Pet Lizard Care : How to Feed a Salamander

Pet Lizard Care : How to Feed a Salamander

Hi. My name is Tim Cole. I’m with the Austin
Reptile Service. I’ve been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over forty years, and we’re
here to talk about feeding salamanders. One of the more common salamanders kept for pets
would be the tiger or spotted salamanders. These animals get to be a pretty good size
8-10 inches, and they’ll pretty much feed on any small invertebrate. Most people will
feed them earthworms or crickets. Some of them will even eat small mice. If you’re keeping
small salamanders such as the slimy salamander or cave salamander you have to get some very
small crickets to feed them, small earthworms, most small bugs will work out well for food.
Keep in mind if you’re keeping several salamanders together they all need to be about the same
size. If there is a big size difference larger ones will eat the smaller ones. I don’t think
that’s what you want to put on your menu. So make sure you’re keeping them together
they’re all approximately the same size.

Randy Schultz

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  1. bleedingxhearts2 says:

    omg these expert village captions really piss me off theyre either written by a 5 year old or fuck up the video

  2. Alex van Alphen says:

    this is really bad and weird.

  3. cheesepichu123 says:

    no one made a 10-8 inch joke yet… lol

  4. mike Knee says:

    what about small mouth salamanders

  5. scorpion says:

    what if its yellow striped salamander?

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