Origami Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half along the diagonal Unfold Fold the top corner down Make only a small crease at the center Fold the bottom corner to the crease you just made Make another small crease Fold the top corner down to the crease you just made Fold the right and left sides Unfold Fold along the indicated creases Squash-fold Fold the right and left sides Unfold Squash-fold the right side Fold the right and left sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold to the right Repeat on the left side
Squash-fold Fold the right and left sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold to the left Fold the point up Turn over Fold the right side Unfold Squash-fold Fold the left and right sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold to the right Repeat on the left side
Valley-fold Unfold Squash-fold Fold the right and left sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold to the left Valley-fold Unfold Fold from the horizontal crease to the left corner Fold two layers together Repeat on the right side Fold the model in half Flatten it Open one layer
Release the trapped paper Valley-fold the point Close while reverse-folding the flap Repeat on the other side Open one layer
Release the trapped paper Valley-fold the point Close while reverse-folding the flap Mountain-fold inside to lock Repeat on the other side Valley-fold Fold it under the other layer Repeat on the other side Open the head Valley-fold the tip
(approximately 1/3 of the distance to the crease) Valley-fold Close the head Reverse-fold the point Reverse-fold Valley-fold Open and create a little triangular flap Squash-fold the little flap Shape the eye Repeat on the other side Shape the horns Fold the wings upwards Valley-fold the edge to the crease Unfold Crimp-fold Shape the arms Shape the feet Baby Dragon finished!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Origami Baby Dragon (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Ramos Everardo says:

    i really want red tissue foil

  2. Ramos Everardo says:

    where do you get it

  3. LittleBigPlatinum says:

    Mine looked like a squirrel! Awesome!

  4. Luis Hernandez says:

    de lujo

  5. Vinicius Cuginotti says:

    ITS AN ASMR!!11!

  6. regina phalange says:

    i can't get that tricky tail 19:06 part aaaaa

  7. 가바우 says:


  8. AG실버 says:


  9. nastya kotovich says:


  10. George Milligan says:


  11. 용기병 says:

    wow!!! god?

  12. Bryant Griffin says:

    jo can I use this for a video on my other youtube channel?

  13. Bryant Griffin says:

    ジョ 中島 自分のチャンネルにこのモデルを使用できますか?

  14. Becca Jackson says:

    Now Jo Nakashima / gghffhhcg

  15. Archie2164- Origami Tutorials says:

    If i can get 250 subs by february 22 ill do a 24hr livestream of origami models simplified, subscribe for the stream guys!

  16. Joe Bob says:

    Worst tutorial EVER

  17. Joe Bob says:

    I hate this

  18. Nathan Chau says:


  19. Nathan Chau says:

    Can I draw the eye instead?

  20. lps ve mlp ceylin says:


  21. 박종현 says:


  22. Graf Zeppelin says:


  23. 투GO타GO Youtube says:

    I though it was 'Clash Royhal' Baby Dragon 🙂

  24. 石嶺貞美 says:


  25. Mr Eggs says:


  26. Titan Animations says:


  27. BlueSteel Productions says:

    so cute

  28. Radek Valero says:

    i failed…
    freaking life

  29. Andrea Smither says:

    so cute!! <3

  30. Andrea Smither says:

    I DID IT!!!!

  31. Andrea Smither says:

    I also have an egg because its easter and its small enough to fit inside it so I put the dragon in the egg and said "I RAISING A DRAGON!".

  32. Nathan Chau says:


  33. Walrus says:

    I've always had trouble with orgami but your have taught me a lot! their awesome

  34. Walrus says:

    I Did It!

  35. Ramiro Diaz says:

    me gustaría comprar un libro de origami . la próxima enseñarme más de origami

  36. ricaaardo says:

    Oh puedes acerca uno de clase royale que sea el gragon

  37. Ang Ang says:

    Nama. Saya. Apis

  38. Rachel does Gaming says:


  39. Josu 324 says:

    eres una mierda total

  40. Lovepokegirl Real says:

    Du Arsch machst das viel zu schnell und undeutlich arschloch

  41. Ohock Kwon says:

    i actually subscribed to him before he had one million subscribers

  42. BLACK WOLF says:

    very beautiful

  43. Luketube says:


  44. Jeannah Jones says:

    Well I tried, I think my paper was too thick.

