PENICILLIN COCKTAIL RECIPE – Whisky, Ginger, Citrus and Honey!

PENICILLIN COCKTAIL RECIPE – Whisky, Ginger, Citrus and Honey!

Randy Schultz

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70 thoughts on “PENICILLIN COCKTAIL RECIPE – Whisky, Ginger, Citrus and Honey!

  1. Steve the Bartender says:

    Damn I love this drink.

  2. Kristoffer Sparegodt says:

    Noice… klik

  3. Teoh ZY says:

    I love how you look genuinely happy, like a little kid. Drinking this. Definitely gonna try it out!

  4. Vicki Schmidt says:

    Could I use a Lagavulin 16 years as the smokey element instead? (It's what I have in my bar cabinet ?)

  5. Wyatt Bicknell says:

    I love laphroaig, but prefer lagavulin although being a little less smokey laphroaig would probably work better for this

  6. 墨珩 says:

    Your facial expression is so cute when you pull out the cork ??

  7. RmFrZQ says:

    Why straining over fresh ice is important? Why not use the same ice the drink was shaken with?
    Is it just the aesthetics and for the looks?

  8. Dan Robertson says:

    Glad you were able to finally make it. Now it's on my list and hope it doesn't take 18 months?

  9. Marija says:

    Wow seems amazing! My husband and I are huge Islay (pronounced eye-la ?) fans and spent a week there in fact a few years back. His fav is Laphroaig (mine's Caol Ila) so I'll be sure to make this for him as soon as I'm out of hospital. Thanks for these vids, so informative!

  10. fabian vogel says:

    a great whiskey luckely in europe its a bit cheaper ^^ in switzerland you can get it for like 60 CHF. not one of my favorites tho but i also have one on the shelf with something in it perfect to try for this drink

  11. 1 Mean! says:

    @ last! HALLELUJAH!!!???

  12. tomasz kubski says:

    its also by far my most favorite cocktail i also like the version with tequila and mezcal and agave syrup instead of honey. 😛
    also loving the toothpaste commercial smile while u shake ^^

  13. Sgt Kal says:

    I might have to stop watching these videos, my liquor cabinet is running out of space. I'll me trying this when I get home this evening. My father loves a whisky mix, so this'll be a fun one to surprise him with.

  14. Stephane Foisy says:

    Great video as always of one of my favourites. For those that may drink many you can pre mix your honey syrup and ginger syrup at the 1:1, which will be easier to measure 3/4 oz instead of 3/8 oz of each. Or, which I prefer, is once the ginger is grated/juiced I add 2 part honey to 1 part ginger juice. That makes my honey/ginger syrup without the use of any extra sugar. Pure bliss.

  15. Matthias Zajdela says:

    Any recommendations for a medium priced whiskey to go for in a penicillin? I was thinking macallan or maker’s Mark?

  16. Vallimann1 says:

    100 AUD…damn. In Germany you can get this stuff for under 30 Euros (before Brexit)

  17. keats says:

    ? shakes vigorously

  18. vagabond 1 says:

    Great job Steve,thanks.

  19. Diana Pammy says:

    Uuuuuh Loving that, sir.

  20. angel_wings says:

    Nice upload. Only question I have for you Steve is, do you like/love this drink ? ??

  21. angel_wings says:

    Ok to use Johnny black ?

  22. Jamie Benson says:

    Islay is pronounced as Isla. The "Y" is silent. I live there lol. But that drink is phenominal!

  23. Emmanuel Rivera says:

    Man! I cant wait to try this, and by the way, you're the only dude that has the shake face down. Good job on not looking awkward. I always say, "here comes the smile!"

  24. Lisa Shapiro says:

    Scotch is an acquired taste ( all my men love the spirit ) I prefer Bourbon.

  25. Thomas Hatch says:


  26. Mathew Miller says:

    A local bar makes one of these, I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the video.

  27. Friedrich Hartmann says:

    Woooow in germany the Laphroaig is 30 Euros

  28. johnnymcleanvlogs says:

    I’d make this drink with distany Cos we are going places

  29. johnnymcleanvlogs says:

    I know how to shake hah ha

  30. Kentoras says:

    I love the smile you have while shaking xD Very nice videos! I'll try to make a penicilin by myself tonight

  31. Soraya Hussainali says:

    Why, whyy the name??

