People Get Snake Massages • The Test Friends // Sponsored by Esquire Network’s Team Ninja Warrior

People Get Snake Massages • The Test Friends // Sponsored by Esquire Network’s Team Ninja Warrior

– I’m kinda finding it hard
to gather thoughts right now because if you haven’t noticed there’s a (bleep) snake on my face. (energetic rock music) – What are we doing today? – We’re getting snakes on us. – I don’t know why you’re
so excited about it. – We are going to try
massage therapy with snakes. – I read on the internet about this thing called snake massages. – This man looks so happy! – I can’t imagine that’s
what I’m going to be like. – Why am I doing this again? – [Ned] Esquire Network’s
Team Ninja Warrior challenged the Test Friends
to do something extreme, so I’m bringing in a 12 foot python. – Are you sweating? – Yeah, I’m sweaty! My palms are sweating. This is a normal human reaction. – Why do you think people
are afraid of snakes? – They bite, but snakes are actually really docile if you take care of them properly. – Ugh! – All right, so this is Casper,
and he’s a ghost corn snake. – Oh, he’s adorable! – This is Stanley the ball python, and this is Swazi the ball python. Any you wanna hold first? – Uhh, I’ll wait. – What’s a good way to hold him– Okay! Okay! – Wow, look at his eyes! – Hello, you’re so scaley! – I’ve like, never felt an animal that feels like this before. – He’s a constrictor
so he likes to squeeze. – Squeeze out the pain, Casper! – It’s Desha, bitch! (laughs) – [Maycie] I’m gonna throw
up, or cry, or something, I don’t even know. – I’m okay with the
snakes being on my back; I would prefer not to
have snakes on my boobs. – I’m gonna get the snakes on my chest. I think it’ll be like getting a hug. – Let’s (bleep) do this!
It’s gonna be dope! Probably, hopefully. Okay, okay!
– [Maycie] Oh my god. – [Jen] Okay! – Mmkay. – [Jen] This is not a sensation that I have experienced before today. – [Maycie] Oh my god, it’s
going right by her face. – [Jen] Doesn’t smell bad. I’ll say that. Feels kinda good, Maycie. – I’m just chillin’. I could actually, like, fall
asleep with these on me. – [Jen] You know what? They kinda feel like thin, long ice packs just moving across my body. – Buenos dias. – If I shut my eyes,
I do sort of doze off. It is very relaxing. – There’s just something
about watching a snake move that kinda makes me nauseous. – They’re just like, kneading dough. They were kneading the
muscles on my chest. Ready? – Yeah. I guess I won’t half-ass it. I’ll put the snakes on my face. So (bleep) weird. – I want a snake scalp massage. And I want it now. – Please take off your shirt. And– – Wait, what? Are you serious? – I’m just goin’ off the brochure, here. – [Desha] Don’t act
like you don’t like it! – You ever seen a head more
ready to get a snake put on it? – Alright, let’s do this! Here comes Casper. – Okie dokie… – My old pal. – Yup, there’s one! – I’m getting goosebumps! – Let’s just, let’s just
put the snake, okay. Yep, yep. Okay, he’s on my face. – I can hear him breathing! Awww! This is the best. – Forgive me if I’m not the
most articulate, right now. Holy (bleep), he’s going
across my eyeballs. – You know, sometimes you hear people breathing in your ear,
but very rarely a snake. – What is the point of this, again? What are the benefits? – I’m proud of you, Bergara! – It’s working, so far. – It genuinely feels like
this amazing massage. – [Ryan] He is just going to
town, right on the old package! (laughs) – Ohhh, I can feel his tongue
on the back of my neck. – I could’ve done that for
like, four or five more hours. – So I was already really
really nervous and freaking out. Oh my god, I’m freaking out! And then I’m laying there
on the table, head-down, Ned tells me to turn around and
see the snake coming for me. And it is enormous. Uhh, wait, is it a big one? Oh my god, Oh my god! No, no, no! (laughs) Like, the biggest snake
I’ve ever even dreamed up. – So this is Big Worm,
probably about 12ish feet long? And he’s 50 pounds. – And I did not sign up for that, at all. I thought they were little snakes. It was not going to be a big deal. Ugh, even thinking about it
now just really freaks me out. Ohh! I’m sorry, okay. Oh god, oh god oh god oh god. (screams) Sorry, I’m so scared. Ahh! Oh my god. I’m sorry, you guys! Oh, where’s its head? – Okay, okay… I don’t know, I was freaking out the entire
time, I never got used to it. But I’m proud of myself
that I accomplished it, and I did it, and I have it on video proof for the rest of my life. – I was really scared at first, but– – It was really relaxing! – I mean, as you can see,
I don’t want to let him go. – Can I take this guy home, or…? – No. – I’m very proud of myself that I did it. – It did get more
relaxing towards the end. – It felt like a real massage. – You’re not scared of snakes then totally go for it. – I dig them, I would
totally do this again. – I’ll stick with humans. – [Ned] I’m gonna get a
taste of my own medicine. See what it’s like. (screams) Ahhhh. Thanks for watching the Test Friends.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “People Get Snake Massages • The Test Friends // Sponsored by Esquire Network’s Team Ninja Warrior

