OUROBOROS symbol – How the SNAKE THAT EATS ITSELF rules the Cosmos  (Meaning of Eternal Cycle)

OUROBOROS symbol – How the SNAKE THAT EATS ITSELF rules the Cosmos (Meaning of Eternal Cycle)

Randy Schultz

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55 thoughts on “OUROBOROS symbol – How the SNAKE THAT EATS ITSELF rules the Cosmos (Meaning of Eternal Cycle)

  1. sofiangotrong says:

    Amazing!!! Wow I never knew anything about this symbol. Love your applications of this symbol in our current world, and very interesting take on the Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge. Well researched and presented, thanks for the brain power punch!

  2. Marall D says:

    Buddy ! Another great informative video ! Learning a lot from watching your videos ! Keep'em coming and def will be sharing !
    And you look soooooo pretty as always ❤️

  3. John Maas says:

    Very good video! First I've seen by you. Recommendation from reddit which gave you now a new subscriber 😉

  4. Bob Brenton says:

    Check out Ken Wilber and the idea of 'holons'… things that are whole within themselves, but also parts of greater things. Almost everything is a holon.


  5. vinny says:

    Funny I found this video with that one clip of it surrounding the sacred geometry. I recently got the ouroboros surrounding the flower of life tatted on my arm. Now when ppl ask me to go in depth on why I can refer to this video. Gained a new subscriber. Appreciate this and you 🙌❤️

  6. arnold labrache says:

    Great Video, nicely researched

  7. Gurtaj Chhabra says:

    Excellent video! Well researched and I learnt so much. The Norse Mythology serpent Jörmungandr actually shows up in God Of War, the video game and that's how I heard about it. (Who knew games could teach you things, haha)

    Interesting take at the end with Adam and Eve and the whole Garden situation. Check out Good Omens on Amazon Prime if you haven't yet. Should relate, at least the first 3 episodes! 😊

  8. Jonathan Quintana says:

    Do one about Cicada 3301. 🙏

  9. Mythology Guy says:

    I miss read the title and thought it was Ouranos. Pleasantly surprised to learn about something I never heard of!

  10. Astro Boy says:

    The ancient Egyptian has a quite literal translation of "Tail in mouth"

  11. SempaiPete says:

    Fascinating and extremely well researched video!!! I have liked and subscribed, I hope to see more content in a similar vein in the future.

  12. Couch Potatoe says:

    You are so smart and amazing, make it look so easy to have such a wealth of knowledge. Also, very nice shirt 😉 Keep up the great work, Sandra. I cant wait for the next video!!!

  13. redsparks13 says:

    This video deserve more attention.

  14. Neverknown says:


  15. VivusUmbra says:

    Could not have been more wrong about Jourmangundr but the rest is good

  16. Hungry Mik3y says:

    Great video!

  17. teddy afro says:

    Awesome video !

  18. Eric Huang says:

    You just earned a subscriber! I love this deep stuff

  19. darby.mars says:

    Amazing!! So intriguing, thank you. Just subscribed and am so looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

  20. Taylor Merfeld says:

    Fantastic work! It's so difficult to find solid origin/meaning information for things like this. The internet is full of new age websites. Thank you for laying this out in such an impeccable way. I hope to see more videos!

  21. Evan P says:

    Ouroboros is symbolic of eternal life.

  22. William K. says:

    The ending is a bit abrupt but this was quite an engaging video.

  23. Edward Zambrano says:

    That was fun, keep it up!

  24. Kevin Veras says:

    very well edited for a smaller channel! i thought this was already a big channel due to how good the editing, and writing/reasarch was. please give us more!

  25. EL QUANGO says:

    Cool cool! This one was more information than entertainment, so I like the previous one better, but excellent work nonetheless!

  26. Pytho's Prism says:

    I first encountered the ouroboros while meditating. It was an unexpected visionary experience for me, to say the least. I've been searching for more information about the significance of its meaning ever since. Thank you for the excellent content! Looking forward to watching more.

  27. The Torus says:

    cool story : )

  28. jojkata15 says:

    Awesome! Thank you for this great analysis, I am now subscribed :))

  29. v v says:

    Neat Video

  30. Frogre says:

    I was literally thinking about this today and searched it up, interesting content. Keep it up 🙂

  31. Adrian Galilea says:

    Fantastic video about a fascinating symbol.

    I'm somewhat skeptic about being able to instill consciousness on a machine, we don't even know what consciousness really is so well that you could replicate it, but hey who knows.

    Would need to research other sources too, but subscribed.

  32. arnold labrache says:

    Hope you're releasing more videos in the future. Your channel is real high quality, which isn't too common especially with these kind of topics

  33. pinkeye00 says:

    "that's a pretty deep one" as God of the Machines. Actually that's not deep at all. 🙂 That's street level banter from drunk people.

  34. Mattias Liebert says:

    Very interesting and educational, thank you for your research and knowledge sharing!

  35. AMP says:

    Seeegmaaa — nop

  36. Michelle Ochinero says:

    Was just given the link to your channel and wow am I impressed with your presentations! You put it all together in a easy to understand way , have great pictures , and you speach is perfect, clear and articulate. I am hooked. Thank you and keep up your works.

  37. Siavash Zaer says:

    wow, this is really good; good shit brother, good shit

  38. smokeybirdman says:

    It's on the NASA symbol, with the tounge. Hidden in plain sight

  39. Elvin Blen says:

    phenomenal work!

  40. Dirty Goblin says:

    Chasing gods pees in showers.

  41. Dill Henx says:

    Nice vid! Any hint on what the next video will be about?

  42. Jack Robinson says:

    deep. hot speaker ist distracting tho ;0

  43. Terri Danelle says:

    I got the Ouroboros tattooed on my wrist and this video explains it the best!!

  44. Kushking420 says:

    Great video!!

  45. mendo made707 says:

    I had a vision of this symbol. I am even more amazed now then I was then. Thanks for the explanation.

  46. Đức Trần Thiện says:

    good work

  47. Duane Suter says:

    Absolutely fascinating!!! 🙂

  48. Isidro Brito says:

    We are created to be immortal. Love of fate though, certain things are necessary for us to experience

  49. Isidro Brito says:

    We are created to be immortal. Love of fate though, certain things are necessary for us to experience

  50. Volt Grant says:

    Is there room for freedom of choice in a world were all is one?

  51. Michael Fasciano Jr says:

    Hey sandra id love to take u out to talk about this further 😉

  52. Mika-Corp says:

    is feminism a ouroboros?

  53. Amb. Rev & Mrs. Gerald-Coleman says:

    Deeply appreciated

  54. Amb. Rev & Mrs. Gerald-Coleman says:

    Great presentation but with regard to the forbidden fruit we need to realize that while it is true Adam and Eve were destined to eat the fruit, they were advised to do so after becoming Fruitful as in mature (Gen 1:28). Had they become fruitful first, before engaging in sexual intercourse (sex outside of an ordained Holy Marriage Blessing) they would have been able to utilize the Knowledge of Good and Evil as God did, with divine wisdom. Instead they followed the advice of the Serpent who was a servant of God (Lucifer) instead of their Parents GOD. This singular act of disobedience is the root of all S,I,N (Selfish Individual Nature) and the source of all human suffering today.

  55. Gamer Man says:

    Epic video! I don’t know if this is about the scp foundation but it’s great either way!

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