Peppa Pig Game | Crocodile Hiding in Peppa Pig Toys – Peppa Pig Swimming Fun Playset

Peppa Pig Game | Crocodile Hiding in Peppa Pig Toys – Peppa Pig Swimming Fun Playset

Peppa Pig! Peppa Pig! There’s a crocodile in the swimming pool and I don’t know where he is. I’m just kidding. There are no silly crocodiles in the pool today, Peppa. Come on! Let’s go have some fun in the sun in the new swimming pool. But first, you and your family are going to have to get into your swimming outfits. Daddy Pig, you can go first. Your swimming outfit is in the room with the blue door.
That door is red. That door is yellow.
That door is green. And that door is blue. Okay, Daddy Pig, that’s your room. Go ahead and go inside. Mummy Pig, it’s your turn. Your swimming outfit is in the room with the green door. That’s a red door. That’s a yellow door. and there’s the green door. Okay, Mummy Pig, that’s your room. Peppa Pig, you’re up next. Your room is yellow. Okay, Peppa, go on in. George, you’re the last one. Are you ready? Your room is red. Daddy Pig jumped into the swimming pool and swam all the way to the bottom. But when he got there, he found something very interesting sitting on the pool floor. Do you know what it is? You’re right. They’re glasses. Daddy Pig’s glasses. Daddy Pig, I think you’re going to need a better way to keep your glasses on while you swim. Peppa Pig and her family were having fun swimming in the pool. When all of a sudden, they heard some funny noises.
“What makes that sound?” they thought. It’s Peppa Pig’s friend, Candy Cat. and she’s here to swim too. What is that sound? That sounds like an elephant. It’s Edmond Elephant. Is that a sheep? It is! It’s Susie Sheep. Along with Rebecca Rabbit and her brother, Richard Rabbit. I think this calls for a fun swimming pool party. That was so much fun! I’m so glad there aren’t any silly crocodiles around today.
Hey, who’s up for some ice cream? There are lots of different flavors of ice cream in Peppa Pig’s ice cream van. And all of Peppa’s friends and family wants their ice creams to match their swimming outfits. Hello. Mr. Ice Cream Man, we would like some ice cream please. Wait a minute. There’s something silly about this ice cream man. It’s a silly crocodile. Mr. Crocodile, we just want our ice creams okay? So don’t be too silly. Okay. Let’s match the ice creams. Rebecca Rabbit is wearing a blue swimming outfit. What flavor ice cream is blue? Blueberry ice cream!
Candy Cat is wearing a green swimming outfit. What flavor ice cream is green? Mint ice cream. And Susie sheep is wearing pink. What flavor ice cream is pink. Cotton candy ice cream Peppa Pig gets strawberry. Mummy Pig gets blueberry. Daddy Pig gets orange. George gets apple. Richard gets blackberry. And Edmond Elephant gets…broccoli ice cream? You silly crocodile. That’s not an ice cream flavor. But Edmond sure seems to love it. Okay everyone. It’s time to go swimming in the pool again. You silly crocodile. Thank you so much for playing with us today. If you would like to have more fun, touch one of these videos now or subscribe to Just for Kids. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

Randy Schultz

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