  1. Cloudmedias says:

    Shane and Casper were best friend goals honestly

  2. Jobo Pezzono says:

    soy boys sensually slithered on by sneks

  3. Shouta Aizawa says:

    I’m in love with Shane’s commentary ❤️❤️

  4. Liger Tily says:

    Brand name: Try Guys
    Great Value: The Test Friends

  5. Chance Reeves says:

    Shane is so relatable

  6. Yeetyonk says:

    I want to do this. I’m obsessed with snakes

  7. Chaotic Balance says:

    How much does this cost?

  8. Pia Dylan says:

    3:46 what is she affraif of ? the snoot is sooo cute. yeah, it may be a big snake but it won’t do you any harm ??‍♀️

  9. emma erickson says:

    tHiS iS tHe TrY gUys

  10. ʕ・ิɷ・ิʔฅ mαх says:

    Casper is adorable (I'm assuming his name is Casper as in Casper the friendly ghost- since that's why I named my dog Casper)

  11. SnowFox 2074 says:

    “Please take off your shirt, aaaand”
    Ned you and the Try Guys get naked way to much!

  12. Bic Boi says:

    try guys on a budget

  13. Need A tissue? says:

    Big worm!i love that name, i absolutely love snakes I own my own corn snake he doesn't have a name yet suggestions?? But anyway I don't understand why people are scared of snakes are good if they're venomous but if they're not most of them are docile and if they are scared of the bites they hurt less than a cat bite.

  14. MeonProductions says:

    Shane was so chill it was super cute.
    I felt bad for Maicy. She was so scared and she got the biggest snake.

  15. Braydin Sisco says:

    Ryan: help
    Shane: can I take my new friend with me so he can give more head massages

  16. Franki Miller says:

    How is Shane such a pure soul?

  17. Baby Nicole says:

    I love snakes

  18. dulgpesg says:

    I think I'm in love with Shane

  19. Izzy Hastwitch says:

    I love snakes so much ?

  20. Sze Ying Ong says:

    imagine if Ryan actually got hard when the snake slithered across his dick??that'd be hilarious

  21. _TeMp3st says:

    Oh Look

    It's Ryan from unsolved

  22. Uruguay 111 says:

    I love them being scared of the most common and docile snakes kept as pets??

  23. AztecBoy 11 says:

    Test friends just a try guys ripoff ??

  24. FlyingFree says:

    It's so sad how scared people are of snakes. When I get my ball python I'm gonna take him around to educate people on them.

  25. Tia Rose says:

    i always come back to this video

  26. Lady Kata says:

    Of course shane likes snakes. Of course!

  27. LinkedInLimeGreenIpodNano says:

    I would like Sneks on me all day plz.

  28. veranya2074 says:

    snake on top of me????

  29. CherryBones says:

    Noodle friends!

  30. Danika Huff says:

    Snakes are adoreable

  31. aiman Kay says:

    does anyone else think this is a cheap try guys

  32. ; royaly pissed says:

    "I can hear him breathin'… a w h"

  33. Les Anderson says:

    Salmonella anyone? Lol

  34. North Eastern locomotion shun says:

    There no way I would do that I hate snake and I would be so happy if they died out

  35. qŪĮrKÿ says:

    I want a scalp massage and I want it now

  36. Nina Hecht says:

    His name is Big worm!!!!

  37. Aliza Aqif says:


  38. leah is drinking google says:


  39. Jada Armstrong says:

    3:09 the way he said a snake killed me… just me.OK ?

  40. Ramneet Dhaliwal says:

    Where can I find myself a guy like Shane??

  41. TrashCans4u says:

    3:14 I would be freaking out if I was him. Not because there’s a snake on my face, no I love snakes. But because it’s going across his neck how does he not scream I hate it when anything touches my neck even wind. I know I’m weird.

  42. Samantha Horvath says:

    Omg where can I get a snake massage?!?

