– I think everyone seems
to be pretty interested in seeing and meeting RJ, so I think he’s in a pretty good mood. But, we’ll see how it goes. She’s always super, super docile. (hip hop music) (metal grinding) Whoa! Oh! Good morning everybody, and welcome to the vlog! And we have an amazingly crazy day, starting my guy Argimus Prime here. Oh my gosh! He is a monster for sure! Don’t eat the lock! Don’t eat the lock, buddy. Come on. (man laughs) And, we’re going to go ahead and start the day off by
feeding some monitors. But then, we have a birthday party. Whoa Argimus, oh my gosh! Come here Argus. Come here. Back in your cage! Back in your cage! Back in your cage! Back in your cage! Then we have a birthday party, we have a tour, we have
another birthday party, and then we’re open for The Reptarium. Come on Argimus. Over here. Inside, inside! There you go buddy! Argimus is fully high energy, and it’s a great way to start the day. It’s like my cup of coffee. Next up is my guy Elvis. What’s going on, Elvis? You are definitely a lot easier to feed then Argimus for sure. There you go bud. Whoa! There you go buddy. And, I’m giving him a
couple bigger rats today, because I want to get a little bit beef. I always vary things up. I go from small rodents,
to larger rodents, to meat, to chicken, to turkey, to all kinds of different stuff. Even fish from time to time. Not to mention, we know he loves eggs. But look it, he makes quick work of that rat. That is for sure! We’re going to give him a few of ’em! Another one, bud? There you go. There you go, buddy. That’s the way to go. Whoa, you almost dropped it buddy! There you go! I mean, what an absolutely
perfect predator right here. I mean, it’s such a good eater. It’s just built to eat, and eat, and eat. He is truly an amazing animal. And again, like I said
we have a crazy day. We have like a two-and-a-half
hour birthday party that we have to do. Then, we have a hour tour. Then, another hour-and-a-half
birthday party before The Reptarium opens. But, I wanted to get my day started by feeding some of these
monitors, and Taz the tegu. One last rat for you buddy. One last rat. There you go bud. There you go. Good job buddy. Way to go! There you go. (pleasant music) Down the hatch. Now, that should be a
really nice meal for Elvis. I think he’s going to want to get on that hot spot for awhile, and kind of relax. Good job Elvis! I really don’t want have
to get Abasuku down, so I’m literally just
going to throw this rat right up by Abasuku. Here you go bud. There you go Abasuku. Way to go! Again, I didn’t want to have her to have to come all the way down, ’cause sometimes she’ll
literally jump off that cliff. So, I wanted to get it
up there and feed her. Not to mention, with
her being further away that means she doesn’t
jump out of the cage at me. The last one we’re going to feed before we get started
with our birthday party is Tazzy here. And, he looks like he’s hungry! Like I mentioned before, he’s definitely been running around and kind of going crazy
this last week or so. So, look at him. He takes it, and he just runs
right back into the back. You go ahead and eat it. What a silly little monkey this dude is, I tell you what. But, I’m going to feed him
a handful of rats today. I think he’ll be really happy. You a good boy? And, he’ll bite. Oh my gosh! He is really going to town! Oh my gosh! Tazzy, what’s up buddy? Again, he just kind of changing his personality a little bit. I think we’re going to have
to really work on him a lot to keep him super, super docile. Don’t get me wrong, he’s
really, really tame, but he’s really more energetic
than he’s ever been before. So, I think that he’s
kind of reaching maturity, and maybe even changing sometimes. ‘Cause sometimes animals
can actually reach maturity, and then all of the sudden, kind of change their personality. So, we’re going to have to
work on Taz a tremendous amount to make sure that he’s super, super tame. And one way of doing this, is keeping him really well fed. So, these handful of rats
are going to be something that he’s going to be so happy with. (hip hop music) There you go buddy. There you go. There you go buddy. (hip hop music) There you go buddy. There you go. All right. So, that’s going to be a
really good meal for Tazzy. What a dainty eater! I think it’s still funny
how they all eat different. Artimus Prime’s out its mind. Elvis is actually pretty good, and then Tazzy is just
such a dainty little eater. So amazing. So all right, let’s get ready, and get this first party going. So like I mentioned, we actually have a two-and-a-half
