Origami Lizard (Evan Zodl)

Origami Lizard (Evan Zodl)

Randy Schultz

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97 thoughts on “Origami Lizard (Evan Zodl)

  1. Justin . says:


  2. NickCil says:

    Looks cool 🙂 gonna fold it in a minute. thanks!

  3. Vincent Paul says:

    @TheRyanSears1 cool story bro =)

  4. Enzo Grispo says:


  5. Reminescie says:

    I made a pretty ball! 😀

  6. origamieder says:

    nice creation i lake it and i also make one

  7. Rami Sbahi says:

    I made two

  8. Agnus Ericson says:

    This origami was fun to make. Hard sometimes but you were still able to finish it ! Thank you ^-^

  9. Thibaud / FrenchFrySenpai says:

    I love it !!! <3

  10. Blueseacow says:

    Wow u make it really easy to understand

  11. Jafet Sedo says:

    Holy Mother of God ! It took me like 3 HRS to finish that Bastard !

  12. TerbearTwo says:

    When's your next video?

  13. Muffin Man says:

    holy shit half an hour i don't have that kind of time

  14. Somekidcalledmatt says:

    DONE!!! AAAHRRRAAAHHH annoying to create, but looks ok 😛

  15. frunlakiso2 says:

    it's so cute i like it xD

  16. TerbearTwo says:

    what video editor do you use?
    please reply

  17. TerbearTwo says:

    how to you make your diagrams

  18. EzOrigami says:

    @terrenceli011797 I use Adobe Illustrator to draw my diagrams. Many vector graphics programs are great for diagramming, however they can get quite expensive. Adobe illustrator is not cheap, but if you are looking to create diagrams, I would recommend looking into Inkscape (a free vector graphics program). It has many of the same functions and capabilities as Illustrator… Hope this helps!

  19. EzOrigami says:

    @terrenceli011797 I use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 to create my videos. I used Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create the diagrams for this particular video, and I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to create the images in the video.

  20. TerbearTwo says:


  21. Verónica María Suárez Alvarez says:

    Está hermoso!!!

  22. XxDeViLBrInGeRxX says:

    yay now i can make people cut off their last section of their fingers xD

    awesome tutorial

  23. paperbagmanz says:

    lol heavy rain

  24. Heugoh says:

    yr hands r cool 🙂

  25. cliff says:

    Nice lizard, but mine ended up to look like a dead one… 🙂

    Thanks for uploading.

  26. Buggameplayer says:

    holy cow! more like building a five star hotel!

  27. Buggameplayer says:

    @paperbagmanz yeah heavy rain liizard

  28. Buggameplayer says:

    i managed to make it—– 🙂

  29. Heugoh says:

    @McKennaWareTV tanks, butt eye suk at OreGHAmee; and spelling:)

  30. 尸廾工𠃊工尸 says:

    Hey, Evan Zodl I think you should be one of the origami masters.

  31. Herp Derpingson says:

    @Libra1798 No big deal, many can do that.

  32. onewingedkor says:

    I really wanna make this but….Wow the video is like 30 minutes.. I have time but….

  33. Prophet says:

    My gosh a 256 square grid… Is it really necessary???

  34. Paul Chairez says:

    i made a few more folds to make the legs thiner and made feet on it without fingers and curved the tail

  35. Paul Chairez says:

    @paulchairez1 🙂

  36. Paul Chairez says:

    @CobaltStormDragon just listen to music while u do the origami plus the making of it is fun

  37. Paul Chairez says:

    @Libra1798 im 10 and i did it also

  38. onewingedkor says:

    @paulchairez1 Yeah that's what I do and I know that too

  39. Joker12121000 says:

    Dude your tutorials make origami simple . Subbed ^^

  40. MrBestmouse says:

    Puberty took over.

  41. Night Owl Reader says:

    @rainbowcolourproduct Maybe practice with scrap paper first, you choose to use your best paper by yourself.

  42. Night Owl Reader says:

    @SuperJellyBean00 no it doesn't…art never wastes time, it's the best thing to do with time.

  43. Rice Life says:

    i made it!

