– So, we have been having a
pretty rough night tonight. After we got back from dinner, we got home and realized that Luna wasn’t in the house and then when we checked the Nest cameras, it actually showed her leaving the property through
the gate around two PM. So we didn’t get back home til super late and so she’s been gone,
alone for six hours now and we have no idea where she is. ♫ This is our life. ♫ This is our fun. ♫ This is who we are. ♫ This is our dream. ♫ This is our team. ♫ Shot among the stars. ♫ Take the shield and you’ll be fine. ♫ Take this hand and watch us shine. ♫ This is our life. ♫ Let’s live it. ♫ Live it forever. – [Both] Good morning. (laughs) – You guys, it is officially October 30th and it is cold outside,
it’s so chilly, huh? Yeah it feels amazing. You definitely need a sweater
if you wanna be outside. And it’s supposed to. (rooster crowing) That’s my rooster, it’s
supposed to stay chilly at least for the next like ten days. I’ve even seen a lot of cloudy
and even a couple of rainy days, so yay, maybe we’ll actually see some fall weather now, huh. ‘Cause last week it was 100 degrees and it was hot, hot, hot. I think we might actually
go to like a corn maze or do something fun since we can be outside and we won’t be
sweating, so that’s nice. That’s both my roosters, wait, that sounded like two roosters,
do I have three roosters? (roosters crowing) Oh my gosh, you guys I think I have. I have the red rooster and I’m thinking I have two other roosters. (rooster crowing) See. (roosters crowing) Both of you are roosters, oh my gosh. (rooster crowing) I have three roosters, oh my gosh. Dang it, these, both these
silkies are roosters. I thought just this one
was but I just heard him. (rooster crowing) Dang, oh and you are
totally broody aren’t you. I don’t know if you guys remember but Pam a few months ago went broody and I had a bunch of chicks,
and I think this one is too. She keeps laying on my eggs, dang it. Look at that monster rooster right there. – [Ollie] Get the eggs. – You’re a monster, well I
officially live on a farm. Yeah I’ve got three roosters
and these eggs are very warm. Which means that I’m pretty sure, ’cause that’s the second time I’ve saw her just sitting on eggs. – [Ollie] Luna. – Luna’s like what’s going on. Pretty sure that means that she’s broody and she is trying to fertilize these eggs that are probably fertile ’cause I have three roosters. Speaking of the chickens a little time has passed and I have made the chickens a little fruit salad. I actually just did my grocery shopping online which was so convenient. And they will be here in a few hours. And so in the meantime of doing grocery shopping I was able to clean out all of the food that is not necessarily bad but just
like we’re not gonna eat it. So this is actually a lot of mint. I’m hoping my eggs don’t turn minty. But we’ve got mint, strawberries, grapes, I think there’s a tomato in there, banana, a few other things,
those roosters, hello. – [Ollie] Ow. – [Missy] I don’t know if I’ve ever given them mint before though. Alright start giving them their food. Grapes, ooh there’s even watermelon, oh yeah there’s pineapple in there too. Should we just dump it out, ‘kay ready. – [Finn] Banana, nana. – [Missy] Oh yeah and some
tortillas that were crunchy. Alright, have fun
chickens, that’s a feast. You guys, check out our calendar boys. You guys have eaten all the candy except two days, we have this day and then tomorrow is Halloween. Should we eat this one, alright the boys are excited, alright let me open it. Pink one for Ollie, Orange one for Finn. One day left til Halloween,
tomorrow is Halloween. – Then we go, go trick or treating. – [Missy] Yeah tell me, show me your best trick or treat, say trick or treat. – Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. – [Missy] Alright say trick or treat. (Finn mumbles) (Missy mumbles back) You’re learning huh, say trick. – Trick. – [Missy] Or treat. – Treat. – [Missy] Treat. – Trick or Treat. – [Missy] Trick or treat. – Hey Finn did you see
what I put up in the house? You wanna see it, ahhhh, what
do you think of the spider? (Ollie mumbles) – [Missy] It’s pretty cool, huh Finn. – Now whenever we walk
by it, just comes down. – [Missy] Yeah, it’s actually pretty fun. – Creates all that cool (mumbles). – [Missy] What do you think of that Finn? – Is that neat? – [Missy] Is it scary or funny? – Are you boys excited to go
trick or treating tomorrow? – [Ollie] Yeah. – It’s almost Halloween for us. It’s Halloween for them right now. – [Missy] Say Happy Halloween. – Happy Halloween. – Ready, where are we at Ollie. – We are at the corn maze. – [Missy] Yeah. – Yay. – Finn just woke up he’s so tired. We are at a corn maze today, we’ve been really wanting to do a corn maze and it’s been so hot so we kinda wanted to wait til it was cooler weather and it’s cooler weather so we’re going. And this is one of my personal favorite pumpkin patche, patches. It’s got pig races and some winery and it’s just super cute
and it’s got a corn maze. So let’s go check it out, look who’s here. – [Both] Hey. – [Missy] June’s here, hi. – [Bryan] Say hi Finn. – Not gonna lie it’s a little chilly. – It is, see we’ve turned
them into Californians. – Little cold. – I’m wearing a sweater and I’m cold. – I know it’s chilly. – [Bryan] I’m wearing a hoodie. – Can you believe last week
it was like 100 degrees. – You mean two days ago? – [Missy] Yeah. (everyone laughing) We’re officially in fall weather yay. (soft music) – Boo. – [Missy] Ollie. – What? – [Missy] Look at the pigs. – [Ollie] Pigs? – [Missy] Yeah they got
little piggies in there. Soon they’re gonna let them
out and they’re gonna race. (soft music) – [Bryan] Alright kiddos you’re gonna pan for some gems okay? – Is this how you do it? – No, so what you’re gonna do is dump the sand into here and
then you gotta find your gems. – [Bryan] ‘Kay dump