  45. 희정정희정 says:


  46. 최석원 says:

    I like Jo Nakashima!

  47. JustNerdy 88 says:

    Woo so hard

  48. Susan Marilu Macha Sandoval says:


  49. Melayahm01 says:

    Now, I just have to try this. Need paper

  50. Odalis Chiluisa says:

    culada de dracon bebe

  51. Odalis Chiluisa says:

    culada de dracon bebe

  52. Pritish Chatwani says:

    Whoever subs me i will sub

  53. Zach Mullins says:

    Do you start with coloured side up or down

  54. DABO says:

    Mine has autism.

  55. Tyler S says:

    Awesome model.

  56. Milagros Pascual says:

    lol. looks like an origami cute baby dragonxD

  57. Milagros Pascual says:

    it's hard

  58. Max Fischer says:


  59. halimah adam says:


  60. vy.어.진.y vy says:

    li's so easy

  61. Enio vidal says:

    It's baby dragon is difucuty medium!

  62. Rishab K says:

    Amazin job Jo Nakashima
    Hope you fulfil all your dreams

  63. Lacy Le says:


  64. 놈미친 says:

    에잉 이거 우리 네머아저씨까 배겪잖아 아아아아아아

  65. scamagamer130 says:

    Porfa podrias hacer un tutorial de gato andino

  66. MANISH ARI says:

    When I Saw this Video for the First time i Thought it is a Modified Chinchilla. You are the Best.

  67. Trung Nguyen Dinh says:

    somewhat complicated

  68. Mariam Tawfeek says:


  69. Vany Susanto says:

    My record was 9:33

  70. Josejos pro says:

    ??????????el mejor baby dragón de origami del mundo mundial de world

  71. Y33T says:

    This is incredible. By the way. Can there be a tutorial of the model you have as your profile picture on Twitter?

  72. Y33T says:

    Or is it somebody else's project?

  73. Y33T says:


  74. constant Guichard says:

    GRRRRR! It's so difficult!!!!

  75. Ansar coc says:

    it is very good

  76. Mr.Nobody says:

    Most of the folding is the same as the chinchilla

  77. Saroj Mishra says:

    Very best

  78. Régis Vidal says:

    This model is really nice !
    Thank you for sharing your creations.

  79. Dave Emery says:

    If I didn’t use double sided paper, would the white side of the paper be showing on the finished model?

  80. Renato Baltazar says:

    A4 Paper 20x20cm

  81. E Lizard says:

    Somehow mine has it's head looking up at a 45 degree angle, I must have skipped a step somewhere. Doesn't look that bad if I angle the arms to be pointing up

  82. Saymum's Playhouse says:

    wow very cool video..

  83. kiti dễ thương says:

    Cute :3 ?

  84. Fortnite Streamer says:


  85. Gavin Rodriguez says:

    i love the vids they help me to be occupied so this really helps

  86. L Healey says:

    Say stuff this video bad

  87. Bartosz Dykowski says:

    Film: 19:07

    Me: 1:10:04

    Finally I finished 😀

  88. Emmanuel does stuff. says:

    I need to make a huge baby dragon. I need it

  89. Narvalooo ! says:

    i throw my origami to trash bin at 10:45 because mine dont look like yours

  90. Domnul Jonny says:

    Cum mama naibii ai reusit sa ma enervezi ?

  91. Mihaela Felecan says:


  92. Honey thakur says:

    Very easy no at least I tried

  93. sultan Merchant says:

    pl make dollar bill elephant with 3d image.


    Omg this is the baby dragon from coc

  95. LeapsofFaith1234 says:

    Big-headed boi.

  96. IVYtony smth says:

    i love this!! it was very easy to make
    🙂 🙂

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