Pet Lizard Care : How to Care for a Jones Armadillo Lizard

Pet Lizard Care : How to Care for a Jones Armadillo Lizard

Hi my name is Tim Cole with the Austin Reptile
Service, I’ve been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over forty years. And we’re here to talk
about armadillo lizards. This is a lizard that occurs in South Africa, they’re not very
common in the pet trade. They’re an interesting lizard that has a lot of spikes on the tail,
which they use as a defense mechanism against birds of prey. Which could feed on them. What
they’ll do is they’ll roll up with their head, grabbing their tail to form a ring, which
results in a lot of spikes exposed to help protect themselves. These are lizards that
feed on small insects, they also give live birth. And they’ve been records as they actually
feeding their babies, which most lizards don’t do that. They’re not a very colorful lizard,
they’re pretty much chocolate brown for the most part. And they get to about ten inches
long, and since they do live in South Africa they do like the drier terrarium set up.

Randy Schultz

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11 thoughts on “Pet Lizard Care : How to Care for a Jones Armadillo Lizard

  1. xanzus says:

    don't hate on those who speak the truth

  2. adamtekium says:

    Expert villiage… you've failed me again.

  3. EcBuddy123 says:

    yeah u told me info on them not how to care for one…

  4. Jools says:

    I could've read that anywhere. I was waiting for actual footage of the lizards dammit.

  5. shadowstar747 says:

    please help how do i feed my long tailed lizzard meal worms

  6. Buy Bionic says:

    @shadowstar747 mini cricket. and provide powder supplement

  7. adamkwas says:

    @Z555654 yes, they do.

  8. Carsten Thorko says:

    Are you nuts? THIS should be a tank for a v.jonesii? you better hit them to death before you put them in this jail.Idiot! !

  9. nswkilla says:

    they do infact, i breed them

  10. Herp Zone says:

    they do

  11. Danni Hansen says:

    The most horrible setup i've seen for years.

    Clay/sand mix as substrate+deadwood, and LOTS of rocks for climbing.

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