hour birthday party, where basically about an hour, everyone’s just going to look around. Then, we’re going to give
a little presentation that we teach people about the animals. Then, they’re going to
have gifts, and party, and all that type of stuff. And then again, we’re going to go around and take some pictures. Because it’s two-and-a-half hours, it’s the longest party that we actually do here at The Reptarium. So, we have a lot of time. It’s going to be really fun, and everyone is just starting to setup. And, look how absolutely cute this is. Oh my God, that’s adorable. And you guys know that I
love to show off the cakes. That is an amazing cake there. That’s one of the better ones for sure. Wow, that’s awesome! Presentation went really
well, it was so cute. The birthday boy is just
turning three years old, and absolutely adorable. Now, everyone’s just getting a chance to meet Bella a little bit. (man speaking foreign language) There we go bud. – Hello Bella. – Kids enjoying some tortoise feeding. it’s absolutely adorable! Wrapping up the first
birthday party of the day. We had a great time! It was so cool! We even took daisy out and took pictures with her! Oh my god. What a great time! So now we have a quick
tour that we have to do and another hour and a half birthday party before we open for the Reptarium. Lets go check on BHB. Just checking down here for some breeding. That was a really good
breeding right there! That’s a Pastel Enchi Banana right to a Cinner winner Which is basically a Cinnamon Pin Walnut. Another lock there from
my passed out King Pin bred just to a nice big
beautiful passed out girl. Just a couple more lock
ups to be honest with you. But I was pretty excited about this one! This is actually a Pastel
Vanilla Bamboo Woma Ball Python. And it’s the first time
he’s actually locked up with the pinstripe female. That is just a beautiful, beautiful snake so I can’t wait to see if it
comes out of that breeding. And like I’ve mentioned before, that’s actually a Pastel Ivory just bred to a yellow belly. Were not only trying
to produce really cool awesome incredible morphs. But like I’ve mentioned, I wanna just produce
really beautiful animals that people will love
to have as a cool pet and just give it a life time of love and white snakes are absolutely incredible so that should produce us some more ivorys Pastel Ivorys, Pastel Yellow
Bellys and even Yellow Bellys. This is a pretty exciting one right here this is actually a Pastel Pied
that is bred to a Mahogany that is half or pied. So I could potentially make Mahogany Pied. And then when you breed those
back you can get the Suma Pied which are the black and
white Piebald Ball Pythons. Woohoo Doggy! That is actually an
Enchi Pinstriped Banana that’s bred to a GHI Mojave girl. I wouldn’t exactly know
what would come from that but it’s gunna be awesome anyways. When I say I don’t know
what will come from that I absolutely know what will come from it what I’m saying is it might
be really cool looking animals obviously you’ve got pastel you’ve got pinstripe you’ve got bananas you’ve got Mojave and you’ve got GHI The Mojave GHI is
actually an alelac animal so everything is gunna be either Mojave or it’s gunna be GHI. And then you could have
combinations of Pastel, Pinstripe or Banana. So I do know what’s coming from it I just don’t know what its
gunna look like when they hatch. And I just wanna stop by the BHB and just check things really quick before I do this next tour. These tours are always a lot of fun. We’ll check back on the rest
of BHB later in the vlog. And my tour showed up. Thank you guys so much for coming you drove a couple hours to get here so, we are gunna see some cool stuff we’re gunna start with Salt and Pepper. (girl laughs) – isn’t she gorgeous though? – She is so cute – She’s so amazing and it’s cool she’s really getting
good about eating now. Like, literally this morning I would drop pellets in
and she ate 8 or 10 of them right after so we’re clicker training her so she’s getting really good and of course we have pepper out and yeah you can tell just the
size difference between Salt and Pepper now Pepper is just exploding but the truth is Salt is gaining the exact same amount of
weight that pepper did at the same size so I have a feeling in 6 or 7 weeks, Salt will
be just as big as Pepper is now but Pepper will be even bigger. Of course everyone wants to see Joker and just feel how a
scale-less snake feels. So what do you think? – He is so pretty It feels crazy, it’s like a suede. – Yeah, it’s almost like yeah like a suede and it’s crazy cos people
