have a website please contact me soon by 7089732100

  91. Jet Lee says:

    I have those exact hanging filters he's got there…powerful and awesome..

  92. Daniel King says:

    "They are carnivores but they also eat plants." Uh, sir, it's an omnivore that prefers meat but will eat anything.

  93. Alli R says:

    Idk how I got here I have 5 assignments due and dont even have a turtle.

  94. Mr. Timid says:

    I'm getting a alligator snapper soon hopefully and I'm gonna breed mice for it

  95. Mr. Timid says:

    snapping turtles do not have a neck 2/3 they have about 1/4-1/5

  96. Dutch Van Der Linde says:

    "Common snappers are the more common of the 2" really I would have never guessed?

  97. Jackalyn Crystal says:

    They are called alligator snapping turtles

  98. xxfire heartxx says:

    How much food are you supose to feed a common snapping turtle

  99. KaptainKpop says:

    To bad they ain’t legal in CA 🤦‍♂️

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