your sand in here buddy. There you go, that’s Finn’s. – [Ollie] What’s this? – [Bryan] You gotta shake it, here. What do you see Ollie? – I see all my gems. – [Bryan] Nice, dude, ooh
look at this green one. That’s cool, got some
really pretty ones, huh. Let me see what you got Finn. – [Missy] Ooh look at that
it’s a purple one don’t eat it. – [Bryan] He’s like I just
wanna know what it tastes like. (soft music) – (mumbles) I am a robot ew. – [Bryan] Is that how
the robot talks Ollie? – Yeah. – [Bryan] What else would it say? (Ollie mumbling) Oh really? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Check out this cool garden they have here you guys. And they have like signs of when everything’s gonna be ready like October and May, tomatoes they’re growing. (slow music) And the tractor ride has
started, bye you guys. – [Everyone] Bye. – [Bryan] Bye June, bye Ollie, bye Finn. – Bye. – Are we going in a tunnel? – Yeah. – Yeah, was that cool? June what do you think of this? – She’s like I love it. – [Missy] It is pretty cool
look at the sunset so nice. – [Bryan] Look at those
cotton candy clouds. – Check out our double stroller. – [Bryan] This is safe right? – Heck yeah, totally. – Candy clouds. – Ollie’s got him, he’s like a seatbelt. – [Bryan] Hang onto him Ollie. (soft music) – [Missy] Did you just draw an H? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s a good H, Ollie. – That is such a good
H, we are at dinner now. Me and Bryan have plans to go out after the dinner, we’re
gonna do something fun. And so we thought it would be super easy to take the kids to get some food and then we’ll put them to bed. So we’re getting some yummy comfort food. Finn that burger is about as big as you. Are you gonna take a bite? – [Bryan] (mumbles) I don’t need this. – [Missy] He’s like take this off. – [Bryan] There you go buddy,
that’s our eater right there. I love that he eats cheeseburgers now. – [Missy] I know, so cute. – I don’t think Ollie has had a stitch of red meat ever. – [Missy] Yeah, ever, he doesn’t like red meat, but he likes a quesadilla. A random dance party after dinner. Finn, don’t do it. – So we have been having a pretty rough night tonight after we got back from dinner we got home and realized that Luna wasn’t in the house. And then when we checked the Nest cameras it actually showed her leaving the property through the gate around two PM, so we didn’t get back home til super late and so she’s been gone alone, for six hours now. And we have no idea where she is. Well babe, we have a lead. – Yeah I think so, I’m so stressed out this has been like
the worst two hours. – [Bryan] Poor Kelsey and Corbin were like hoping to go to a haunted maze and we’re like our dog is lost. – More than happy to look for Luna. – (mumbles) if this was
Paris like, obviously. – Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] So we got a text with a random post in the
area on Facebook right? – I’m still not exactly
sure what’s going on. – [Bryan] We don’t know if he has our dog. But he’s got a picture
that looks like her. So that’s definitely her, but she has a collar on with our number so we were hoping they’d call us. – I’m very confused why they haven’t I don’t know maybe the collar fell off. I still don’t know I’m very
confused at this point. – [Bryan] We’re hoping it’s Luna. – We need his address and
I need to go pick her up. – [Bryan] And hopefully it’s Luna. – Yeah hopefully it’s Luna I guess. – [Bryan] ‘Kay grabbing shoes, we’re gonna go see if that’s Luna. This whole night has been really weird. Weird calls and texts and stuff. I’m just hoping that this
isn’t like a dead end. (suspenseful music) Look who’s here, Luna-Loo, you okay Luna? She went far you guys. – She went so far. – [Bryan] She was like three, four miles away from the house. – And she was so scared and everyone was calling her and she like went to this one girl we’ve literally been calling her for hours. – [Bryan] We were so confused because we were like she’s got our collar on. Just it should have our
info, but it does not have the tag, it’s the collar
but the tag is off, yeah. – It must have fallen off ’cause she’s got her collar but the tag is off. – [Bryan] Poor thing, hi baby,
at least we have her now. – Oh girl I was so scared. – [Bryan] And the boys didn’t know. – I know, we have literally been screaming her name for hours. – [Corbin] For hours. – [Bryan] She didn’t hear it babe. – Calling all the neighbors. – [Bryan] She was inside
this person’s house. – [Corbin] She was like way far yeah. – She was like cuddling and eating food and like totally fine, were you so scared? – [Corbin] Hi girl. – [Missy] Were you so scared? Well that is our night, Luna is home. At least you’re home, that was probably my biggest fear was that like, she was just out there like trying to like rest and there’s just coyotes. I mean while we were out there on the Polaris, three coyotes ran past us. And I just thought that’s not good. ‘Cause even though she’s bigger than a coyote, packs of
coyotes are a little scarier. And I was just so nervous,
she’s like guys I was fine. But anyways we are gonna try and figure out a solution for her, we’ve looked at a couple options even before ’cause she’s done this one other time. If you guys have any ideas on how to keep your dog in the yard. We want her to be like in the yard we don’t want her just sitting in the backyard but I don’t know yet. She’s such a good dog. – She’s looking at me like I’m sorry okay. – Can we just stop
talking about it now geez. By the way if you’re wondering where Karma is, he’s with Ollie, asleep. – [Bryan] Did he even
know that she was gone? – Like, yeah he’s probably like let me know when you find her. Anyways we’re gonna go
ahead and end the video. So make sure you give this video a big thumbs up, Luna say thumbs up. Thumbs up, thumbs up, licks up. Alright we’ll see you guys
tomorrow say bye, boop. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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