always describe it different. Suede, a peach. Sometimes people would say like a skin. But it’s alright and I think suede is actually a pretty good description to be honest with you. You know all the usual suspects right? We’ve got Sunrise out and you said you like it as a matter of fact I’m gunna probably charge
her for a snake massage at the end (everyone laughs) It’s funny to say but honestly
I’ve thought about that because you guys that don’t know there are places like
in New York and Japan that literally you can go
and get a snake massage where they put a bunch of snakes on you. And I’ve always thought
like why not do one right by the Reptarium, I can get my own what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. Speedys getting a lot of attention today. He’s a great great animal,
I love this Shell dude. You’re so cute speedy. Tour number 2 is in the books. I’ll tell you what I either just think everyone
in the world is amazing or I’m getting so lucky because again I don’t think I’ve had a bad person come for a
tour, birthday party. I hope I’m not jinxing myself because we have an hour and a half
birthday party about to start in the next 10 minutes. As birthday party is on the way we have Elvis out here just kinda hanging out What do you think of Elvis? Cool right? – [Visitors] Yeah! – Awesome, everyone’s over here obviously paying some attention to Bella over here. Look at Bella out over
here getting some attention definitely having a good time. Okay, she came in and
she was really scared She’s holding a snake oh my god. You’ve come such a long
way, you’re so awesome! – Good Job Karis, good girl – That’s so awesome seeing things off with Daisy out oh my god she’s so amazing. What do you think? Awesome Huh? She’s definitely a gentle giant. But again, we always keep an eye on things the actions, the way she’s moving If she gives us any
Inclination that she might be in a bad mood or doing something weird. We’re always keeping an eye on her. But Daisy, she’s always
super super awesome. Birthday Party’s Done, Tours Done. And we have like 3 minutes
before we have to open up for Reptarium for the night. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible! This was an absolutely crazy day Thanks to Lori! – Thanks to me! – Lori does all the booking, she definitely kept us busy! – No no no, she has over booked this day! – It’s not over booked I enjoyed it it was absolutely incredible but we are gonna have a good
night here at the Reptarium. We are ready! Bruce you ready? – Lets do this! – Jessica ready? Lori is not ready and Bea you ready? – Ready! – Okay! Lets go, lets get it going! Hey Guys! Finally, come on in, come on in how are you? So good to see you. Thank you again I appreciate it. Thank you so much for coming! It’s your birthday! Happy birthday bud. Welcome Welcome, Hi How are you? Hey, what’s going on? – Hey nice to meet you man! – Thank you! Come on in, we
will have a great time guys. As always the Reptarium
is popping off tonight it’s absolutely incredible. Birthday boy over here, you
got Hellen, that is awesome! Well happy birthday bud,
I really appreciate you coming to visit. Got Predita out here, you loving Predita? Isn’t she beautiful? Got some gator feeding going on. It’s awesome to feed gators. Having some fun. Caspers got quite a little
crowd over here and admires. Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? – Yes – He’s loving Predita. You know, I’ve had a couple
people recently like say like aren’t you afraid of like letting kids hold the
snakes and stuff like that. Number 1. We not only have animals that
are bullet proof as far as being handled cos they get
handled every single day but we are also always keeping a close eye on the animals actions. We haven’t had a bite
yet from anything here. And I’ve been doing this
for 20 something years when it comes to handling
snakes or people so. Listen, we’re always
keeping an eye on this and there’s no doubt that
we’re really hawk eyed to make sure no one ever gets hurt. I think everyone seems
to be pretty interested in meeting RJ so I think
he’s in a pretty good mood but we’ll see how it goes. – Oh my god! – I know right? And then I’m gunna keep him calm okay? I just have to keep him under control. – Thank you so much! – One of my absolutely favorite times when I can bring RJ out
and let people hold him. He’s such an amazing animal
but again, we’re always keeping close eye on all his actions. As soon as his eyes start
to do anything different I’m all over, you can tell,
before he moves at all I can completely read his body language. He is completely tame right