  43. Siobhan Sprouse says:

    I know that it's not the Test Friends' shoot, but it bums me out that the Burmese at :47 has its mouth taped shut :c

  44. hopeless heathen says:

    What would happen if the steaks were mad at you and they tried to kill you cuz their constrictors

  45. jekblom123 says:

    I love snakes

  46. Çåłł Mę Kęvîñ Fâń says:

    Yay Shane

  47. MJxAvz says:

    3:19 red

  48. Mandy says:

    I would love to get a snake massage, I love snakes!!!

  49. cassidy anne says:

    hell. no.

  50. francisco salazar says:

    The tests friends, the Chinese version of the try guys

  51. edward says:

    a demon and his snake

  52. Soissesglaubsmir says:

    Hmm … a coupon for this could be a nice birthday gift for someone you don´t like so really

  53. 齊藤神酒 says:

    Feel like pure enjoyment ~Good for summer???

  54. Jackson Bonfiglioli says:

    ned is like hahahaha they dont know whats coming i also have a snake his name is mr cuddles

  55. Goldenx MSP says:

    I ? love ? snakes ? ?

  56. Tina Kimbrough says:

    People who play and worship the serpent will be with the serpent during judgement day serpent are not your friends

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    I want a snake sooo bad!

  58. persephone p says:

    2:54 ay lil mama lemme whisper in ur ear

  59. Rowen Kay says:

    Casper was so cute

  60. dookhoa heereshraj says:


  61. Victoria Heffly says:

    Back when try friends was a thing?

  62. isabelle ! says:

    Shane and Dasha are lit

  63. Lydia Mccorkindale says:

    Awww they are so cute ?

  64. Yee Yee says:

    The snakes remind me of my cats

  65. gaymma_ray says:

    I can hear him breathen

  66. Semicolon Simon says:

    shane is me, he's just so damn happy

  67. avxeline says:

    They are so cutee

  68. flipdesigns says:

    sister snakes ready to snap!!

  69. Geetha Kasibhatla says:

    Snakes are actually so cute. I'd be just like Shane if this happened to me.

  70. dead Inside says:

    That snake really wanted Ryan in more ways than one 😉

  71. Madeline Elliott says:

    So, I’m probably going to get things thrown at me for this… but I like the Test Friends better than the Try guys.

  72. Francesca Patti says:

    Casper is adorable ❤️❤️❤️?

  73. Tony 410 says:


  74. momo kim says:

    this is better than spider lady.

  75. tsmith924 says:

    Too many nope ropes and danger noodles

  76. Shelby Brasfield says:

    I am shane honestly. I love Casper he is perfect I fuckin love snakes ajdydhsisi

  77. Deepti Singh says:

    How is Shane not scared of anything

  78. hug annoy says:

    Demon shane bonds with snakes ?

  79. Harsha P says:

    The snake is telling Shane the secrets of world and Shane doesn't know parseltongue its so sad

  80. Bailey T says:

    I would be Shane in this situation. I honestly find snakes to be adorable

  81. Orion Rae says:

    I do not want to hear a snake breathing in my ear, I will scream and run away

  82. vandana nataraj says:

    I need a friend like Jen who holds my hand like this❤

  83. Rupnit Santwal says:

    Casper whispering sweet nothings in Shane's ears.

  84. TheBestAqua says:

    Tbh I would be in heaven. I love snakes

  85. Prince AfterBurn says:

    Those snakes are gorgeous

  86. thatcrazygracie 123 says:

    Shane’s initial reaction was the demon part of him letting loose

  87. Mothman says:

    Shane fricking loved Casper and it was adorbs

  88. Eren Rush says:

    Lol let's give Shane the 6'4 giant the tiniest snake, and give Maycie the 50 lbs snake! Makes perfect sense!

  89. Coopkake Kuween says:

    Jen is so cute when she’s scared ?

  90. London Purvis says:

    Would LOVE to get this done. I have a snake, and she is the sweetest creature- trust me, it feels AMAZING to have a snake on your skin. They’re very soft and soothing.

  91. Tessa Gutierrez says:

    Shane: 😀

  92. O M.G says:

    Snakes are so cuteeeee!!???

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    shane and casper were adorable
    pretty sure casper was seducing him…

    shane: aww i can hear him breathing!
    casper: hey lil mama lemme whisper in your ear

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    Like 2 years ago I was Maycie and now I’m like daysha something just kinds flipped

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    Sometimes you hear people breathing in your ear but very rarely

    a snake.

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    did y'all purposefully give Shane a goddamn GHOST snake? also as a snake lover id GLADLY get a snake massage! sign me up son

  98. Wut is this life. says:

    Why are half of the comments just people freaking out about why Shane's so hot

  99. arty katykat says:

    Shane is me with snakes

  100. Sara Lucía Montenegro says:

    I just find it funny that they gave Shane a ghost snake. Okay sorry

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