  32. Soraya Hussainali says:

    Ahhh there's that gorgeous shake and smile

  33. Terry Lentz says:

    Looks great but I'm allergic to Penicillin

  34. Sour Cream says:

    In germany laphroaig is about 40 AUD (27 euros) your taxes on alcohol must be insanely high… but he's still worth it

  35. BLACKBEARD says:

    Oooh that glencairn+Laphroaig is going to go down very nice.

  36. FANtasy222 says:

    Watching Steve shaky-shaky the cocktail with a smile is always a highlight of the video.

  37. John Donnelly says:

    Next time I get sick imma drink this until i pass out……

  38. Chris Hackett says:

    I love adding 1/2oz pineapple juice, smooths it out a bit and takes out some of the spiceness of the ginger. I always juice my ginger to get that ginger juice.

  39. Grant says:

    Check the pronunciation of Islay

  40. Jakob Berner says:

    Where to get those picks?

  41. asdf asdf says:

    one hundred dollarydoos!?!

  42. Luis Farina says:

    Steve, congratulations for the job!! Great drinks, easy to prepare.

  43. LightningWar44 says:

    That smile! Makes me grin every time. Love these videos even though I don't drink.

  44. Russell Johnson says:

    I'm drinking one now, so delicious

  45. F De Mascio says:

    Laphroaig: like kissing a mermaid who just had barbecue for lunch.

  46. twinky666666 says:

    christ your getting ripped off there on the laphroaig, its only 40 Australian dollar here in the UK?‍♂️?

  47. Wking says:

    I about shit when you said Laphroaig 10 is 100 dollars in Australia. 50 bucks in Utah. Damn island Australia…

  48. BenRangel says:

    I love peaty whisky but I've never had a cocktail with it before, used to think it simply wasn't suitable for mixing.
    Will totally try it

  49. BenRangel says:

    $100 for a bottle of Laphroaig? Jeez. It's one of the most affordable bottles of peaty whisky ever over here in Sweden, at $25 for a 70cl bottle.

  50. Lynne Barkas says:

    Spoils the single malt for me.

  51. Herdikul666 says:

    good job!

  52. BlueBanana5000 says:

    100$ for a bottle of Laphroaig 10? Holy crap, I feel sorry for you guys down there. Here in germany it's about 30€

  53. Mark Giblin says:

    This is a great cocktail! Can certainly be tuned to personal taste with out compromising the integrity of the original recipe. Many may prefer less smoke. I used about a capful of the Islay.

  54. ambrose899 says:

    2:46 Waiting for this! Charming

  55. Happy Tudy says:

    What whiskey should I invest in? Now I think I am between Monkey Shoulder, Bulleit, Makers Mark. Also, what is the difference between Rye and Bourbon?

  56. _Løgic says:

    That looked so pleasing to make, I, for one, will definitely be investing in a bottle of that whiskey

  57. Redst100 says:

    Omf this looks amazing. I will try it before i die

  58. Jorrie Bhattacharya says:

    The honey part could easily be replaced with that magic grin which is even sweeter… ??

  59. Jo Spargo says:

    Love this drink. Impossible to stop at one.

  60. Julian Cannizzaro says:

    Mate your Aussie. Where are links for the Australian websites.

  61. mszoomy says:

    I'll have to skip the $100 a bottle whiskey but I can handle the rest.

  62. Ruby Gregory says:

    That drink is right up my alley! I’ll have to try making it this weekend.

  63. Andrew Wood says:

    I didn't have any regular honey around, but I did have some golden raisin infused honey that I made way too much of. Not sure how much of a difference it made but the end result was pretty delicious. Love the videos.

  64. Zach Koelzer says:

    Love your videos and smile. Can you start a wishlist though of liquors we can buy and send you? I’d gladly support the cause

  65. Callam OConnor says:

    Please reduce the volume on the backing music

  66. jack hogan says:

    Shoulder Monkey is great but it gets lost with the smoke, iodine and salt of the Laphroaig. I am going to try it next with a rye or a stronger scotch.

  67. Javic167 says:

    100$ for a Laphroaig 10 is fckn expensive, in Germany you pay about 30€ (about 35$) for it. For 70-100€ you get 20yrs plus Whisky even small batch ones. I guess opening a good Whisky destillary down under could get you rich, if you get the investors. 😀

  68. Ross Parker says:

    100 dollars?!?!?!?? It’s £32 in my local supermarket (and we have a high tax on alcohol in Scotland). It just goes to show the price of importing stuff

  69. Just A German says:

    Man, sounds and looks delicious

  70. Der Saa says:

    Why do you say that a bottle of Laphroaig 10y was 100$ per bottle?!?!?! ?

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