now, you are doing good bud! You’re doing really good! Alright we got the gator out! Look, how cute is that? We are winding down here at the Reptarium. It’s been a really nice night again. Highlights of the night
were people that came in that were a little afraid
that held stuff as always. People that were super
enthusiastic about stuff that came in and held stuff. Some return people came in so I love that, that’s always awesome course, sunrise is out over here so definitely been an
absolutely amazing night. Lori, that was a pretty crazy day! That’s about as nuts as it gets right? – It was insane, a long day! – It was so cold though
I mean but literally since early this morning we had birthday party’s, tours, birthday party’s, Reptarium. It was a pretty busy night
at the Reptarium too so definitely definitely
starting to wrap up again we close in about 10 minutes or so. I am bushed. I know you’ve gotta be
tired cos you definitely did a lot of work today. – Yeah! I’m ready to
go home and go to bed! – I bet your puppy’s miss you,
the dogs weren’t here today so I bet you they miss you,
so that’s the first thing to spend some time with your pups! – Okay! There it is guys. Another day in the book. it was a insane day, a
long day, a great day. Had a wonderful time and I hope that you guys
enjoyed every part of it. Let me know in the
comments what you did like. Did you like the monitor feeding do you like the tours,
the birthday party’s. Did you like things at BHB. Whatever the case may be. I wish you guys an absolutely
amazing day, evening, whenever you happen to be watching. As always your support
means the world to me and I truly love you guys so much. Can you do me a couple of favors
before we get out of here. Can you smash that like button. Turn those post notifications on so you know when I upload a video which is everyday, 7 days a week at 9 o’clock in the morning
Eastern Standard Time. Be kind to someone today and I promise, I will see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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    I have to say this…I'm still not a snake person although just watching your vlog has definitely shown me how much more docile they can be and confirmed that just like any animal, reading and respect are of utmost importance in addition to the fact that they will try and run before attacking. RJ got into my heart and your snapping turtle….(forgive me for forgetting the name). Then Bella with her "love eyes" I call them (like a cat) when you all handle her and how responsive and seemingly having the emotion factor….she is in my heart…..I WANT a frilled dragon….IN LOVE LOVE LOVE with them, then you got Elvis…now your Salt and Pepper (their little bellies are growing good :)) they are in my heart!!!! I am in absolute awe. I cannot get into the tarantulas no matter how many videos you post…that is the only down one. Spiders will always be a great fear of mine and just thinking of having one on me makes my skin crawl. Because of YOU When I met a "bella" I was actually able to pet the animal. Thank you! YEARS ago my neighbor had an iguana I wouldn't go near….I was afraid of it. Because of BELLA….the response she has….when animals show love and like of being acknowledged and touched like that… it shows a certain kind of need. I am learning that no matter what if an animal is looking to be touched but someone is so afraid of them they can hardly look at them, then maybe it hurts their little hearts….YES I believe animals EVEN FISH have feelings too…. Just like I couldn't work at the nursing home and not at least smile if not hug a dying person or….show some form of affection towards them, I think (IMO) animals have that same need, especially if they are being kept as pets.

  96. Levi Hartley says:

    Keep it up Brian …I'm from Sandusky Ohio gonna come check you out soon… addicted to your channel and hate snakes but your so educational…awesome job

  97. Levi Hartley says:

    Ooooouuuuu doggy

  98. Hairless Wookiee says:

    The world needs more people like Brian Barczyk and Coyote Peterson.

  99. Francisco Rivera says:

    I just remembered they eat the teeth

  100. The Mongrel maag says:

    We have 2 monitors exactly the same as elvis living naturally in our back yard. They are always trying to brake into our Guinea pig hutch ? they are getting a monitor proof cage soon lol (yes they have been made safe temporarily until then.) They are crazy smart, amazing animals and INSANE climbers ?

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