  44. dr1gratian says:

    when i made the 16×16 grid i said "please don't make me do a 32x 32 with this 15 cm paper!" LOL

  45. juan villafana says:

    why are you tutorials so slow

  46. Jay Orister says:

    great model i loved it!

  47. durp0durp says:

    Absolutely loved it. I learned how to make inside partial creases!

  48. Kuroboshi • 黒星 says:


  49. Ari Serrano says:

    i love it

  50. Magdoulin Shams El-Din says:

    Ok, you didn't say it, you make it :))

  51. Guru of Random says:

    It was very long and hard work, but I made it after like 2 hours.

  52. jonathanorigami says:

    2 hours?it takes me less than an hour!!!!

  53. jonathanorigami says:

    no its not=(

  54. Guru of Random says:

    I'm fairly new to origami and this is fairly hard.

  55. jonathanorigami says:

    ohhhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  56. pvirdword says:

    What size paper

  57. sam jones says:

    are you a boy or a girl?

  58. XxLegendarySamxX says:

    Heavy Rain brought me here

  59. wioletta1201 says:

    same here 😀

  60. wioletta1201 says:

    I gave up is too hard >:(

  61. Nancy M H says:

    Thank you very much, you are a good teacher!!!

  62. Carlos Ulloa says:

    i am really tired after all this 🙁 but it still was fun! 🙂

  63. Haley Adams says:

    too many folds

  64. Avila R.C says:

    i like when you have diagrams in your video because it makes my origami fast and easy

  65. Fin Ko says:

    i made it thx to this well explaining teacher.

  66. Benjamin Miller says:

    OMG that part was so easy and I'm only 10

  67. mokey mokey says:

    Made it! Thanks for teaching me how to make it, it was really fun to make 🙂

  68. WaffleMelonMan says:

    Your instructions are very helpful, and making this lizard was a lot of fun

  69. Mark O'Roni says:

    You sound like a robot

  70. Ali Hamada says:

    I have just did a demo for this. Please check out my channel to see it

  71. Ray A says:

    Nice tut, but u sound like you're trying to explain this to a bunch of 3 year olds

  72. Bosscoles says:

    lost it at 7:39

  73. Claire Smith says:

    I'm not sure if your first few videos were filmed by a girl, but of they weren't, I love how your voice got so muc deeper than in 2009. It's kinda funny

  74. EbonyAspen says:

    I made it! but this vid gave me plenty of rage. thanks though

  75. blableblu007 says:

    hi thanx for your tutorial I made it 🙂

  76. Golden Fire Origami says:

    Thank you so much! I made it! =)
    I am uploading a video demo of this model!


    muy lento dios 

  78. Golden Fire Origami says:

    Teach more of your designs!
    Thumbs up so Evan can see! =)

  79. Nathan says:

    It's so cute! I love it!

  80. Emma Kuch says:

    You explain to much and you say the word criese📃alot

  81. LeaSchmea says:

    This is so long

  82. LeaSchmea says:

    and hard

  83. Taufiq Zainal says:

    Evan,can i make a tutorial on this fantastic model?

  84. Taufiq Zainal says:

    The part at 17:20 is like making a spider web fold right? Or the center of the flasher tesselation. Uou will see what i mean.

  85. Taufiq Zainal says:

    Hello there Evan,i would like to make a request. Can you make an Origami Snake using those same pleats as the lizard? Or you should at least try.

    -The Green Parrot.

  86. Aliselle A says:

    Merci du partage!… Je vais essayer dès que possible…

  87. blackrainbowww - says:

    This is like the lizard from Heavy Rain.
    Take you so much for this!

  88. Emily Vegas says:

    Thank u!!!!!it was hard at first but I did it….the only part I did wrong was now the white side is up lol

  89. Springtrape Killer says:


  90. Ryan Nicholson says:

    this is bullshit to harddddfd

  91. Brent Li says:

    cool! my son made it!can you make a origami car?????????????????

  92. glizdamen says:

    I made it it's so cute

  93. JOSH KIM says:

    Not to bad. Maybe add some more details to the legs?????

  94. Mary Fox says:

    i liked i made em

  95. Jaki Gutierrez says:


  96. Sergie XD says:

    Nice Video

  97. Alex C says:

    2 hard what a whast

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